CookieJarviz's Tourist Beacons


A table of Tourist Beacons in Elite Dangerous

Id System Distance from Entry (Ls) Site Name Set Description
0001 19 Phi-2 Ceti Ringed Garden World User Submitted CMDR Ziljan recommends this tourist destination as "A little known gem in an inhabited, ringed, Earth-like world, discovered in the heart of the human bubble, orbiting a blue ringed gas giant."
0007 Alioth The Alliance User Submitted The Alliance of Independent Systems (usually referred to as just 'Alliance') was founded on Alioth in early 3230. Over the next two decades, more than twenty system went on to join. Some were independent, others revolted from Imperial and Federal control. For nearly a thousand years, colonial settlements could only choose between Imperial tyranny or Federal interference. Alioth and the Alliance provided a third way, more supportive and less conditional on cultural alignment.
0008 Apam Napat 17 Ringed Binaries User Submitted Commander Darius Torkalar recommends this tourist destination for its rare and beautiful ringed binary planets.
0009 Aucoks OH-D b18-3 Ammonia Rings User Submitted This rare treasure of an ammonia planet with a ring system was suggested by Commander Arkadi Kreven.
0010 BD+22 3878 2248 Waterside View User Submitted Commander 5Paxxor states this beautiful system, located inside the Dumbbell Nebula, has a lot to offer. As well as a landable planet and two landable moons, it also contains a terraforming candidate! By far the biggest attraction is the waterworld that offers a stunning view of the stellar nebula istself.
0012 Betelgeuse Lava World User Submitted Lava worlds are often places of great beauty, and this one orbits close to one of the largest known stars. Commander GTR 2014 rates this as a great location for celestial sightseeing.
0014 Blae Eaec PM-W e1-205 2623 Neutron Earth-Like User Submitted This ringed Earth-like planet is the only body rotating around this neutron star. Commander Dragongard states that because it is hard to find, it's one of the few places humanity could hide if there was ever a danger of extinction.
0015 CD-26 1339 Nebula's Heart User Submitted In Commander Alex Traut's opinion, when it comes to near-bubble tourist spots, one of the most scenic is CD-26 1339. Its location at the heart of a planetary nebula provides some of the most amazing views found anywhere.
0016 CD-39 6137 Celestial Gem User Submitted Commander Expugnax shared his opinions on this remarkable tourist destination - "Don't miss the amazing views of Barnard's Loop and the other stunning nebulae in this region of space. CD-39 6137 also contains a large number of landable moons and many fine ringed planets, including two incredible ringed stellar dwarves, giving off a soft warming glow to their accompanying moons."
0017 Cheae Euq ER-L c21-0 1958 Grand Rings User Submitted An enthusiastic Commander Rojo Habe declares that this spot is so far off the beaten track that it promises to be the trip of a lifetime! He promises that this will be one of the grandest ring systems you will ever see.
0018 Choomuia UI-K d8-4692 Beautiful Rings User Submitted Here's what Commander Newman1702 says about his beauty spot: "This curious ringed Earth-like moon orbits a local brown dwarf. It shares its orbit with three other small moons, and you can clearly see the brown dwarf through the rings here."
0020 Col 285 Sector NE-G c11-32 2543 Zen Crater User Submitted Commander Byrne has named this location Zen Crater. He sees this as an ideal place for Zen tourists to sit and watch the galaxy through the ring system overhead.
0021 Col 285 Sector RF-C b14-7 2 Hot Jupiter User Submitted This is a destination for tourists happy to experience some real heat! This example of a hot Jupiter was suggested by Commander Raumfahrer Spiff, and pilots are warned to keep an eye on their hull temperature when in this area.
0022 Csi+47-21046 2674 Patchwork Plains User Submitted Known to Commander Sand dan Glokta as the Patchwork Plains, this is the only landable planet of a large, bright Wolf Rayet star, which is currently in the process of blowing off its outer layers in a distinctive red and blue pattern. Enjoy a weekend of camping, hiking and dune-bashing in high gravity.
0025 Dryoi Pri GG-Y e5156 2532 Neutron World User Submitted Commander Zapness considers this rare, ringed Earth-like planet orbiting a neutron star an impressive sight.
0027 Eembaisk DG-O e6-2972 1136 Red and Green Glory User Submitted The rich red and green colours of this planetary nebula inspired Commander Exar SPIRE to make this a celestial sightseeing location.
0028 Eembaisk NS-R d5-2857 898 Three Way Dance User Submitted This trio of Earth-like worlds in an intricate orbital dance is one of Commander Bartizan's wonders of the galaxy.
0031 Flyai Gruia RN-K c11-7 2059 Icy Rings User Submitted Commander Newman1702 has stated that this is one of the most beautiful locations in the galaxy. This tiny icy moon orbits a ringed gas giant while almost touching its rings, providing some incredible views from the surface. There's also an Earth-like world in the system to admire.
0032 Flyeia Hypai FH-X c17-16 Red Planet User Submitted Commander CrossFire Walli recommends this small red planet orbiting near a beautiful orange-red K type star as a trip worth making for the view alone.
0036 HD 148937 Strong G User Submitted This huge planet in a system with multiple stars, providing once-in-a-lifetime vistas, was suggested by Commander Red Anders. This destination is definitely one for the adventure tourists. The less experienced should be careful of the planet's strong gravity!
0039 Hecate 1928 Jewelled Rings User Submitted Commander Canonn extols the amazing views within the icy rings of this moon.
0042 HIP 38064 Binary Planet Rings User Submitted This tourist destination was set by Commander OptimusGrind. It shows a stunning scene with a binary planet system orbiting close to an O class star. Both planets have ring systems.
0045 HIP 9571 Fire and Ice User Submitted Commander Iocation describes this world of contrasts as "A beautiful planet of ice, with giant lave fissures".
0047 HR 1597 Ring Close Up User Submitted Commander Kintch Dempsey reports that this moon orbits so close to a ring system that the views must be experienced personally to be properly appreciated.
0048 HR 6164 The View User Submitted Commander Mephane shared this tourist destination simply for its amazing views.
0049 IC 1805 Sector AV-O c6-6 2253 Planetary Nebula View User Submitted Experience this stunning view of an unnamed planetary nebula, with the compliments of Commander Kosh_EG.
0053 Leamuae SI-T e3-4236 Black Hole Heart User Submitted View this black hole at the centre of a planetary nebula at Commander Titler's recommendation.
0055 LTT 18046 344 Rare World User Submitted Ammonia worlds have fascinated humanity since it first journey deep into interstellar space. This is one of the rare examples known to exist within the human bubble and is recommended as a tourist destination by Commander Jak.
0056 Lugh The Battle of Lugh User Submitted The Battle of Lugh. Come and see the great star of the Lugh system, steeped in legend and reputed to be revered by the systems superstitious inhabitants as the solar deity Lugh Lámhfhada himself! / This historical destination was suggested by Commander Ouberos.
0057 Lugh In Memory User Submitted The Battle of Lugh. Come and pay your respect at the infamous Lugh 4 where countless pilots on both sides of the conflict lost their lives. Crimson State freedom fighters sold their lives dearly here to buy their comrades time to mount an effective defence against the marauding Federation invaders. / This historical destination was suggested by Commander orfeboy.
0058 Lugh Last Defence User Submitted The Battle of Lugh. The revered 'Seega Port'. Both active port and pilgrimage sight of the 'Seega Martyrs', and the site of the great sacrifice for freedom. Thousands here fought and lost their lives in a last ditch attempt to buy time and distract Federation forces from the real threat of the counterattack being mounted by Crimson State commands at Hartsfield Market. Ordered to hold out as long as possible, the defenders dug in deep in the hope of wearing out the attackers' supplies. The defenders here were slaughtered but not before completing their mission - overstretching the Federation's ability to wage war within the system. The Federation committed too many of their ground weapons and ammunition here leaving them exposed later in the conflict. / This historical destination was suggested by Commander orfeboy.
0059 Lugh Lugh Victory User Submitted Hartsfield Market is the place where the war for Lugh was won. Inciting the population onboard the station to revolt, forces led by Cormac Uí Laoghaire secured the station and set up admirable defences where they repelled the Federation boarding parties. After the satellite defence system was secured the Federation fleet was forced to retreat from the system. / This historical destination was suggested by Commander orfeboy.
0061 Maia 301778 Maia Black Hole User Submitted Maia B... the infamous Black Hole in Maia. According to Commander VampyreGTX it puts on a great show when observing the gravitational lensing effect on the surrounding nebula and stars.
0063 Millcayac 1229 Ice Canyons User Submitted Commander Baton invites you to visit the huge ice canyons on Milcayac 1 a. Some of them are a staggering 8km deep. The region also provides some excellent terrain for canyon racing.
0064 Mintaka 1027 Blue Light User Submitted This system contains a black hole, and beautiful ring systems, all cast within what Commander Old Boar describes as 'an almost magical blue light'.
0066 Myrielk QX-X c28-1093 120 Exotic Giant User Submitted This exotic ice giant is recommended by Commander V'larr. Its close proximity to the star is a scientific oddity.
0070 Pallaeni Distant Worlds Expedition 3302 User Submitted This system is famed as the starting point for the Distant Worlds Expedition 3302. This expedition was a collaborative journey to Beagle Point, on the far side of the galaxy.
0071 Phroea Ploe SO-Z e5374 4256 Black Hole Core User Submitted This destination, picked by Commander Gedemon, is a small black hole in the centre of a planetary nebula, with an icy belt illuminated only by the nebula. A simply incredible sight.
0073 Pomeche Epic Mountain Range User Submitted Commander Barking Mad suggests this magnificent mountain range, with peaks of 35km, has nearby canyons and other geological features that are equally impressive. A destination for those who love close flying or SRV driving in extreme conditions.
0074 Preae Ain LO-N c8-15 Earth-Like Pair User Submitted While returning from a trip to Sagittarius A*, Commander Killen found this pair of lovely Earth-like planets, and suggets it as an ideal location for some planetary sightseeing.
0078 Pyroifoea CP-X c2-4 2569 Ice Giant User Submitted Commander CrossFire Walli was amazed to learn that this ice giant was over 44 Earth masses! He loves to fly along the rings close to that impressive planet.
0080 Ross 1057 Changing Sky User Submitted Commander Thelan suggests this tourist destination on the strength of its short orbit period, meaning that its sky is constantly changing with some amazing views.
0082 Sagittarius A* 0 The Centre User Submitted Sagittarius A* is a popular destination for explorers and travellers. It is a supermassive black hole of the type found in most spiral and elliptical galaxies. Radio transmissions indicating its existence were first discovered by Karl Jansky.
0084 Shrogea MH-V e2-1763 0 Black in Green User Submitted This delightful view of a black hole within a green nebula was suggested by Commander DragoCubX.
0085 Skaude AA-A h294 1834 Collection of Wonders User Submitted Mike V Zoo Tourist Airlines are proud to announce a new tour to the Skaude AA-A h294! Planning a vacation in the galactic core? Visit Skaude AA-A h294! Commander Halfmuh recommends this destination and believes this to be the largest stellar body with a ring system.
0087 Sol 497 Cradle of Humanity User Submitted The planet Earth is the cradle of humanity. As such it has experienced times of terrible destruction, through war and ecological disaster. Since the 22nd century humanity has expanded from its home into the stars, and with much of the damage the planet's ecosphere had suffered has since been repaired. The planet is now a popular travel destination and is a lush and vibrant world.
0089 Straneou RI-T e3-1149 Neutron Nebula User Submitted This small nebula encloses a neutron star, and in Commander Demilikos' opinion, makes a good celestial travel destination.
0091 Synuefai LI-Z d1-9 272 Sky of Nebulae User Submitted Commander IliteratSqirel invites you to marvel at the sight of the Horsehead, Orion and Barnard's Loop nebulae at this sightseeing location.
0092 T Tauri Hind Nebula View User Submitted This system has the most amazing views of the Hind Nebula, and is a firm favourite of Commander Kronek.
0099 Traikoa FL-P e5-4 Black Treasure User Submitted Commander MetroViper527 suggests this recent supernova as celestial treasure to visit. The system contains a ~2.7 solar mass black hole that you can get to within about 40km of before overheating. The system is located just on the edge of the Sagittarius Spiral Arm, near Omega Nebula, which is also a beautiful tourist destination.
0101 V380 Orionis 6911 Fiery Sky User Submitted This planetary nebula recommended by Commander Muetdhiver as a rare mix of fiery colours, making some incredible views from the local planets.
0102 Veil West Sector GW-W c1-16 366 Maiden's Veil User Submitted Commander Ozric recommends this sight of the Veil West Nebula as an ideal view for celestial sightseeing.
0104 Voqooe JC-K d9-95 1300 Earth-Like Twins User Submitted According to Commander Newman1702, this binary pair of Earth-like planets makes for an ideal location for planetary sightseeing.
0105 VY Canis Majoris Gargantuan User Submitted As one of the largest known stars in the galaxy, Commander Monkey D Luffy considers this a must see for any astronomical sightseer.
0106 Wepai QU-G c26-1890 4216 Rings Galore User Submitted This complex collection of ring systems provides some spectacular views, and was recommended by Commander The_Tenderizer01.
0111 Y Canum Venaticorum 930 Red Carbon User Submitted Commander Muetdhiver reports that this location can have some of the best views of this bright red, giant carbon star.
0112 Zunuae IU-D d13-363 1077 Eye of Fire User Submitted Commander Hallan Chone refers to this location as 'The Eye of Fire'. It's ringed gas giant with what appears to be a very large axial tilt. This results in its rings glowing with light when backlit by the star it orbits.
0113 Alioth Alliance Assembly Elite History The Alliance Assembly is the central body for the Alliance as a whole. While parallels can be drawn with the European Union in the 21st century, the Assembly lacks the law making powers of the EU. In main it functions as a means for establishing common policies and treaties rather than laws. / It also acts as an arbitration body between member states and depending on Assembly votes can enforce sanctions or corrective measures. However the politics of the member states often makes this a tricky process.
0114 Alioth Alliance Defence Force Elite History Barring the small Alliance Defence Force for defending key components of the Alliance bureaucracy there is no central Alliance Navy to compare with the other major powers. Instead a headquarters organisation exists staffed by the Council of Admirals and their support staff. / The Alliance Defence Force is essentially a small rapid deployment force made up of ships from the member navies, and is maintained under the command of the Council of Admirals to respond to any crisis - humanitarian and military. / In an emergency additional forces would be provided by member navies if the Council of Admirals makes an emergency appeal to the Assembly.
