Why the need for another Elite Dangerous web-page?

Elite dangerous has over 400 billion star systems, even the populated area (the bubble) has many thousands of populated systems alone. That is a lot to take in, a huge advantage in terms of variation, but potentially a problem when you want to find out what is near you that you may possibly find interesting. With horizons whole planets and moons are now explorable, admittedly ony the smaller ones without an aptmosphere but that is still a mind-boggling number of huge (in human terms) planetary objects explorable on a 1 to 1 scale! The only source of information on this explorable galaxy is the in-game Elite Dangerous galactic map. A fantastic piece of work, exciting to see so many places to visit and explore but also over-whelming, where should I go next? what near me is really very interesting? And sometimes plain wrong especially when it comes to trading. The object of this web-site is to try and help focus on the really interesting systems and how close they are to your current location:

  • The best mining systems in and around the inhabited bubble for miners.
  • The rare trading commodities and their locations for trading high value specialized goods over long distances.
  • The locations of compromised navigation beacons and hazardous resource extraction sites. Sourced by Mr Grey's lists Finding Compromised Navigation Beacons and Finding Hazardous Resource Extraction Sites
  • The best canyon runs/racing spots.
  • The best smuggling/hauling spots.
  • The best High G landing spots
  • The best exporation systems that are in and around the bubble (as opposed to those in deep space).
  • With 2.1, the location of the engineers.
  • Some of the best trading systems.
  • Other special star systems of interest, in and close to the bubble including neutron stars, black holes and Wolf Rayet stars.