0115 Alioth Alioth History Elite History After the war between Achenar and the Federation concluded in 2380, the Federation looked to find new resources elsewhere. In 2398, the first of a new wave of colonial missions was sent to the outermost sectors in the opposite direction to the Empire and Lave. / Alioth was colonised in 2452. Survey data and reports had already indicated the rich resources of the system before settlement, but the resources proved richer than expected. / The first colonial settlement in the system was known as 'Fruitcake', the name given owing to the loamy consistency of the planetary surface and its propensity for small mineral deposits.
0116 Alioth Alliance Council Members Elite History Each Alliance Member State has a number of Council Members within the Alliance Assembly, based on the size of their respective populations. Some only have one. The Prime Minister is elected by the Members, and it is his or her job to corral them into some sort of consensus; generally a slow process. There is much less tradition than in the other powers, and processes within the Alliance Assembly are still subject to change - generally when arguments break out, as they frequently do. In practice the Alliance is largely run by Civil Servants - salaried officials that look after day to day running of the Alliance, generally not getting involved in the political struggles. / The Alliance Defence Force is run by the six member Council of Admirals, independently from the Council of Members, but reporting to it after the event, to facilitate rapid decision-making. Each of the Admirals is from a key contributing Navy.
0117 Alioth Everichon Hijack Elite History In 2559, the tourist liner Everichon, full of Imperial nobles, was hijacked by a Caker group who planned to crash it into one of the gas giants. The attempt was thwarted by Imperial commandoes. The holo-vid broadcast and subsequent fictional dramatisation 'Rebel Madness', went some way to diverting popular opinion from the insurrection.
0118 Alioth Tom Quaterson Death Elite History Having smuggled weapons into the system, the tension between the Cakers and the authorities was always going to spill over eventually. In 2617, the death of Tom Quaterson, a munitions worker who had been convicted of selling food coupons to the poor, was the spark that lit the flame of revolt. Workers on the gas platforms seized control of the facilities and planetside, the general populace stormed the Governor's residence. / Quentin Deviseses wasn't just a revolutionary. He had a long term strategy for the system and as soon as the planet was secure, used every means he could to get the word out that Alioth would become a free trade port. / The resource implication of Alioth's independence was too much for either the Empire or the Federation to take.
0119 Alioth Caker Coup Elite History In 2853, the science research outpost of Nesbitt Landing was founded. Initially this was to be a joint venture between the Empire and Federation, but when a detailed study into the genetic problems on New California linked the issue with the terraforming of the planet in 2612, the Imperials withdrew from the project. / The matter remained a local issue until, in 2854, responding to pressure from Achenar, Imperial soldiers instigated martial law and attempted to impose a genetic correction programme on the planet. This was precented by a coup against the military garrison by a new Caker sect. Within days, the planet had been secured and an appreal was sent to the Federation for assistance. / A fierce battle ensued; Imperial forces from the orbital refineries began a planetary bombardment, but the arrival of a Federal fleet escalated the conflict. Eventually, the Imperial ships pulled back and Admiral Kracer landed with his marines to cheering crowds in the capital. Kracer retired three years later, settling in New California and later became the colony leader.
0120 Alioth Riley Dain Murder Elite History In 3184, the election of Federation President Loric Trander saw a renewal of hostilities over Alioth. This time, conflict was instigated by corporate rivalry in the system's vast gas mining sector. After the discovery of a murdered official named Riley Dain who was investigating the abuse of permitted quotas, the situation quickly escalated. Trander authorised a force off privateers. In response Hesketh Duval sent in the Imperial XV fleet. / The conflict avoided the settlement of New California, owing to the previous treaty, but the settlers there found themselves all but cut off until a further ceasefire was established in 3198. Neither side achieved anything but line the pockets of the industries who fuelled and powered their fleets. It also served to stir further resentment amongst the settlers. At this time, the Caker insurrection became more organised and received substantial financial support from unknown sources.
0121 Alioth Mic Turner History Elite History Born in 3205, Mic Turner grew up in Jones Colony in the Essafa system. After graduating with honours from the civilian Pilots school, he moved to New California in Alioth, just before the rebellion started. / In 3228, when the Federal corporations supplying New California attempted to raise their prices again, the citizens revolted, taking over the ships berthed in the space station and riding out to the gas mining station to assault the corporate workers. Federal and Imperial forces arrived within days, but fighters from Alioth and several neighbouring independent systems joined forces to repel them. / Turner's pilot skills saw him amongst the first to fly out to the orbital platforms and he won a great deal of respect from his peers for his efforts. It was here the met Meredith Argent, a scientiest who led one of the Caker cells on the gas platforms and was direct descendant of Walter Argent, a wealthy industrial from Ayethi in the the 27th century. Argent and Turner were to become partners for life.
0122 Reorte Reorte Reclaimed Elite History After three weeks of fighting in the Lave Cluster, the Alliance Elite Diplomatic Corps (AEDC) managed to reclaim Reorte from a pirate insurgency. Early in April 3301, a local pirate group had tried to rename the cluster "New Caribbean", but undercover AEDC agents worked with local groups to retake control of Davies High.
0123 Luyten 205-128 Highliner Antares Lost Elite History In 3251 the Antares, a technologically revolutionary passenger liner designed and built by the Sirius Corporation, disappeared during its first hyperspace jump. In 3301 Li Yong-Rui, CEO of Sirius Corporation's governmental division, launced a search for the ship. Sirius Corporation confirmed discovery of the ship's remains in 3302.
0124 Gateway 299 Gateway History Elite History Gateway was originally known as Oltiqu, but renamed when the Alliance was founded in 3230. The system had originally been under Federation jurisdiction after being colonised in 2473 to be used as a military staging area for a further invasion of Alioth. Over time, the military bases became more permanent colonies and settlements. The system achievend full federal membership in 2561, but remained relatively unimportant and in the shadow of Alioth for many centuries. / When Alioth finally achieved independence in 3230, Oltiqu might have been a place where the Federation forces could rally and return. However a coordinated peaceful coup by sympathetic federal officials allowed the system to be united under the banner of the Alliance.
0125 Holiacan Holiacan History Elite History Relatively late to joining the original Alliance group in 3244, Holiacan was not contested by Federation forces as the systems assets were relatively small. The bloodless revolution is a complete contrast to its partner and robotic manufacturing rival Alioth, whose industry in this area had been expanded into the system in 3229. / Since this time, robotics manufacturing and output within the Holiacan has increased. Several other prominent political figures in Alliance politics have emerged from this system, most notably Lucinda Kallis, who wields considerable influence amongst the system group.
0126 Indaol Indaol History Elite History This minor system in notable only because of its early membership of the Alliance, joining in 3232. This membership granted the colonists significant technological improvement on their existing lot.
0127 Olgrea Olgrea History Elite History Mic Turner, the intergalactic Explorer, ship designer and founder of the Alliance, led the Federation expenditionary team tha brought colonists to Olgrea in 3224. \ Terraforming operations began almost immediately as the Federation could see that further population growth in the region would require room to accommodate. \ In 3239, Alliance warships and Turner's command return to the system and after a short altercation with Federal forces won control of Fortress Jung and New Casablanca. After this it was only a matter of time before the rest of the system surrendered and the Federation withdrew. \ By 3250, the Olgrea system had become a massive part of the Alliance infrastructure. The Planet New Gotham became the centre of agricultural production for the entire Alliance sector. The system population had grown to approach 100 million inhabitants, one of the fastest system migrations in interstellar history.
0128 Achenar Origins of the Empire Elite History The origins of the Empire date back to the colonisation of the Achenar system in the middle of the 23rd century. Marlin Duval was a wealthy woman from Earth, who, disenchanted with their administration and authorities, set off with her own colonising fleet to Achenar 6d because it was so far from Earth. Her leadership ended abruptly when her brother Henson oversaw a flying 'accident' in which she perished. The democratic government changed abruptly to one of strict imperial rule and from then on the family assumed leadership. Female children in the family were prevented with genetic techniques, such was the hatred of Marlin Duval's principles and vision of a world in peace. This restriction was gradually phased out over the years, but the succession of Emperors has remained along the male line until recently.
0129 Achenar War with the Federation Elite History Achenar drew the irritation of the Federation at the start of 2323, when reports reached Earth that the colonists had wiped out a sentient race on the planet. This, coupled with the refusal of Achenar to become a member, caused the Federation to send a battle group to take control of the system by force. / The fleet eventually arrived in the Achenar system at the start of 2324. Gathered intelligence meant the Imperial forces ambushed the Federal forces as they jumped into the system. What they hadn't predicted was the enemy to use their pack hunting formation against them.
0130 Achenar Failed Invasion Elite History For the rest of 2324. Federation ships tried to establish a beach head in the furthest reaches of the system, but with no breathable atmosphere amongst the far planets, they struggled to maintain for the war effort. / Eventually in 2325 Henson Duval decided Federal forces had been weakened sufficiently to strike. Achenar's own small fleet was mobilised, the Duval family commandeering nearly every vessel in the system to fall upon the weakened Federal forces where they clustered on the edge of the system. This became know as the Great Battle of Liberation.
0131 Achenar Hall of Martyrs Elite History At the end of the war, in the great palace of the Duvals on Capitol, Henson Duval ordered a great hall to be filled with obsidian pillars. These unadorned blocks of black stone represent each brave soul who has died for Achenar. Sixteen thousand and thrity two pillars were constructed for its opening in 2381. this tomb remains underneath the Imperial palace on Capitol. The highest memorial for an Imperial citizen is to be entombed in the Hall. / It is rumoured that some of the later martyrs were encased in their stones alive...
0132 Ackwada Lanner's Privateers Elite History In 2865, a request from the Rockforth Corporation reached the Emperor for assistance in the Ackwada system against the Federation. At the promise of substantial financial reward a battlegroup was assembled to respond. / Officially, the appointed leader of this flotilla, one Samuel Lanner, was an independent trader and privateer. / The clash between the Federation and Lanner's forces remained limited and the Federal fleet withdrew to Laveack. The Rockforth Corporation paid up as promised and signed a contract with Lanner's privateers to guarantee the defence of the system.
0133 Ackwada Lanner's Victory Elite History Seven years later, in 2872 the fleet returned. A clash with Lanner's forces resulted in a stalemate. Using Anaconda transports and Cobra Mark I's, Lanner was able to outmanoeuvre the larger Federal battle group, forcing another retreat. In 2873, Lanner was summoned back to Achenar, Records indicate he departed from Ackwada, but he was never heard from again. A memorial stone was erected in the Hall of Martyrs in his honour.
0134 Andceeth Wrekcht's Raid Elite History In 2913, former Imperial Commander Maximillian Wrekcht attempted to raid the banking vaults on the Trouble in the Andceeth system. Whilst Wrekcht was a retired Commander of the Fifth Imperial fleet, his actions under an Imperial letter of marque left no doubts to his affiliation. Working from an Imperial cruiser with a prototype engine mask, Wrekcht's audacious attempt to bombard the planet with asteroids was foiled by Federal defence forces. He was believed to have died in the ensuing battle.
0135 Alioth Battlegroup's Disappearance Elite History In 2924, a further conflict started up in the Alioth system, initiated by a squabble over its hydrocarbon resources. The Durn and Resnar Corporation applied for Imperial assistance to enforce its claim over a large swathe of the system's mining rights. A small force of Imperial cruisers and their support ships arrived in the system and rapidly deployed to enforce these claims. They vastly outnumbered the mustered Federal units, and forced them out of the entire system within a year. But then, withouth warning in 2925, the Imperial battle group disappeared. Federal vessels returned and Hassoni-Kruger appropriated the system's mining rights. Within month all assets of the Durn and Resner Corporation were seized by the Emperor. The reson for the strange events has never been discovered. Federal intelligence sources were later to accuse the Duvals of instigating a cloning programme to breed specialised infantry units.
0136 Fawaol Genetic Research Cleansed Elite History In 2934, acting on the information of concerned locals, Imperial forces arrived in the Fawaol system to wipe out the experimental genetic research facilities of the Darious Foundation.
0137 Zeessze The Empire's Loss Elite History in 2942, New America in the Zeessze system revolted over the harsh working conditions imposed more than a century before. Suprisingly the Imperial fleet was not deployed and the system gradually reverted to Federation rule.
0138 Liaedin Olban's Succession Elite History In 2943, at the age of one hundred and fourteen, Trasken Duval III died. His son Olban Hensard Duval succeeded him. / Olban's first action on the interstellar political stage marked a different approach to his father. Imperial involvement in the disputes in the Liaedin system, beginning in 2945, were subtle rather then heavy-handed.
0139 Zeaex Olban's Diplomacy Elite History Further evidence of Olban Duval's subtle approach occured in 2951 when the Empire elected to act through agents in the Zeaex system, empowering Erronsa and Francis Ashfield in their conflict over mining right with Grambourne Cambridge of the Federeation.
0140 Laedla The Emperor's Own Elite History The Emperor's willingness to use force was proven when in 2959, an Imperial strike force invaded the Laedla system and overwhelmed the Federation garrison on Mansfield on 'Lighting Thursday'. This was the first recorded deployment of 'The Emperor's Own', an elite military corps.
0141 Ackwada Yorkville Patriots Elite History in 2974, the Federation pushed further. Another invasion began in the Ackwada system. This time, instead of sending a 'privateer' battlegroup, the Empire supllied ships and equipment directly to the system's residents. The 'Yorkville Partriots' rose up and defeated the Federation fleet six weeks after they arrived.
0142 Zeaex Ashfield's Death Elite History In 2976, the death of Francis Ashfield in the Zeaex system, allegedly at the hands of Federal assassins, prompted only the second major military assembly of Olban Hensard Duval's reign. However, conflict was averted when the settlers of Newtown in the system sent a personal appeal to both the Federation and the Empire, which resolved the matter of mining rights and established an uneasy truce.
0143 Quince Gaylen's Ascension Elite History The ascension of Gaylen Trasken Duval was marked with chaotic celebrations in the Achenar and Quince systems. With a new Emperor on the throne, the Imperial political agenda changed again. Gaylen proved to ma more prickly and temperamental character than his predecessor. Hostilities at Alioth were renewed in 2994, whilst a Federation supported coup in the Ackwada system was ruthlessly suppressed by the Imperial backed forces in 2996.
0144 Achenar Imperial Palace Expands Elite History Gaylen Trasken Duval's first act as Emperor, was to expand the Imperial palace on Capitol, transforming the building into the glowing pink glass structure we know today. To complete his vision, the Emperor hired thousands of the galaxy's best designers and architects to work on the structure. The result is one of the great manufactured interstellar marvels of our age.
0145 Cemiess Terraforming Elite History The Emperor's passion for the arts and very high standards of living saw a rapid population increase in Imperial systems. Massive migration from independent, Galcop and Federation worlds saw an accompanying increase in prosperity. \ To deal with the rapid rise in population across many worlds, the Empire began terraforming of Cemiess 2 in 3080. This put paid to Federal ambitions in the system. A colonial charter had been established since 3055, but lack of funds had prevented any expansion. The act of approving the Imperial settlement proved to be the last of Gaylen Trasken Duval who dies shortly afterwards, he was 109 years of age.
0146 Exioce Atticus Ascension Elite History Atticus Obellan Duval ascended to the Imperial throne in 3081. His arrival triggered noticeably less celebration and the man's dour and bitter countenance was quickly noted as a contrast to the theatrically inclined Gaylen. In 3082 a second mission was sent to Exioce, terraforming the planet Experiment and establishing a permanent presence there, putting an end to Federal ambitions in the system.
0147 Liaedin Faveol Hostilities Elite History 3094 saw an outbreak of further hostilities in the Liadedin system. The Faveol family offered a substantive financial investment to the Empire if it would intervene in in continual dispute with the Blossom family over a specific territorial issue.
0148 Tau Ceti 394 Governor Santorini's Assassination Elite History In 3098 Governor Santorini of Tau Ceti was assassinated. Popular Federal press sources pinned the blame on the Empire, citing several quotes from 'Proxmire' Santorini's speeches that would make him an imperial target. Unusually, the Emperor elected to make a personal rebuttal of the accusation, but three years later, Imperial colonists escorted by Imperial warships, settled on Emeral. The Federation responded by sending Admiral O'Biren with a heavily armed battlegroup, who also dropped a military force onto the planet. Over the next thirty years, botn sides would battle to gain control of the planet and the system.
0149 Facece Military Base Established Elite History In 3104 a permanent military training base was established on Peter's Wreck in the Facece system. Facece had always been known for its strong support and commitment to training the Empire's finest, but the dedicated base signalled a new fervour for military renewal. This renewal was tested when in 3114, the scientists of Nesbitt Landing in Alioth began demonstrating substantial innovations in robotic manufacture and production.
0150 Facece Hender's Ascension Elite History Hender Saik Duval took the throne quietly. Ascending at the age of twenty two, he was the youngest to attain the throne. \ The new Emperor was a cautious man and his initial action on the political stage reflected this. The development of the Imperial Courier in 3145, the first Imperially funded ship design (designed without to much regard to cost) to appear in several hundred years prompted a large scale effort of renewal that had started with the establishment of the Facece Military Academy in 3104. Ship trials the previous year had suggested the Courier would exceed expectations and so further finance was ploughed into the area of spaceship design.
0151 Achenar Hengist's Ascension Elite History In 3233, Hengist Duval ascended to the throne. His coronation, broadcast throughout the Empire, gave the impression of a serene transition. However, behind the veneer lay tensions. The Imperial Senate had gained considerable power in the last years of Hesketh's reign. The first decade of Hengist's rule was tense as the new Emperor struggled to assert himself and repopulate his court with individuals he considered personally loyal.
0152 Beta Hydri 4336 Innitu's Assassination Elite History In 3251, the publication of "The Thargoids: Truth and Fiction" by Dr Joreb Innitu of the Alien Studies Department of the Ghandi Institute based on Wicca's World (Alioth) inflamed tension between the Alliance and other political powers. He was ambushed and assassinated whilst leaving the Beta Hydri system after a scientific conference.
0153 Tiliala Civil War Elite History In 3251, civil war broke out in Tiliala. The Dictator and leader of the Valhallan Democratic Peace Party, Augustus Checkin, under threat from the Valhallan Liberation Front. 'Friends' of the ruling party put out a contract on the leader of the Valhallan Liberation Army (the armed wing of the VLF), Dentara Rast. \ Over the next few months, the conflict gradually petered out, moving towards a diplomatic solution until other members of the VLA were assassinated. In response, Dentara Rast took to the holo-vid channels and swore revenge. \ The chance discovery of Tantalum (a rare and valuable metal) on the planet drew Imperial interest to the situation. A covert force of Imperial ships were detected by local police, who appealed for Federal assistance and a battlegroup was despatched.
0154 Tiliala Dentara Rast's Assassination Elite History Later in 3251, the assassination of Dentara Rast, began a chain of de-stabilising events that would lead, in 3262, to an interstellar proxy war in the system. Imperial agents were blamed for Rast's death as were INRA and the Federation. The cancellation of the elections and lack of a clear perpetrator turned the once peaceful and wealthy Tiliala on its head. Both the Federation and Empire saw the valuable metal as something they could not pass up, Publically the Federation claimed it was 'supporting the stable government', whilst the Empire claimed to be 'assisting in the liberation of an oppresssed populace'.
0155 Facece Chancellor Blaine Elite History In 3283, Anders Blaine, Senator of Facece was secretly invited to Achenar. It was clear, Hengist Duval's interest in politics had waned. Blaine was made Chancellor by Imperial decree.
0156 Sorbago Sorbago Slave Rebellion Elite History In 3300 a slave rebellion was sparked in the Sorbago system. Senator Zemina Torval responded by sending two Majestic Class-Interdictors to "keep the peace", and offered generous payments to those who helped her.
0157 Durius 284000 Durius Defaults Elite History In December 3300, the impoverished Durius system defaulted on the loan granted it by Imperial Senator Denton Patreus. Talks with Governor Malachai were to no avail and war was declared. Despite facing devastating odds, the Durius system fought back valiantly. Senator Patreus was ultimately victorious, despite facing a desperate opposition, and subsequently brought Durius into the fold as an Imperial system.
0158 Furbaide Volungu Blight Elite History Reports began in February 3301 that despite the valiant efforts of medical staff in Liaedin, LHS 3505 and Furbaide the illness known as the Volungu Blight was spreading unchecked. Hundreds died in just 24 hours from the disease. A rapid-response medical team was sent to Effinger Port in the Furbaide system in an attempt to contain the spread. \ Aisling Duval arrived at Effinger Port to offer her assistance along with dozens of trained medical staff. Despite this intervention, the death toll reached thousands within a few days. \ By the end of the month the blight was contained after the pathogen was identified by Aisling Duval's team. By the time the cure was distributed, 3,505 people had lost their lives.
0159 Achenar 66 The Line of the Duvals Elite History The Line of the Duvals \ Marlin Duval \ Henson Duval (2320 - 2402) \ Saik Duval (2402 - 2483) \ Trasken Duval (2483 - 2541) \ Hennick Duval (2541 - 2604) \ Lucius Duval (2604 - 2684) \ Anders Duval (2684 - 2739) \ Hender Duval (2739 - 2799) \ Trasken Duval II (2799 - 2858) \ Trasken Duval III (2858 - 2943) \ Olban Hensard Duval (2943 - 2991) \ Gaylen Trasken Duval (2991 - 3061) \ Atticus Obellan Duval (3061 - 3132) \ Hender Saik Duval (3132 - 3182) \ Hesketh Duval (3182 - 3233) \ Hengist Duval (3233 - 3301) \ Arrisa Lavigny-Duval (3301 - present)
0160 Achenar Imperial Palace Elite History Tourists, once they have amassed the documents required to visit the Achenar system, flock to see the Emperor's palace on Capitol. The building is a vast structure of a pink glass-like material which shimmers in the sun and glows as it re-emits the energy at night. Foreign visitors are welcomed by palace staff who use subtle pro-Empire propaganda in an attempt tp undermine the Federation. This greeting is not extended outside the palace grounds, where a person with a Federation accent is met with scorn unless money can be made out of them. The accent of the Empire has evolved out of Achenarians trying to mock the standard Federation diction by accentuating certain vowels. To the foreigner their speech sounds rather like a whine.
0161 Sol 749 Federal Congress Elite History Federal Congress is made up of 500 Congressmen (the term for both men and women). They sit in Congress, which is in Olympus Village on Mars - which replaced its location in Washington DC early in the previous millenium. \ Congressmen are elected for an eight year term, along with a President, with a 'vote of no confidence' after four years. If the vote if no confidence succeeds then a full election takes place. A Congressman (or President) cannot serve multiple consecutive terms. \ Every Federation system has representation in Congress, but generally a Congressman represents multiple systems, except a few (like Sol) that have more than one Congressional representative, based loosely on historic population. Phenomenal growth in the outer systems has meant that they have have little representation in the Congress, and there is frequent discussion about creating many new Congressmen to address this balance, but the various power blocks realise it will change the balance of power away from the core systems, the very people who would have to vote it through - so many agree it is unlikely to happen in the near future.
0162 Sol 749 Federal Constitution Elite History Federal law is based on an agreed Constitution. People have rights and freedoms, enshrined by this agreement. A great many things are illegal, like slavery, cloning and certain narcotics. Local 'State' law prohibits other trafficking to a greater or lesser degree. Things like ship-based weapons, personal weapons, other milder drugs and alcohol are banned in some systems. \ Federal law is controlled by the Mars goevernment, and the sheer size of the Federation makes it very hard for a System to have any influence on changing it.
0163 Arexack Church of kum-Byar Elite History The Church of Kum-Byar is a zealot faith in the Arexack system. A civil war between two sects of the church raged for more than one hundred years before an uneasy truce was called in 2361. The religious values of the church are austerity and the removal of all body hair.
0164 Aymiay Revised Catholic Mission Elite History Based in Aymiay at a Unniversity, with two further institutions on Mars and Beta Hydri, the Revised Catholic Mission grew out of one of a select few older religions and has tried to update its tenets to reflect the changing nature of interstellar society. The old religious values of pre-space-travel Earth could not cope with the scientific progress of the 3rd and 4th millennium. The 'revised mission', to bring an understanding of moral living, repentance and the need to earn a place in heaven became a more inclusive set of values that could be promoted throughout human interstellar society.
0165 Sol 497 Ancient History Elite History Mankind's first ventures into space were tentative and gradual. The early part of the 21st century saw the first manned spaceflights beyond the moon, but it took major population and economic problems to stimulate enough commercial commeitment to start settlements beyond Earth. \ The Third World War saw this exploration expenditure dragged back again and it wasn't until the very end of the 21st century that colonies on Mars and the Moon became truly permanent and viable. \ After the war, the dominant power was the United States of the Americas, and as the remaining other countries joined it over the next few decades, it was renamed the Federation of the United States and later "The Federation" as the implied reference to one of the pre-war powers was a block to the remaining countries joining it. It had a constitution and laws derived from the earlier powers, but much simplified.
0166 Tau Ceti 394 Early Hyperspace Elite History The 22nd century saw early pioneering projects begin to take shape. The discovery of a workable hyperspace theory and the design of the first unreliable, inefficient and slow 'faster than light' drive (compared to those we are used to in 3300) opened the possibility of exploration and settlement. A new frontier of science and engineering opened, confirmed by the first detailed messages and system scans t o be received back to Earth from an interstellar probe sent to the Tau Ceti system years earlier. This led to a corporate race-for-the-stars as massive colony projects were founded, funded, built and launched, together with hundreds of automated probes sent to all the nearby systems.
0167 Tau Ceti 394 First Interstellar Colony Elite History Tau Ceti was the first colony established outside of Sol. Tau Ceti 3 (now called Taylor Colony) had long been determined viable for habitation with life already present (due to free oxygen detected in the atmosphere absorption spectra) - though observation and probe data confirmed this. By 2159, the settlement was largely self-sufficient and able to elect a civilian administrator.
0168 Delta Pavonis Early Colonies Elite History Other colonies followed soon after. Delta Pavonis, Beta Hydri and Altair were all explored and settled between 2190 and 2230, and an uncontrolled expansion followed, with corporations and all sorts of groups of private individuals heading off into the stars. There was a 'wild west gold rush' atmosphere to it all, as news of vast tracts of land, huge wealth, giant dinosaur-like beast, and heroic acts filtered back to Earth, with the romance of the process causing many to want to leave the mother planet.
0169 Tau Ceti 394 Ecological Loss Elite History The issue of what to do about alien life became a queston of real significance the day humans first set foot on Tau Ceti 3. The early colony found itself battling to survive and adapt in a challending environment. The priority of preserving the indigneuous life was secondary to preserving the lives of the colonists themselves, and indigenous life was suffering due to being out-competed by imported but feral Earth life forms (bot intentionally (pets, crops) and accidentally (disease etc.) imported). This hardy 'survival' attitude did not abate as things grew easier and the colonist, led by John Taylor, saw the environment as something to master. When automated agricultural systems came online, hunting, which had been a necessity, became a trade. Taylor was elected civilian administrator in 2161 and immediately pushed for the colony to become fully independent from Earth. In repsonse and at the behest of the mission's corporate backers, Earth sent a delegation to Tau Ceti 3 to scrutinise its practices. What they found was widespread active destruction of the planet's native ecosystem. The Authority for Ecological Control issued guideleines for habitat conservation and recommended a second mission be sent in twelve months to judge if any improvements had been made. When this arrived in 2163 and found the situation had grown worse, trade sanctions were recommended and imposed. This further strengthened the hand of Taylor who in 2165 proposed a referendum on independence, which was narrowly defeated in the colonial forum.
0170 Delta Pavonis 689 Accidental Extinction Elite History In 2182, fragile indigenous life, still at an early stage of its evolution, was discovered in the Delta Pavonis system and through a bacteriological accident, completely wiped out in the same year. When further alien ecologies were discovered in the Beta Hydri and Altair systems, and with the failure of the project to terraform Mars, it looked like humanity would bring the cosmos to its knees, much as it had managed to do to its own planet.
0171 Sol 497 New Leadership Elite History However, the 23rd century saw new leadership and initiative. The Earth Environmental Recovery Programme to restore the polluted and radioactive regions of the planet was much more successful.
0172 Altair New Agreements Elite History The renewed sense of purpose this strategy brought to the planet extended outwards to the interstellar colonies. Agreements were reached with Beta-Hydri and Altair. In exchange for further self-determination each system agreed to maintain and preserve the natural habitats of indigenous life in their star systems. Shortly after this, Delta Pavonis also joined this agreement to act with restraint should any further life be discovered in the system.
0173 Tau Ceti 394 Alien Transgressions Elite History Further ecological transgression by Tau Ceti colonists was uncovered in 2228 when an undercover documentary found its way back to Earth. In it, Tau Ceti colonists were seen flouting Earth decrees and guidelines on a variety of matters, most notably native ecological preservation and the exploitation of natural resources. Mindful of the failure on Mars and the continual infammatory role played by John Taylor, now well into his eighties. Earth sent a military task force to the system with order to revoke its colonial charter.
0174 Tau Ceti 394 Federal Accord Elite History In early 2240, hours before the Earth fleet arrived in Tau Ceti, the main settlement changed its name to Taylor Colony and voted for independence from Earth. Without the starships to give battle, the colonists targeted the Earth fleet dropships as they attempted to land. Neither side could could an advantage and so diplomacy resumed. With some bitterness on both sides, a negotiated settlement was reached and in 2242, the Federal Accord was announced. This was effectively an extension of the consitution of the Federation, which briefly changed its name to the "Federation of Star Systems" - but this did not stick, and the term "Federation" returned. / The Federal Accord granted independent rights and membership to each system that signed it, provided they met certain development goals. Initially each of the signatories (including Earth) did not meet the goals, as the core principle of the agreement made at Tau Ceti was to eliminate the political games that had been played in the previous century.
0175 Sol 749 Non-Human Relic Elite History In 2280, the first nun-human relic was found in space. The object was found buried on Mars; it was no bigger than a child's hand and is still surrounded in secrecy, even in 3300. No information has ever been circulated as to the properties of this item or its origin, other than it is non-human.
0176 Sol 749 Second Terraforming Attempt Elite History In 2291, the second attempt to terraform Mars was eventually successful. The techniques employed were crude by later standards and the project had taken nearly a hundred years, but finally, humans could walk on the surface and breathe without the need for oxygen suits or respirators.
0177 Beta Hydri 244 Logistical Nightmare Elite History In the fall of 2323, the fleet journeyed from its staging area at Beta Hydri towards the Achenar system over a period of several weeks. The systems between Achenar and Beta Hydri were largely unexplored at the time, with only a few embryonic colonies at the beginning of the journey incapable of supplying the Federal fleet other than by scooping fuel. This caused Admiral Morgan considerable logistical difficulties and forced him to move only as fast as the slowest ship, with many turning back. / The fleet eventually arrived in the Achenaar system at the start of 2324. Morgan had anticipated resistance and judging his supplies of fuel, he elected to confront the enemy on one decisive battle on the edge of the system. He didn't have a great deal of choice. Smuggled intelligence allow the defending forces to anticipate the arrival position and the defenders were expecting a fight. What they hadn't predicted was their enemy to use their pack hunting formation against them.
0178 Sol 749 Relocation Elite History The Achenar crisis had far reaching consequences for the Federal Council. Earth's leadership had been unquestioned, but the mother planet was already undergoing a difficult period with the climate and radiatio problems on Earth not improving, and yet Mars appearing ever more verdant and a more confortable place to live, there was a general exodus of the rich and influential. The prospect of war with Achenar required a strong hand. In time, the Federal Congress moved from Washington on Earth, to Olympus Village on Mars, and this helped ease friction with other Federation members - as there was a consultation period where other systems were considered. / Nevertheless, the next sixty years saw several fledgling colonies opt out of their colonial charter obligations once they arrived on their chosen world and accept the rulership of the Duvals. The Emperor played the politics skillfully. The massive natural resources being offered and exported from Achenar countered the benefits of then superior Federal technology, whilst the Duval emphasis on subjugating Alien ecology to the needs of the colonies, made them a popular benefactor for struggling settlements.
0179 Sirius Sirius Corporation Founding Elite History By 2200 corporations had a stranglehold on a great many aspects of life, and this didn't stop during colonisation, though there was quite a delay before the first wholly corporate system was settled. The colonisation of Sirius by a solely corporate mission in 2339 and its rapid to rise to become the premier supplier of drive fuel to first the Federation and then the Empire led to much corporate profiteering between the two powers. Throughout this period, conflicts of interest were raised by congressmen backedby corporate interests. However, eventually Sirius Corporation delegates were also responsible for initiating negotiations between the two powers.
0180 Sol 497 Congressional Streamlining Elite History Federal colonies continued to mature into Congressional members and became accepted as Federal States throughout the next two centuries. However, the ratification of each colonial charter and approval of membership made the governing body of the Federation more and more unwieldy. This meant getting decisions made became more and more of a laborious and time consuming process, increasingly relying on Presidential Influence. Eventually in 2594, Congress passend an Act reducing the total number of congressmen dramatically at the subsequent election round, amid much controversy. / In parallel, the President's fixed four year term was extended to a single eight year term, with a Vote of Confidence by the people after four years. This was to adress the problem that increasingly the Presidents were serving two consecutive terms (their limit - a historical limit dating back to pre Federation days), and few credible candidates would stand against them in what increasingly were referred to as the 'mid-term' election.
0181 Sol 222 The Birthright Wars Elite History Between 2621 and 2735, Federal member systems underwent a period of societal change. The original colonial charters of many settlements granted hereditary land and position to families descended from their original settlers. Many of these birthright claims extended across vast areas of land and encompassed massive resources. The old charters became a hindrance especially to corporations who wanted access to these assets and gradually more and more pressure came to bear on the presidential administration to take action against this 'stifling anachrinism'. / The Birthright Wars were the name given to a series of conflicts that resulted in the forced acquisition or redistribution of hereditary rights (depending on your viewpoint) from colonial pioneers to corporations who had necessary technology to exploit these regions. It was generally blamed on corporate greed at the time, but notably the Federal Navy stood by.
0182 Ayethi Argent's Departure Elite History One notable power struggle in the Ayethi system was between the Federal military and the Argent family, resulting in Walter Argent leaving the system with as much of the family wealth as he could, and re-settling his family in Alioth. / The Birthright Wars were often cited as a primary reason for former member systems susequently leaving the Federation, and, much later, the formation of the Independent Alliance.
0183 Anlave 464 Birthright Final Act Elite History The commercial race in starship innovation together with increased funding from the Birthright Wars allowed the Federation to renew and centralise its military power. In the past, mobilising a fleet had required mustering resources from each member system, but generous corporate charters authorised different corporations to build an maintain centralised fleets. The first of this was commissioned and trained at Anlave in 2702, providing a much needed new purpose for the ruined agricultural system. These could be deployed much more efficiently against the Federation's enemies. / Anlave was the site for the final act in the Birthright Wars. Exiled descendants of displaced original colonists, invaded the system in 2708, and bombarded the Naval Academy at Anderton, obliterating it. A battlefleet of privateers descended on the system, but were beaten back by a spirited and shrewd tactician; Admiral Ghenkis B'nami. It was believed at the time that Imperial finance had sponsored the coup, but no link was ever proven, and this is now seen as scaremongering.
0184 Lave First Thargoid Contact Elite History 2849 is the first recorded contact between Human and Targoid ships in the Galactic Cooperative sectors, though it was suspected there had been many eralier encounters, just with no human survivors or witnesses. There was a short holo clip of part of the encounter, where the alien ship briefly passed through the field of view before the human ship managed to successfully jump clear. It required a great deal of magnification and in the blurred image there appeared to be the word "THARG" - but though different people could see different things in the combinations of what might be a shadow, surface scarring or a logo. Nevertheless in the absence of another name, it has stuck ever since, extended to 'Thargoid' by most commentators. / Encounters continued with many years. Some were just disappearances where no wreckage was found in the vast tracts of space, and may have had nothing to do with aliens, but more the reliability of jump drives of the period, prone to misjumps.
0185 Ackwada The Gellan Administration Elite History In 2862, the Presidential election was won by Isaach Gellan, whose administration marked a new turn for the Federation in interstellar politics. Within months, agents of the Gellan administration were sent to the Ackwada system to repay substantial unofficial (and illegal) loans made to the presidential campaign. The main creditor was the Rockforth Corporation, who refused a negotiated settlement, holding out for precisely the deal agreed in the election race. In 2864, Gellan and his advisers appeared to have withdrawn from these negotiations, because, instead of agreeing the terms, the Federal Navy was mobilised to invade the system on an unrelated pretext.
0186 Sol 358 Gellan Scandal Elite History In 2866 lost his mid-term Vote of Confidence, and the extent of his corruption and corporate links were brought to light shortly afterwards, bringing down a number of Congressmen too, and exposing a seedy sub-culture of corporate entertainment and abuse of Federal power on a massive scale. No on on the corporate side was ever prosecuted, but a period of scrutiny followed and most corporations wisely back off interference with Federal politics for several years.
0187 Zelada Ships Lost in Space Elite History In 2867, disappearances of several traders near Zelada prompted a Federal Navy response under the new President Olaf Smith. The task force soon found itself with more to do when further ships disappeared in Ququve and Aymiay in the same year, totalling thirteen ships in three months. In response, the Federation bolstered forces on Laedla rapidly and militarised the system as a base in response to this alien threat. / It has never been determined that these disappearances could be attributed to the Thargoids and little documentation has emerged about the Federal battlegroup's activities in this sector in this period. Nevertheless, Smith made much of his show of strength 'driving away the alien threat' and was popular as a result, further enhancing naval forces and drawing a line under the Gellan incident and the taint it had delivered to the Presidential office.
0188 Zelada The Black Prince Elite History Many decades later the infamous cinemativ biography of the pirate calling himself "The Black Prince" claimed responsibility for all these atatacks, unsing what grew to a highly mobile smal fleet of well-equipped matt black Anacondas acting together, each carrying a smal, nimble one-man fighter. The attacks stopped not because of the Federal fleet, but because the Black Prince and his brothers in piracy retired to the outer systems on the wealth they had acquired. Many doubt his story as most of the facts do not check out - but others claimed he had simply exaggerated what was a basically true but far more seedy story.
0189 Ackwada Gellan's Humiliation Elite History In 2872, now out of Federal prison and with the numerous enquiries that followed the incidents over, Gellan, still a wealthy man, attempted to resolve the matter with the Rockforth Corporation, this time using a mercenary fleet. However, Lanner had remained on retainer and his forces were modern and well equipped. Using Anaconda transports and Cobra Mark I's, Lanner was able to outmanoeuvre Gellan's battle group, forcing another retreat. This second humiliating defeat cost Gellan dearly.
0190 Phekda 5845 Peacekeeping Failure Elite History In 2876, after a period of economic instability and civil war between its corporate colonists, the Phekda system had descended into chaos. The Federation under President Jeremy Tann launced an offensive to take contril of it. For a period of twenty years, a military governor was imposed and attempts were made to repatriate the system under a new colonial charter, but when new elections drove Tann from office at the end of his term and rebel insurrections began to take their toll and later in 2897, the entire effort was abadoned.
0191 Ross 128 Maurice Grant's Death Elite History In 2905, the Federation answered a plea to restore order in Ross 128. Maurice Grant, the would-be leader of the colony there, had been assassinated in 2903. A Federal task force took charge of the colony and the rest of the system, then enforced a new colonial charter on its citizens, re-classifying it as a penal and correction facility.
0192 Ackwada Grant Keller's Election Elite History The election of Grant Keller in 2976 saw a change tp Federal policy. Under Keller's administration, corporate investment and involvement in all aspects of Federation society increased dramatically. Recognising the need to restore the financial reserves to the administration which had been utterly exhausted by the previous military expenditures of the last century. / Keller's tenure came to and end in 2984 and Federal policy returned to previous ways. A Federally-supported coup in the Ackwada system was ruthlessly suppressed by the Imperial fifth fleet in 2986.
0193 Sol 750 Tyrell Biggs' Election Elite History The election of Tyrell Biggs from Mars to the office of President in 3008, saw another change in approach. Biggs had been a Congressman for Mars for a long time, and made extensive use of his diplomatic connections throughout his tenure. During his election, he talked a great deal about the use of diplomacy rather than force. / In 3008 during a lull in the fighting in Alioth, Federal diplomats secretly approached the Imperial court with a proposition that Achenar and its subsidiary systems join the Federation as full members. / This had been attempted before, and had been met with Imperial derision. The proposition included clauses and amendments that would have allowed the Imperial system to qualify for membership despite the differences between Federal and Imperial law on several matters. However, the leak of the documents by Federal spies to other Imperial systems caused widespread unrest, which might have been Biggs' intention all along. For the next decade, this cooled Imperial/Federal realtions and caused distrust on both sides.
0194 Cemiess 'Proxmire' Elite History In 3022, Raul Santorini became Governor of Tau Ceti and through his Corporate connections, controlled the system's congressional seat. Santorini, nicknamed 'Proxmire' due to an obscure historical reference, was one of the very few Federal politicians to achieve significant interstellar status. He achieved substantial popularity during his early tenure as Governor by winning a significant tax rebate for the system from Congress, but also championed deep cuts in the Federal Nacy and throughout government, remaining as governor for an astonishing 76 years up until his assassination in 3098.
0195 Cemiess O'Brien's War Elite History In 3098 Governor Santorini of Tau Ceti, was assassinated. The Federal press pinned the blame on the Empire, citing several quotes form 'Proxmire' Santorini's speeches that would make him an Imperial target. Unusually, the Emperor chose to make a personal rebuttal of the accusation. Nevertheless, three years later Imperial colonists escorted by Imperial warships, settled on Emerald in the Cemiess system. The Federation responded by sending Admiral O'Brien with a task force, who also dropped a military force onto the planet. Over the next thirty years, both sides backed local forces (with occasional direct naval confrontation) to gain control of the planet and the system, though ultimaterly Imperial defenders prevailed with the Empire basing the VI Fleet in the system. O'Brien's efforts were popularised in the fictional holo-vid series "O'Brien's War".
0196 Arexack The Coming of Kum Byar Elite History In 3126, the Federal media's attention turned to the Arexack system. Zack Blackbeam, the interstellar celebrity, socialite and playboy staged a holoprohected light show in the system, called 'The Coming of Kum Byar'. Tens of millions of Federal citizens watched as the naive monks of the hermit like settlements were taken in by the spectacle and led to believe they would be prevented from 'ascending to the Highest Level of Paradise', owing to the 'displeasing shave' of their leader His Magnificence the Right Holy Ssord Rettu III. The comic farce quickly became serious when Rettu's acolytes assassinated him live on interstellar television and the system descended into a violent, religious, civil war.
0197 Kappa Fornacis Onionhead Banned Elite History In late 3300 President Jasmina Halsey declared the rare narcotic 'Onionhead' illegal throughout Federal space. Onionhead is the fruit of on alien plant on Panem in the Kappa Fornacis system. / Geogio Algeria, spokesman for the Farmer's Cooperative in the Kappa Fornacis system, accused the President of victimisation. / Tensions between the Onionhead cultivators and the Federation continued to rise, culminating in the bombing of Panem by the Federal Navy. This action seemed to have little effect as a brand new strain of Onionhead was subsequently discovered in markets, having been cultivated somewhere on Luca in the Tanmark system.
0198 BD-02 4304 Cerberus Plague Elite History A mystery outbreak began on Newton Dock in BD-02 4304 in June 3301. The disease, which came to be known as the Cerberus Plague, soon spread to the neighbouring Bast, Una, Santjalan, Bastes, Maheou Ti and Ochoeng systems. A breakthrough was made in July when a cure was found. / Officials at Hart Station comissioned a memorial to commemorate more than 100,000 people who lost their lives to the plague.
0199 Nganji Professor Palin Elite History Late in 3301 Professor Ishmael Palin began an independent research programme, based at Christian Dock in the Nganji System, to study anomalous extraterrestrial objects discovered earlier in the year. / In December he issued a request for help in establishing a new research base on Maia b1ba in order to safely study the artefacts. The request was positively received by the galactic community and Palin's team was soon ready to start work on their new base of operations. / By January 3302 he had announced a dramatic breakthrough in his research into meta-alloys. He confirmed that technical issues at the Obsidian Orbital were a direct result of interference from the artefacts. They also had the ability to repair themself using resources from other ships and machinery.
0200 Maia 638 Obsidian Orbital Constructed Elite History Work on a new Ocellus starport began in the Kaushpoos system of the Pleiades Nebula on 28'th October 3301. Within a day, pirates began congregating in Kaushpoos, preying on traders and contractors travelling to and from the system. A request for aid was sent out and the pirates were repelled in short order. Later the starport was named Obsidian Orbital via public vote. / On 19th December it was reported that the new station had been affected ny technical issues plagueing the galaxy, but personnel were determined to keep it running.
0201 Sol 16 Notable Presidents Elite History The complete list of Presidents is too numerous to mention here, so only those who made a name for themselves in intergalactic affairs are listed. / Sadig Kessler (Federal President in 2599 - 2607) / Isaac Gellan (Federal President in 2862 - 2866 (disgraced - lost VoNC)) / Olaf Smith (Federal President in 2866 - 2874) / Jeremy Tann (Federal President in 2874 - 2882) / Verity Campbell (Federal President in 2956 - 2960 (lost VoNC)) / Ulrich Vale (Federal President in 2968 - 2976) / Grant Keller (Federal President in 2976 - 2984) / Tyrell Biggs (Federal President in 3008 - 3016) / Loric Trander (Federal President in 3184 - 3192) / Eugene Cooper (Federal President in 3260 - 3264 (unpopular - lost VoNC)) / Antonia Madison (Federal President in 3264 - 3272) / Jasmina Halsey (Federal President in 3300 - 3301 (disappeared)) / Zachary Hudson ((Federal President in 3301 - present)
0202 Sirius Sirius Colonisation Elite History In 2339 a commercial colonial expedition reached the unusual binary Sirius system. The colonisation was the first solely corporate colonial mission and the company rapidly rose to become the premier supplier of drive fuel throughout human space. The on-off war between the two major powers over the following centuries financed the initial expansion of the company into an interstellar giant as it supplied both sides. Initially just fuel, but as it became a large interstellar conglomerate, also providing drive technologies and moving into many more fields. / Before it was a hundred years old, the Sirius corporation and its products were thoroughly integrated into civillian and military production throughout human space. It became a trusted partner even during times of conflict, and the organisation took great care to implement 'Chinese walls' between confidential information of its many customers, and put in place a strict protocol so no single customer would be favoured over another, as it fully appreciated its future business depended on it.
0203 Sirius The Sirius Convention Elite History The Sirius Corporation operated under its own strict laws, governing workers rights, privileges etc., and also put in place conventions whereby in dealings with customers for large projects it voluntarily operated under a special hybrid of local law and Sirius law - where the strictest provision was deemed to be in place. This became known as 'The Sirius Convention' - and was often applied in treaties between independent systems. / The Sirius Corporation developed a strong reputation for fair dealing too. It would never refer to rival jurisdictions or deal terms in a negotiation with a government, and would keep such negotiations strictly to the scope of the deal - not using any of the many levers less scrupulous organisations would frequently call upon. Such delas were said to be conducted 'under the Sirius Rule' - another term that effectively entered the language, much like the 'Chatham House Rule' a millennium earlier.
0204 Sirius The Dog Star Elite History Sirius was known as the 'Dog Star' in some ancient cultures, and is the brightest star in Earth's night sky.
0205 Sirius New Drive Technology Elite History In 3278, the Corporation saw a turnaround in its decline with the introduction of a new, faster drive system. Any similarities to the system in the Antares incident were denied at the time, though acknowledgements decades later revealed it was based on the results of the same research program. In the following years further improvements were made available both by Sirius and by its rivals, each dramatically reducing jump tomes, eventually resulted in very rapid hyperspace travel - journeys that previously took days could now be made in seconds - triggering a further age of expansion. / Not only did this success trigger a new period of galactic expansion, but expansion of the Corporation itself. It has expanded into other fields, with offices throughout human space.
0206 Sirius Sirius Subsidiaries Elite History The Sirius Corporation has a great many subsidiaries, but its main business centres around fusion reactors of all sorts - it makes and sells hyperdrive fuels, hyperdrives, power plants large and small, luxury surface transports, waste processing reactors, atmospheric processing units, industrial facilities for smelting, refining, and a wide range of mining equipment. It has cemented its position by using standardised parts for its power plants - whether it is at the heart of an industrial smelter, a luxury highliner or a surface city. / The Sirius Corporation now runs several dozen systems. These have a stricht legal system, their own penal code (based on Federal law), and their own law enforcement. They even have their own navy.
0207 Luyten's Star 299 Sirius Industrial Elite History Sirius Industrial makes a broad range of bespoke heavy industrial installations for smelting, refining, processing and manufacturing. There are largely automaed and easily assembled on site, using local materials for key elements of the construction where possible. All are centred around large Sirius power reactors - often multiple 100GW units are used in a single plant.
0208 Sothis Sirius Atmospherics Elite History The early terraforming tended to use genetically engineered biological processes that would change the atmosphere of a suitable world over many decades to a breathable atmosphere using energy captured from the star via biological processes. This process was both slow, expensive (it was made up of many stages) and only a narrow set of worlds were suitable. The idea of doing direct chemical conversion on a vast scale was there, but not practical because of the vast power requirements.
0209 Te Kaha 116 Sirius Navy Elite History Sirius Navy is a large organisation, providing vigorous protection for all Sirius Corporation interests. It owns its own cruisers built by Imerpial Gutamaya yards, and built under license in Sirius' own naval yards, branded in the Sirius Corporation's own royal blue livery, but much of their naval force comes from a large number of Cutters built under license and by Imperial Gutamaya, operating as patrol ships, and a great many fighters.
0210 Epsilon Eridani WorldCraft History Elite History Previously known as the Cisco Corporation, WorldCraft is based in the Epsilon Eridani system and has been the Federation's favourite tourist resort for more then three hundred years. / For centuries Woldcraft (then Cisco) was a major tourist corporation, running tourist resorts throughout human space. It was a big customer of Free World Ventures 'Worldcraft' atmospheric processing units as it began to create whole tourist resort planets in the early part of the 33rd century. To exclude its competitors from this market, it bought FMV in a hostile takeover in 3260 via a leveraged buyout - doubling the size of the corporation in one step, and renamed the whole corporation to 'WorldCraft' (with a capital 'C' in the middle) based on this operation, as at that point Cisco was associated with a broad range of holidays, including the seedier end of the market - something that had prevented Cisco from sucessfully entering the Imperial market. The 'WorldCraft' brand was highly respected, including in Imperial space, and the change was made in the hope of being more acceptable to the Empire.
0211 Epsilon Eridani Competition from Sirius Elite History WorldCraft is a giant Corporation, but still has very high debt levels due to the acquisition, and has been seen to be quite unscrupulous in many of its dealings. This has since damaged the WorldCraft brand somewhat, and is not so warmly embraced by the Empire as a result (though some Imperial worlds still have Worldcraft atmospheric processors built by FMV, but now served by WorldCraft in an uneasy relationship). This made way for the creation of Sirius Atmospherics - that has since taken a big slice of the terraforming business from WorldCraft - which WorldCraft has been powerless to stop as they remain a big customer of Sirius as at the core of their terraforming units is a 100GW Sirius power plant. / WorldCraft operates two major business areas; terraforming and tourism/entertainment, making them a direct competitor to the Rockforth Corporation in one and Sirius in the other.
0212 Epsilon Eridani 483 More WorldCraft History Elite History WorldCraft also operates behind a great many smaller businesses. It has always been very acquisitive, but has also been known to asset strip those businesses it takes over, often letting them fail without honouring customer contracts. / The corporation does not operate in the Empire at all, as much of its business is seen as being unsavoury by Imperial patricians - both some of its 'holidy products' and also business practices. / WorldCraft operate their own Navy, owning a number of branded Federal Cruisers. It also runs a fleet of passenger ships, large and small on 'package tours' to WorldCraft worlds for holiday packages, which are occasionally escorted by their own naval vessels.
0213 Epsilon Eridani WorldCraft Theme Park Elite History Most come here for the WorldCraft Theme Park which was set up with no expense spared and costs s small fotrune to visit. It is well worth it though, because you can live in a world of almost any fantasy you wish (something that has given it a reputation for seediness). If you want a break from the lushness outside, you can elect to stay for a day at the Ancient London Earth World of 1960 (where every effort has been made to make it as authentic as possible, it even has the stench of pollution). / Every fantasy theme has its own complex which is self contained, with actors to help tourists play a part in adventures and feel that it is real. / There are more wholesome themes on offer too. The War Veterans Trust maintains offices at Oliverport and runs the famous Museum of Armour and Ballistics on New California.
0214 Ackwada Rockforth Corporation Founding Elite History The Rockforth Corporation was founded on Ackwada by the Rockforth Family in 2673, the family that first settled the world. / The Rockforth Corporation began by running Ackwada earning significant foreign exchange from tourism and 'genuine ground-grown food' which it sold far and wide, making very significant revenues. It has since grown into a powerful interstellar corporation, still specialising in agriculture and tourism, with the corporation running giant corporate farms on habitable worlds across especially Federal human space. It has also become quite acquisitive, buying up many of its client companies.
0215 Ackwada The Dien W'rit Estate Elite History In the early part of 3241, Dien W'rit, a powerful interstellar entrepeneur, died in unusual circumstances while on holiday in Yorksville, Thompson's Planet (Ackwada). The matter was complicated when it was revealed that he had died leaving behind a recently modified Last WIll and Testament which made Thompson , CEO of the Rockforth Corporation, sole heir to the entire W'rit estate. The W'rit family alleged corruption, though they had no evidence othen than the fact of the change in the will. / Then, in July 3251, there was a terrorist attack, launched from unindentified starships, which attacked one of the headquarter buildings in Yorksville. A Federal Senator, several Imperial barristers, and many Rockforth legal staff were killed, not none of the W'rit family, who had left on a trip to see the local wildlife. / The case was dropped, but the attackers were never found. However, in 3273, several members of the W'rit family were present during an explosion at an agricultural facility on Altair.
0216 Ackwada Ackwada Discovery Elite History The official discovery of this system and its habitable planet is nowadays sccredited to Augustus Brenquith, although the Rockforth Corporation claim the land deeds and development rights to the system. Thirty nine years after the Corporation declared the system its own; an ancient message capsule (a common way for sending messages at the time) was recovered from outside the orbit of Jupiter in the Sol syste,. / The discovery aroused considerable interest amongst archeologists on Earth at the time while the capsule was in transit to the New Delhi University there was heated debate as to whether the artefact should be opened or not. When the capsule was studied, the seal was seen to be broken, so the matter was resolved. Inside the capsule was a message crystal with the log of the second five years of Augustus Brenquith's solitary search for new worlds, his 'glittering lagacy', included in the list of planetary systems that he had stumbled upon was that of Ackwada.
0217 Zearla Wreaken Corporation History Elite History Employing over a quarter of a million full time staff and owning sole mineral rights to some forty nine planets, the Wreaken Corporation can be found throughout most of the frontier and Federation Worlds. / Tobias Wreaken was a coal miner from old Earth. His company adopted a cautious and steady approach to its work and this won them a large number of contracts in the early space industry. Wreaken's descendants saw massive opportunities in the Colonial Charter policy of the Federation and few Colonial missions set off without a Wreaken representative and Wreaken equipment.
0218 Zearla Wreaken Business Elite History Wreaken facilities exist on many worlds, but their contracts are primarily with the Federation, Independent and Alliance systems. Mining stations extract natural resources and transport them to vast industrial refineries, or with the larger deposits, refine them on site. The company is aggressive in its acquisitions as it strives to maintain its position in the face of direct competition from Mastopolos Mining Incorporated. / The recent discoveries of Tantalum in several systems, including Tiliala during the last century have led to several new contracts for Wreaken. Massive mining operations have been oragnised in the system during the last decade as jurisdictional wrangling between the Federation and the Empire continues. The Corporation hold contracts with both sides in the system and can mine the ore without prejudice. Who the ore is supplied to afterwards, remains a problem.
0219 Zearla Wreaken Defence Force Elite History WCM is a major customer of Sirius Mining, making exclusive use of their equipment, under a long term mutually beneficial deal. / Wreaken operate their own fleet of Federal Cutters and smaller ships to provide protection to their many installations, but in extreme cases can call for backup from the Sirius Navy under its commercial relationship - so it is not unheard of for a Sirius battlefleet to back up a Wreaken defence force. Wreaken pays for this service, but it has decided die to the distributed nature of their installations, it is not cost effective to operate its own cruisers. / Many of the ores WCM mines are refined on site, so sale of refined alloys is a big part of their business.
0220 Enayex 250 Mastopolos Family Elite History The Mastopolos family were originally from Achenaar and several members rose to positions of significant Senatorial power in the syste,. However, in 2951, the major interest of Giya Mastopolos lay in solving an Imperial resource crisis and so he financed an expeditionary flotilla into the Zeaex system, empowering Erronsa and Francis Ashfield in their conflict over mining rights with Grambourne Cambridge of the Federation. / After the death of her husband, Gabriella Mastopolos assumed control of the Corporation and guided it to new prosperity. Duke's frivolous ways were quicly forgotten as the organisation ventured out of the Imperial heartlands and courted new contracts with Alliance affiliated systems, even winning business tenders in Alioth.
0221 Enayex 4706 Gabriella Mastopolos' Leadership Elite History Mastopolos has recently lost out to Wreaken Mining and Construction over the Tantalum extraction rights in Tiliala. They have, however, taken over administration of Jenning's Hollow in Enayex, where Imperial prisoners operate Tantalum mines. There were some concerns over the Corporation's ability to manage the unruly prison workforce, but following a direct presentation by Gabriella herself, conditions improved dramatically. / Mastopolos Mining has grown to be a major mining force, particularly in Imperial space, occasionally competing directly with WCM. It has its own force of loyal slaves who are treated very well according to Imperial rules (something that Gabriella Mastopolos, now in her 90s, widely insisted upon, and regularly visits installations to do personal spot checks). Slave leave at the end of their assigned terms with a generous bonus (calculated based on their productivity during their term), over and above their required payout under Imperial law. This means the workforce work hard and diligently - and also increases the number of people signing up for such service.
0222 Enayex 374770 Mastopolos Mining Interests Elite History Mastopolos Mining is highly rated to do business with. Despite its name, the corporation has broad interests, mostly in and around Imperial space. It operates a fleet of large transport ships - initially to transport its own raw materials around and to supply its mining installations, but it has extended this to carry other goods too. It now runs three whole systems as corporate states, operating its own law (close to Imperial Law), and policed by its own security service. It also has a large number of outposts dotted around, covered by the same security service. / It operates its own navy based around its security service, using a small number of Imperial cruisers in company cokours, together with a fleet of cutters. These tend to deal with pirate incursions, and escort its transport when outside 'civilised' space, while the security service deals with personal issues 'on the ground'.
0223 Reorte 377 Faulcon Delacy's Beginnings Elite History One of the most famous names in the history of interstellar exploration. The corporation began life as a much smaller organisation. Faulcon Manspace, a military supply organisation based on Reorte. They first rose to prominencse when they developed a new fighter craft they christined the Viper. / In this new era of the emerging interstellar privateer, Faulcon Manspace devoted its production to Vipers, but worked on a number of other designs too. / Faulcon Manspace merged with deLacy ShipWorks in 3034, one of the many shipyards building Faulcon ships under license. / One of the first new products from the merged company was the troubled Cobra MkII. This was an upgraded version of the now very dated Cobra MkI, but was not especially successful and was soon withdrawn. / Despite this, the new company grew into a corporate behemoth, and went from strength to strength, launching the Cobra MkIII to great acclaim in 3100.
0224 Reorte Faulcon Delacy's Prowess Elite History In 3300, Faulcon deLacy stands as the largest independent ship manufacturer in colonised space. The interstellar powers recognise the quality of the work done by the corporation and often recognise this above any concerns over retaining technological exclusivity. It has both grown organically, and by acquisition, swallowing a great many of its smaller competitors and client yards over the years. / Faulcon deLacy is a major corporation, with shipyards dotted around human space, and many more sales offices. It has a wide range of ships available for sale, and an extremely long heritage from its progenitor companies going back over half a millennium. It has manufactured more than a million ships over that period, and a great many are still in use. It sells into all markets, though is widely known and has the highest sales in the vast number of independent systems.
0225 Reorte Faulcon Delacy's Business Relations Elite History Faulcon deLacy manufactures many of the smaller components in its own ships, and has a well established relationship with the Sirius Corporation, for its hyperdrives and power plants. It is also a big customer of the WCM Corporation - buying its hull alloys from them as raw material. / It still operates a modular system for the construction, which operates throughout their range of products, and all ships are built to a standardised grid system. It has also innovated too - allowing its competitors to use the same system - which has benefitted Faulcon deLacy greatly, and ironically makes acquisition a straigtfoward process.
0226 Bedaho Saud Kruger's Formation Elite History The Saud Kruger Corporation is relatively new on the corporate stage, but built on much earlier foundations. It was a small, specialist yacht manufacturer that had been very successful as a family business in a small niche. Stanislav Kruger took over the family firm from this father in 3270. / A luxury ship manufacturer, and interstellar tourism business, the Asrogator Corporation prided itself on delivering the most stylish of holiday experiences. It claims the legedary explorer Augustus Brenquith as its long dead patron and bought up all image rughts to the man's legacy several hundred years ago. / The Corporation was based in Bedaho, but maintains office facilities in 80% of all colonised systems and through its contractual support programm, helps local tourist attractions develop their portfolio for the discerning interstellar explorer.
0227 Bedaho Saud Kruger's Growth Elite History Saud Kruger has gone from strength to strength, and has turned around the flagging Astrogator Corporation. It now makes a range of luxury ships under its own brand name, and still competes in the tourism business under the Astrogator name, and in the star chart area too. / Astrogator cruises always used their own custom-built ships, and they continue to do so under Saud Kruger ownership, though of course now although the holidays still go under the Astrogator brand, the ships carry the Saud Kruger name. / These cruises are seen by many as once-in-a-lifetime experiences for those that would otherwise never get to see space.
0228 Bedaho Saud Kruger Luxury Elite History Saud Kruger is a popular luxury brand, making passenger ships and yachts for the wealthy under its main brand name, and selling luxury holidays (using luxuriously equipped Saud Kruger vessels) to the less wealthy. It also has a thriving star chart and exploration business. / Saud Kruger ships are made under license in a great many shipyards, including the Imperial Gutamaya yards. It runs its own shipyards too, with its main yards in Bedaho, but with ither yards mostly in Independent and Imperial space, with many especially valued and super-rich Imperial clients. / Astrogator holidays range from cruises around groups of local systems, to the more extreme, and Astrogator Extreme holidays carry the image of the legendary explorer Augustus Brenquith. The holidays tend to include extreme, and frequently quite dangerous, activities in distant locations, like atmospheric wave-riding, volcano diving and magnetic surfing. Trusted intrepid pilots take these adventurers 'to the edge' for 'life-changing experiences'.
0229 Andceeth 29 Trouble Banking and Welfare Investments Elite History A relatively new organisation. Trouble Banking and Welfare investments is based in Andceeth. In the early days of the Deferation, Diamond star por was a major centre for commercial transactions between planetary governments. Before the days of the Universal Bulletin Board and guaranteed transfer, the worlds of Andceeth were the banking centre for the Federation. / Since the middle of the 31st century, when the system lost its significance, a group of banking entrepreneurs got together with the custodians of the vaults of Andceeth 2, also known as Trouble and began developing an investment company, using the facilities and security abandoned by the Federation.
0230 Andceeth 50 TBW Loans Elite History In 3300, TBW Investments provides loans and saving oppurtunities for individuals and businesses. It specialises in clients that prefer their assets to remain 'off the grid'. The rates of return are good and the vaults remain secure. They also specialise in the storage of high value items, in private, individual strongboxes, stored in deep underground vaults. Many suspect much of these contents are illegal, ans simply 'cooling off' - though of course the bank would strongly contest that. / TBW also trade in precious stones, both on behalf of clients, and running private markets around human space, but particularly withtin the Federation. They are well known as the best gemstone traders in human space. / TBW maintain their own security fleet. These are mostly fast, and well-equipped, using Fer de Lance craft mostly as comfortable executive transports, carrying small cargoes very securely with perhaps one or two clients only.
0231 Sol FCI Information Elite History The Federal Criminal Investigations agency is the Federation's primary domestic security and law enforcement agency. They are numerically inferior to the state police but are better trained and equipped, and cross internal State boundaries. / They are primarily an investigative unit, although they do maintain significant enforcement units. The provide specialist operational support and police backup (like SWAT teams and undercover units) as well as more traditional support for state police forces. / There is a traditional rivalry between the FCI and the State police, but that doesn't prevent them working effectively together. / Its history goes back over a millennium, evolving out of the various security bureaus on Earth. Some rituals still remain, for example the ceremonies when its members are promoted retain an ancient, martial feel, relating to the FBI and FSB - organisations dating to a pre-Federation era - though in fact they don't really relate to them.
0232 Sol FIA Responsibilities Elite History The Federal Intelligence Agency is a secretive organisation that looks after Federal interests outside the Federation. It runs both espionage and counter-espionage operations, and provides covert support for Federal diplomats abroad, providing intelligence relating to foreign operations in addition to protection. It has also been pro-active on many occassions. It has been implicated in destabilising foreign governments, and helping those wíth which the Federal Government is sympathetic or when their causes are aligned. Its operations have gone as far as providing arms and training directly to rebels, assassinations, rigged elections, all done in a clandestine and deniable way. / The FIA also follows up on major interstellar crimes within the Federation, where the crome crosses outside Federal space. It is a secretive organisation (paralleling the Imperial IISS) specialising in corruption and high level crime, and is considered not very accountable.
0233 Vequess 291 Imperial Internal Security Service Duties Elite History The Imperial Internal Security Service (or IISS "Double I, Double S") reports directly to the Emperor and unlike other police units has jurisdiction throughout the Empire. / In some respects they act as a coutner balance to the Imerpial Navy and have the authority to investigate any individual, unit or organisation. They oprate in quite a secretive fashion as the nature of their investigations tend to be for corruption or abuse of power. and they are generally feared, as by some they are seen as unaccountable. It has, from time to time, been associated with espionage within the Empire. They act on behalf of the Emperorm and that is their allegiance. They do the Emperor's bidding. On occassion that has been to investigate the IDC.
0234 Facece IDC - Keeping the Empire Safe Elite History The Imperial Diplomatic Coprs (or IDC) reports to the Senate. Officially it operates embassies in most foreign sysems, but the IDC has far-reaching powers too and unlike other police units has jurisdiction throughout the Empire. It can support Senators and Ambassadors abroad. / The Ambassadors are the visible members of the IDC; high-ranking Imperial officials usually reporting directly to a specific Senator with an interest in their area, but also reporting directly to the Senate. Each Ambassador has a significant staff and budget to project Imperial influence. This staff is said to include secret agents that operate covertly within foreign powers and corporations, but reporting back ultimaterly to the Ambassadors, then on to the Senate.
0235 Kuk What is Interpol? Elite History Interpol provides multi-jurisdictional investigation. particularly across Alliance worlds, but also when an investigation strays beyond. In addition it provides support assets for individual Alliance forces when heavy backup is required. / Internal affairs investigations for Alliance organisations are also conducted by Interpol and upon request for member systems too. / Numerically, Interpol is smaller than most systems police forces, but is well trained, well equipped and well respected, Interpol also acts as a direct intervention force on behalf of the Assembly. / It is named after a long defunct organisation dating back more than a millennium from Earth.
0236 Lave History of Lave Elite History One of the oldest colonies of the sector, Colonial Deep Space Cruisers Herschel and Oberon reached the system then designated L-453 in 2412. Lave has been a Dictatorship from before the fall of the Galactic Cooperative. In 3174, Dr. Hans Walden came to power. / Walden established an authoritarian Dictatorship. The previous economic hardship brought about by the fall of the Galactic Cooperative were still remembered. Under Walden there was stability, just not prosperity. / Walden's rule was very long, and rumoured to involve genetic manipulation as he greatly extended his own life, with his eventual death at the hands of an assassin triggering a revolution.
0237 Lave Walden's Dictatorship Elite History Walden's dictatorship in post-GalCop decades was a study in the use of propaganda to further the illusion of contentment. The public face of Lave was a progressive culture with an enlightened leadership that was remodelling itself as an independent power in the wake of a corrupt and self-serving organisation that had based itself there. Slowly, though, the populace saw where Walden's policies were leading and began to speak up, only to be quietly dealt with. / The revolution in 3265 finally saw the end of Walden's reign of terror but saw Lave relegated to a backwater world too wrapped up in its own troubles to amount to anything on the galactic stage. Its former importance meant that Lave has becone a key tourist venue, with numerous tributes to the GalCop era in terms of museums and artefacts.
0238 Diso 283 Diso's History Elite History First explored in 2422 by an exploratory mission from Lave, Diso was found to contain a rich indigenous ecosystem, topped by an dominant species of rotund feline-like creatures with rich, black fur called delines. / Human settlement began around the equatorial regions and within ten years, colonists had discovered the planet's potential for agriculture. Inhabitans quickly settled into the planet's rural way of life, adjusting to a slower pace than the more industrial economies nearby.
0239 Diso 283 Diso Delines Elite History The indigenous delines were driven from the equatorial regions by human settlement, but are still common in the colder, higher latitudes, where they prey predominantly on various ground-dwelling scavengers known as 'drats' - a collective name for the various rat-like creatures, hated by humans for their effects on their crops. / In the early days of Diso settlement, the delines were hunted, as they had attacked and killed human children from time to time, and in some areas they were very nearly wiped out. In the following years, the resulting drat plague destroyed crops over vast areas, so humans decided to tolerate the delines, and fence them out of human settlements instead. / Today, deline pelts are highly prized, particularly the rich pure-white pelt of the much rarer polar deline, an almost bear-like animal, but nevertheless closely related to the temperate delines. Delines are still hunted for sport, but this is controlled, and such hunting has become a profitable tourist activity.
0240 Riedquat 147 History of Waterloo Elite History The planet Waterloo (simpley called Riedquat until about 3190) started life as a promising colony world when it was first colonised in 2631. Though Riedquat had indigenpous life, its was right on the margins, and the little life that existed there was tough enough to survive the harsh environment. This was the primary reason it took so long for it to be colonised. / When it was settled, the introduction of powerful fertilisers allowed crops to be grown on the hard soil, but wihtin a few decades human-introduced rodents (introduced accidently - reputedly from some pet mice) began to destroy crops en masse, and the rodent problem persists to this day, explaining the local name for Waterloo - 'Rat Hole'.
0241 Riedquat 147 Chaos in Riedquat Elite History By 2679 the situation on Riedquat was dire - the whole world seemed to be in conflict and the continental governments stood on the brink of toppling. At the end of 2680 that indeed happened. Civil war persisted until there were no vestiges of government left. / Somehow, the world's economy has survived, as trade remained a common, essential goal to the inhabitants of the world. Starports are classes as safe areas, as all Riedquat's population understood that the trade with other worlds was now the colony's only access to the things the world needed to stay alive. If anyone threatens these lifelines then that is one of the rare times the Riedquatiens can be seen to cooperate.
0242 Leesti Leesti's History Elite History The first colony fleet arrived in 2413, setting up mining facilities, processing plants and domes to protect the workers. As time passend and the colony expanded, the volume of useful metals promoted organisations to locate some manufacturing plants on Leesti. By the end of the 2400s Leesti had become a popular source for the fruits of both the mining and manufacturing industries there. / By the 2700s the wild west feel of Leesti was beginning to recede. Corporations took over the mining interests, and with the corporations came the strict security or corporate rule. Mastopolos Mining bacame the main corporation operating in the system by the 3100s, as it scquired many of the smaller mining interests. / Leesti became a popular waypoint during the 3100s for novice traders to find their space legs. The moderately profitable Leesti-Diso run provided the tripartite conglomerate with more than adequate food and agricultural supplies, whilst the return journey provided Diso's populace with computers and cpmponents.
0243 Zaonce The Bank of Zaonce Elite History Early in Zaonce's colonial history, in 2682, a former Federation banking executive named Herschel Derrey moved to the colony and set up a family banking business. He and his extended family spread their usiness around the world in only a decade and by 2693 they had earned a reputation as a level headed and reliable financial establishment. Derrey's daughter Emily brokered a loan on an undiclosed but sizeable sum of credits to an up and coming spacecraft manufacturer named Faulcon Manspace in exchange for stock options. Six years later, when the Viper was unveiled, profit rolled in and the stock options for Faulcon Manspace suddenly became vastly profitable to her family. Buoyed by this financial victory, Derrey took over several other banking concers on the world until his corporation was the sole financial establishment on the planet, although operating under different brands. They adopted the name Bank of Zoance in 2718.
0244 Shinrarta Dezhra Pilots Federation Origins Elite History The Pilots Federation has existed for a very long time. It was founded in 2805 during the great surge of private ownership of small starships enabled by the hugely competitive modular ship designs made available during the previous decades. / It was founded as much as a way of agreeing prices for ship parts en masse (where member benefit from group discounts), but soon becane much more, providing a system where trusted pilots could share route information and protect each other from a new scourge - also enabled ny the proliferation of small starships - of interstellar piracy. Over the years an unofficial tally of pirate kills amongst some members began as 'bragging rights' but soon members started showing their kills on their online IDs, and before long those without such a rating were referred to as 'Harmless' - and by implication not so desirable to provide cover on a route known for pirate attacks. / Gradually, the Pilots Federation grew to encompass a great many pilot-owners and their ships. It also provided an element of respectability as the itinerant nature of their lifestyles had started to bring suspicion amongst planet-siders - where the lack of accountability of space farers brought about by their ability to simply move on to a different system before the law caught up with them gave them a bit of a reputation as cowboys or as thieves in certain places. The Pilots Federation would not tolerate dishonourable behaviour among its members, and so such members would wear the PF's logo with pride - earning them a little respect in their dealings, and an antidote to the cowboy image.
0245 Shinrarta Dezhra The Elite Elite History In 3100 the Pilots Federation began issuing modified version of its 'wings' badge that included the pilot's rating written across it in capitals, and made official the names of these ratings, starting with 'Harmless, then 'Mostly Harmless', all the way to 'Elite'. The most coveted was the 'Elite' badge, and the first of these was awarded to Commander Peter Jameson, who wore it on the rear of his Cobra MkIII for the rest of his life. / Before long this small and highly respected group of pilots with these coveted badges became known as 'The Elite'. They received all sorts of offers - both commercial and personal - (including offer of marriage!). The commercial side became valuable - whether it was transporting royalty or taking unknown items 'no questions asked'. The group was considered utterly trustworty, with the confidentiality assured, and its members took this very seriously.
0246 Shinrarta Dezhra The Elite Federation of Pilots Elite History As their reputation spread, the small group became overwhelmed. There was no way they could satisfy anything like all the demands on them, so the formed 'The Elite Federation of Pilots'. This was a sub-group of the Pilots Federation and it ran its own system to exchange offers between its members. It was quite secretive, and hugely respected, and there was a high demand for their services. Their main problem was how few 'Elite' pilots there were. Many pilots would get rich and retire long before they attained the coveted 'Elite' status; the fundamental problem was that the rating was a kill count. Wise members of the group realised that, in fact, they were no better pilots than some younger pilots with much lower ratings - they had just been doing it for longer - though others outside the group didn't see it like that. They wanted the cachet of employing an 'Elite' pilot. They were also aware that the pirates were getting better. They were better organised than in the early days, and better equipped. / It is rumoured they run secret bases and have their own technologies, but what is known for certain is they are highly respected, and get generous discounts throughout human space. In practice the aura of secrecy proved a great strength. The EFP now has representatives throughout human space and beyond, and it is an organisation to which every pilot aspires to be a member.
0247 Shinrarta Dezhra Pilots Federation Secrecy Elite History The Pilots Federation in many ways is a secretive organisation. This in part reinforces its status of neutrality. It exists to support pilots, not nationalities or political factions. Over the years this has led to its acceptance (albeit grudging in some cases) in practically all human domain. / Despite its ubiquitous presence it has very little direct dealings with the public. Even member pilots tend to interact via the networked rankings and bounties system. The prime exception to this is registration. A pilot has to register in person for their PF license. Registration is performent at offices throughout human habitted space. / The PF represents the nearest thing to law in uncontrolled and ungoverned space. Their existence provides a safely net for human expansion in space beyond the major factions. / The Elite Federation of Pilots (EFP) continues as a select and extremely secretive group within the larger organisation.
0248 Shinrarta Dezhra Pilots Federation Interests Elite History The Pilots Federation as an organisation controls a vast financial empire. This is not public knowledge, although the major intelligence services are aware of the fact. However for the most part these financial resources are used to improve safety for pilots and for funding bounties used to improve safety for pilots and for funding bounties where local authorities do not (or in uncontrolled space), some governments have been known to take advantage of this. / The Pilots Federation also takes a private interest in the independent venture with new colonies, this will typically be masked by front companies. In only one known case has the PF taken control of a world or system - see the Founders' World section below. / As well as providing fund for bounties it also receives transaction fees for completed bounties that are processed through the PF bounty system - and in many cases retains unclaimed bounties where, for whatever reason, the pilot who has earned it doesn't claim it. / By far the most significant contribution to the PF's finances is the near monopoly it has for the embedded ship and station systems.
0249 Shinrarta Dezhra Pilots Federation's Near Monopoly Elite History Historically the Pilots Federation has been a trusted soure of information for pilots. As humanity expanded into space that need for informatiuon continued to grow. / Before 3100 they provided data for many ship and station manufacturers. After 3100 in an understated, but effective campaign of acqusitions and mergers they came the dominant provider of this data as well as the hardware and software solutions serving that data. / From star chart data, ship data and bounty management systems the Pilots Federation expanded their data sources to include markets, newsfeeds and communication systems. / In 3300 the Pilots Federation's GalNet system has a near monopoly on all shipboard and station embedded systems. The systems are fitted as standard on nearly all independent ships and even some militaries. It's a testament to the trusted nature of the PF that his monopoly has occured with the little resistance bar some back room negotiations.
0250 Shinrarta Dezhra Pilots Federation's Influence Elite History Officially, the Pilots Federation is apolitical: as an organisation it does not interfere with the internal workings of systems or factions. However this official stance is a misnomer. The PF wields considerable power through its web of political contacts as well as the application of the bounty system and control of the ship and station embedded systems. / It also uses a lot of soft power by providing pilot safety support throughout human space. / There are also known cliques within the PF (The Dark Wheel is probably the most famous) that have their own agendas. Officially these are discouraged, but in an organisation so large they are tolerated as long as they don't overstep the mark.
0251 Shinrarta Dezhra Pilots Federation's Secrecy Elite History Much of what the Pilots Federation does revolves around secrecy; and this has many layers. Within the Pilots Federation, the Elite Federation of Pilots is even more mysterious and secretive, and at the centre of that is the elusive 'Founders World'. / It is the only system directly controlled by the EFP, and even its location is closely guarded. The secrecy is maintained by the EFP using 'misinformation' - there are a great many rumours of its rough location - and they all contradict each other. Only a select few - the members of the EFP - know the truth. / The system is governed by the EFP and it is here that the organisation's headquarters is based. / EFP members are allowed to retire here in relative anonymity.
0253 Eor Aug EW-W f1-228 834 Degenerate Trio User Submitted Commander WR3ND considers this as an ideal location for scientific investigation. Its a black hole, white dwarf, and neutron star system which contains the three main know endphases of star evolution, so likely a very old system that has been through quite a lot. It is just 2 million years under being 13 billion years old according to the system data, so nearly the age of the universe itself - with two terraformable terrestrial waterworlds with carbon-water based life, one with a moon. / What kind of life could live and evolve there and sustained itself in that kind of environment for so long? Perhaps some form of life more advanced than we can comprehend dwells within the watery depths of these worlds.
0254 IC 1396 Sector RU-F d11-7 4134 Earth-Like Dance With Giant User Submitted This delightful Earth-like planet orbiting a gas giant was suggested by Commander PEARCY.
0255 Alnitak Impressive Rings User Submitted The glorious ring system around the class L dwarf star in this system was suggested by Commander Adidane as a celestial sightseeing spot.
0258 HIP 43123 596 Carbon Star Close User Submitted Commander Gradis recommends this interesting planet orbiting close to a carbon star. It's on the periphery of the sun's exclusion zone, yet can be landed. Due to the massive size of the star a limit of .33 ls will be encountered for the majority of the travel and this will lead to a build up of heat. Most craft will not be able to land but for the tourist who seeks danger, and the unique sight of having a star fill the entire horizon, it may be worth the risk.
0259 Kathans 2567 Incredible Rings User Submitted This close up view of the parent body's rings was enough for Commander AlexVII to recommend it for celestial sightseers.
0260 Hen 2-23 Glorious Nebula User Submitted A rare Wolf-Rayet star within a glorious nebula is an amazing sight recommended by Commander A lot.
0261 17 Beta Piscis Austrini 36079 Stunning Waterworld Visitor Beacons The stunning waterworld, and trio of stars support the local tourist economy.
0262 17 Cygni 400 Hell World Visitor Beacons This extreme hell world, along with two terraformed garden worlds, and a water world provide plenty for celestial tourists.
0263 18 Puppis Ringed Planet Visitor Beacons This system's tourist economy stems from the rined high-metal world orbiting the primary star. The companion star also has a terraformed world, and another terraforming candidate.
0264 36 Andromedae 65000 Dancing Pair Visitor Beacons Tourists come to this system to see the interesting binary pair of high-metal content worlds, as well as the terraformed planet, and an unusual water world.
0265 39 Serpentis 1950 Bountiful System Visitor Beacons This bountiful system contains two natural Earth-like worlds, and an additional terraforming candidate.
0266 47 Ceti 1930 Blue Giant Visitor Beacons There are a variety of interesting sights to see in this system - from the large blue gas giant, to the collection of garden world, and terraforming candidates around the companion star.
0267 49 Serpentis 49 Serpentis Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons This collection of varied terrestrial worlds provides a number of places for the space tourist to visit.
0268 69 G. Carinae 152617 69 G. Carinae Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons The binary ice worlds are just one of the features that makes this systen an attractive destination for tourists.
0269 Agastani Agastani Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons Ammonia worlds are relatively rare in colonized space, and this pristine example provides one of many attractions for this star system.
0270 Akonito Akonito Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons The tourism for this system is supported by a number of interesting planets, including a binary paif of heavy metal worlds, a terraformed planet, and a large waterworld.
0271 Akualanu Akualanu Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons The spectacular purple tinged gar giant is a popular destination for tourists in this system.
0272 Amenili Amenili Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons Water worlds are always a popular destination for sightseers, and this one orbiting the barycentre of two binary stars is a superb example.
0273 Amsitia Amsitia Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons This terraforming candidate attracts many sightseers to the system. One world has already been terraformed around this star.
0274 Antanyamai Antanyamai Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons There is a range of different worlds for visitors to experience in this system - ranging from a terraformed Earth-like, to a frozen iceworld out on the fringes of the system.
0275 Any Na Any Na Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons [No Text]
0276 Anyayahui Anyayahui Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons Visitors to this system are greated with a beautiful duo of waterworlds.
0277 Apisulfr Apisulfr Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons There's a treasure trove of planets to see in this system, including three sets of binary planets! The inner three planets are all populated outdoor worlds.
0278 Assinda 218365 Assinda Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons The purple gas giant at the furthest regions of this system has proven to be a popular tourist destination ever since the local legend of a ghost ship sometimes seen in orbit of the nearby moon began to circulate.
0279 Balaa 536 Balaa Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons The ammonia world with known non-sentient life has been a popular tourist attraction for many years.
0280 Banki 1750 Banki Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons The carbon based lifeforms in the gas giant's atmosphere attract not just scientific expeditions, but many tourists as well.
0281 BD+22 3579 2423 BD+22 3579 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons As well as the outdoor world and the waterworld, this system boasts a ringed ice planet - popular with orbital as well as suface explorers.
0282 BD+34 1378 BD+34 1378 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons This terraformed outdoor world is the highlight of this star system.
0283 BD+40 2208 BD+40 2208 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons The unusual marine animals on this waterworld are a significant source for the system's traffic.
0284 BD+65 210 1001 BD+65 210 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons Tourism is growing in this system thanks to a number of different planets. It contains an outdoor world, with an additional terraforming candidate, as well as a suite of other terrestrial and gas giant planets.
0285 BD+69 530 411 BD+69 530 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons This terraforming candidate is popular with tourists in the region. There are also two other outdoor worlds in this system.
0286 BD+74 526 64879 BD+74 526 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons The unusual lifelorms found in the atmosphere of this gas giant, can also be found in another gas giant further out in the system. Life can also be found on the terrestrial water world forming a binary pair with this planet.
0287 BD-00 632 1569 BD-00 632 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons The bountiful nature of this system is clear from the five different planets supporting various forms of water based life. There's even a gas giant in the outer reaches with primitive ammonia based life.
0288 Beditjari 8 Beditjari Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons This binary system is a popular destination for travellers.
0289 Biamebitoto 903 Biamebitoto Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons Legends of infamous pirates attract many visitors to this star system.
0290 Binar 3313 Binar Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons Visitors flock to this system for the variety of terrestrial planets that can be explored. They include two terraforming candidates, but the outermost planet, with its icy rings, is considered a site of particular beauty.
0291 Brulenjan 231 Brulenjan Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons Many scientists come to research the ammonia based life found on this planet. Tourists seeking to see alien life (no matter how primitive) come here as well.
0292 Bunuson 1220 Bunuson Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons With two outdoor worlds this planet supports a great variety of life, making it popular with many visitors.
0293 Buzhang Ku Buzhang Ku Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons This system was said to contain a lost ship, supposedly drifting through space. Rumours of treasure have attracted hunters, even now.
0294 Caleta Caleta Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons This planetary binary is just one of the highlights for this system's tourism economy.
0295 Carverda 518 Carverda Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons Despite its size, this system has a remarkable range of terrestrial planets, almost half of which are capable of supporting water-based life.
0296 CD-31 1974 413465 CD-31 1974 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons This remote gas giant was believed to be the source of a mysterious radio signal during the 32rd century. Some still come to try and find the source.
0297 CD-33 8748 CD-33 8748 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons It's unusual for a system to contain just a single planet, especially for that lone planet to be a water world with known life forms.
0298 CD-39 4830 646 CD-39 4830 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons The stars in this multiple system provide some stunning sights from the terraformed outdoor world here.
0299 CD-52 557 CD-52 557 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons This unusual water world with an argon rich atmosphere supports some unique types of life, not only fascinating scientists, but adventure tourists as well.
0300 CD-58 4207 CD-58 4207 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons Three different worlds in this system support life in a different forms. Although unconfirmed, attention has been focused on this world after reports of signs of a new type of organism.
0301 CD-61 1439 1778 CD-61 1439 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons The companion star in this system contains three worlds capable of supporting life, but also some interesting high metal content worlds, such as this one.
0302 CD-75 661 9737 CD-75 661 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons This binary pair of ice planets occupies the outer regions of this system, and is a form favourite of those who enjoy a chilly climate.
0303 Ch'eng 3657 Ch'eng Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons This moon provides some awesome views of the gas giant it orbits. Traces of ammonia based life have been recorded in the upper atmosphere of this plant.
0304 Cheng Den 381 Cheng Den Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons This small collection of terrestrial planets orbit a close binary pair of suns. Incredibly, three of these planets support water based life.
0305 Chick Ek 95 Chick Ek Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons In this binary pair of planets there is one of two water worlds that can be found in this system. They are a popular destination for celestial tourists and scientists alike.
0306 Chul Chul Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons Ammonia worlds, such as this one, are a popular destination for alien life enthusiasts.
0307 CL Phoenicis CL Phoenicis Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons Although this system is already popular because of the water world in the inner system, it's the small gas giant in the outer regions that has received the most attention. There are tales of alien visitors on this planet, although no actual proof has even been reported.
0308 Clayakarma Clayakarma Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons This system is a popular destination because of its abundance of life supporting worlds - including two outdoor worlds and two waterworlds.
0309 Coelatuvean Coelatuvean Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons The water world orbiting this system's companion star makes it a favourite destination for many tourists.
0310 Cofan Cofan Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons There are a number of impressive sights to be enjoyed in this system. Among the most spectacular is this gas giant's ring system.
0311 Dassareti 2873 Dassareti Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons While the two ammonia worlds attract many visitors, the recent reports of unusual readings from the outermost ice planet has lured a certain type of traveller.
0312 Dimoco 528 Dimoco Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons The outdoor world and water water worlds are the common destination for tourists in this system, but the speculation of possible life under the ice caps on the third planet has generated interest recently.
0313 Djalibara 245 Djalibara Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons The sole outdoor world is the principal destination for visitors in this system. Its neighbouring water world is a terraforming candidate, so some future development is likely there.
0314 Djuhti Djuhti Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons This binary star system contains mostly icy worlds, however the single exception is a water world with some interesting water based life.
0315 Ejagham Ejagham Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons This binary icy moon orbiting the outermost gas giant in this star system is considered a romantic hotspot for lovers visiting the system.
0316 Colonia 1500 Jaques Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons Jaques is probably the most well known cyborg in history. After decades of running a bar he bought the space station and after fitting it for deep space travel, departed into the black. His most recent adventure saw him severely damaged and stranded in this far flung system. Commanders from all over the galaxy are now supporting efforts to bring humanity's light there.
0317 Exioce Exioce Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons Tourists flock to this system mainly because of the outdoor and water worlds, but also for the range of gas giants with some awesome views from their neighbouring moons.
0318 Flech Flech Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons This system enjoys a number of life bearing terrestrial worlds, including two outdoor worlds, a water world and two ammonia worlds.
0319 Fortuna Fortuna Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons This lava world makes for an awe inspiring sight for visitors looking for the more deadly planets on their travels.
0320 G 123-16 1028 G 123-16 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons Helium-rich gas giants are relatively rare in the galaxy, and this system contains four!
0321 G 203-47 1619 G 203-47 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons This binary pair of gas giants has raised a lot of interest in this star system.
0322 G 69-11 G 69-11 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons The famed explorer Talla Banquess lost her life while mapping this planet. Since then this planet has become a pilgrimage site for many following in her path.
0323 Gabraceni Gabraceni Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons [No Text]
0324 Gamma Leporis Gamma Leporis Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons A lone water world orbits the primary star in this binary system. Some say that this is a sign of its uniqueness, others are not so convinced.
0325 GCRV 3204 GCRV 3204 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons Travellers have long visited this system for the varied planets, and abundance of habitable planets.
0326 Gliese 105.2 Gliese 105.2 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons Binary planets are always a popular tourist destination, and this one contains a life bearing water world. It's one of two habitable planets in the system.
0327 Gliese 3002 1031 Gliese 3002 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons This rare binary pair of outdoor worlds are not the only attraction to this system - a water world is also present.
0328 Gliese 3258 Gliese 3258 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons The variety of life in this binary systen is its main attraction for tourists. There are two terraforming candidates, two water worlds, and a gas giant with ammonia based life in its upper atmosphere.
0329 Gliese 3299 Gliese 3299 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons The water world is the typical tourist destination for travellers to this compact, triple star system. Although both gas giants with their impressive ring systems are popular for sightseeing.
0330 Gliese 3371 45 Gliese 3371 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons The tourist economy in this system is driven by visitors to the outdoor world, although the neighbouring water world is also a popular destination.
0331 Gluscheimr Gluscheimr Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons When his system was first colonised, an attempt was made to terraform this planet with experimental technology. This attempt failed, although others were more successful using normal methods on two worlds in the system.
0332 Grabrigpa Grabrigpa Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons The view from this moon includes the spectacular mix of the rocky and icy rings of its parent gas giant.
0333 Gui Xian Gui Xian Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons The outdoor world is the prime reason that tourists visit the system.
0334 Guttors 39 Guttors Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons This baked planet shows some amazing views of the close binary in this trinary system.
0335 Gyvatices 9721 Gyvatices Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons With two life-bearing worlds, this is a popular destination for sightseers.
0336 Hajangai Hajangai Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons Although most visitors come to the system to visit the outdoor and water world, a few come in search of the mystery of the 'Rose Truffle'. The ship disappeared without trace during a honeymoon cruise over twenty years ago.
0337 Hariates Hariates Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons There's plenty for space tourists to see and do on this star system. Not everyone flocks to the inhabited worlds, some visit to see the final resting place of General Max Baxter, the hero who saved the system grom a pirate gang over a century ago.
0338 Haritanis 624 Haritanis Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons This system has been blessed with many worlds capable of supporting life. With such an abundance it's difficult to pick the best location to visit, but the Tourist Board recommends this binary pair.
0339 Hau Ku Hau Ku Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons The two water worlds are the biggest attraction for this system, but his planet is also visited a lot thanks to some unusual ruins found on its surface. They are estimated to be over a million years old!
0340 He Qiong He Qiong Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons This icy moon is the site for a local mystery. A miner was discovered dead on the surface, but the autopsy was unable to reveal why. The data recordings on her SRV revealed a burst of radiation, but without any reference to its source. The case remains unsolved to this day.
0341 HIP 10123 HIP 10123 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons The outdoor and water worlds in this system are a popular destination for space tourists - all eager to see life on a different world.
0342 HIP 10175 HIP 10175 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons This trinary system has a small cluster of terrestrial planets orbiting the close binary in the outer part of this system. This produces some amazing vistas from the outdoor world, and this planet, which is currently being terraformed.
0343 HIP 111755 HIP 111755 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons This icy moon is the traditional sight for lovers to propose within sight of the gas giant's glorious ring system. This tradition is still popular today.
0344 HIP 112002 1201 HIP 112002 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons Most visitors to this system head for outdoor or water worlds closer to the star, but some prefer to visit this lesser known planet. It's said that a wedding barge was lost when it attempted an aero-braking manoeuvre, with the loss of all onboard.
0345 HIP 11263 3996 HIP 11263 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons Of the four terrestrial planets orbiting the companion star in this binary system, this is the only planet not capable of supporting life.
0346 HIP 113100 HIP 113100 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons Most visitors head for the tourist traps on the outdoor world or the water world.
0347 HIP 11693 HIP 11693 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons This majestic ringed ice world orbits the barycentre of the binary system, affording some glorious views of the star.
0348 HIP 118311 1779 HIP 118311 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons The views from the icy moon of it's parent's mixed rocky and ice rings are one of the highlights for tourists in this star system.
0349 HIP 14619 HIP 14619 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons The high proportion of life bearing worlds, and those capable of supporting life, makes this a popular place to visit.
0350 HIP 16094 3125 HIP 16094 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons Traditionally, many a romantic cruise has visited this beautifully ringed ice planet. No one knows how or why the tradition started, but now it is accepted as the done thing.
0351 HIP 16365 961 HIP 16365 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons This binary pair of planets is actually the second binary pair in this system.
0352 HIP 22395 HIP 22395 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons The multiple life supporting planets in this system make this an ideal holiday destination.
0353 HIP 33287 330 HIP 33287 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons The populated outdoor world is a firm favourite with holidaymakers travelling to this system. The two terraforming candidates provide possible future destinations as well.
0354 HIP 35755 726 HIP 35755 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons This rocky moon provides great views of the gas giant it orbits, and the ring system. The gas giant is also a popular site for research into the organnisms living in its atmosphere.
0355 HIP 35803 HIP 35803 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons This binary pair of water worlds provides the bulk of tourist destinations for holidaymakers in this system.
0356 HIP 41181 1024 HIP 41181 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons From here you can see the first of two gas giants within the system that are known to harbor life in their atmospheres.
0357 HIP 41184 HIP 41184 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons The outdoor world and water world are the more gamous holiday destinations in this system. There is a growing passion for SRV racing on this planet's surface though.
0358 HIP 42455 HIP 42455 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons There are a number of interesting planets in this system, but his particular moon is considered a hidden gem. At the right time the view of the mixed rock and ice rings are simply stunning.
0359 HIP 44811 HIP 44811 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons Here is one of a precious few ammonia worlds that can be found within colonised space.
0360 HIP 493 HIP 493 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons This terraforming candidate in one of four planets capable of supporting life in this system, and all of them are binary planets, making for a rare combination.
0361 HIP 5623 HIP 5623 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons The bulk of all visitors for this system come to this outdoor world. It is famed for its extravagant beach resorts.
0362 HIP 6978 HIP 6978 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons The warm seas of this outdoor world make an ideal holiday destination.
0363 HIP 75762 1362 HIP 75762 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons A mysterious ship was once seen by an explorer near this planet. It hasn't been seen since, but many people still come to try and see if they can spot it.
0364 HIP 80243 254 HIP 80243 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons The bars on this outdoor world are famous for their infinite blend cocktails. Some have suggested that Onionhead is one of their secret ingridients.
0365 HIP 88617 357 HIP 88617 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons Visitors from all over colonised space flock to this praradise outdoor world to enjoy the fine weather, and plentiful resorts that it offers.
0366 HIP 90246 HIP 90246 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons Despite the rumours of sinister black ships operating near this moon, it remains a popular destination for travellers. To see the gas giant from this moon is considered lucky.
0367 Hofada 21226 Hofada Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons The terraformed outdoor world is the main cause for tourism in this system, but the outermost gas giant also has its fans.
0368 Hoji Hoji Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons Visitors to the system are encouraged to see this unusual terrestrial planet. It was once the site of a terraforming experiment that didn't work as planned and has left unusual patterns in the planet's weather system.
0369 HR 5156 HR 5156 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons The ringed planet isn't the main attraction for this system, but this is a recommended sight by the local tourism board.
0370 HR 5529 HR 5529 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons Water worlds are often a boon for a system's tourism economy, and some of the spectacular marine life on this world make it more attractive than most.
0371 HR 7221 4635 HR 7221 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons This rare ringed waterworld is a core contributor to this system's tourism.
0372 HR 7451 HR 7451 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons Visitors flock to this system because of the six planets it contains, that are capable of supporting life. The locals emphasise this by spreading entertainment across the different worlds.
0373 HR 7925 HR 7925 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons Many travellers visit this water world (also part of a binary pair) when visiting the system. The sailing holidays on the great ocean are particularly popular.
0374 HR 8472 HR 8472 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons With a quintary system like this you can expect some glorious stellar views - and that's exactly what you get.
0375 Huveang De Huveang De Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons Many visitors enjoy the true alien nature of the life that can be seen on this rare ammonia world.
0376 Ienpalang Ienpalang Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons Water sports are especially popular on this water world (the other is famed for more relaxing pursuits), although some come to just enjoy the cold!
0377 Ikpenones Ikpenones Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons A binary pair of terraformed outdoor worlds (and a water world as well) provides a strong base for this system's tourism.
0378 Ilya Nigh Ilya Nigh Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons Ammonia-worlds are always a popular destination, for scientists and tourists.
0379 Irandan Irandan Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons The alien nature of ammonia worlds has long drawn people to admire them. Around this world a whole tourist industry has formed because of it.
0380 Ither Ither Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons The unusual marine life on this water world has driven tourism in this system for many years. There is also an ammonia world for visitors to appreciate.
0381 Jambin Jambin Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons Ammonia worlds like this one are rare enough within colonised space that they provide a significant boot to any system's economy.
0382 Jardonnere 41 Jardonnere Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons Away from this system's star attraction of a trinary planet system which includes two water worlds, this icy world is a gem away from the hordes of typical sightseers.
0383 Juipedun 4898 Juipedun Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons This moderately large system contains a number of gems for visitors, but this out of the way icy moon is one of the least known.
0384 Jupanisage Jupanisage Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons Compared to the inner outdoor world and terraforming candidate, this doesn't seem like the obvious tourist trap, and that's what makes it a place to visit.
0385 Kambila Kambila Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons The myriad of life forms on this water world make it a favourite destination for many sightseers looking for alien life.
0386 Kelie Kelie Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons This trinary system offers a variety of terrestrial worlds to visit for the celestial sightseer. This icy moon is one of the lesser known sights available.
0387 Kholhou Kholhou Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons This remarkable system contains three terraforming candidates, as well as a waterworld. One world has already been terraformed and caters for a wide range of leisure ativities.
0388 Kikapu Kikapu Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons Admirers of marine life love this water world!
0389 Kokowar Kokowar Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons This outdoor world is partnered with a terraforming candidate in this binary system. It's a cool planet and caters for those liking a more alpine environment.
0390 Koyeris Koyeris Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons The specialist wildlife tours on this waterworld are one of many attractions that bring visitors to this system.
0391 K'uanele K'uanele Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons This binary planetary system hosts an outdoor world and a water world, Both are popular destinations for visitors and contribute heavily to the local economy.
0392 Ladabalbasa Ladabalbasa Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons This icy moon is a haunt for adeventurous lovers who declare their feelings under the shadow of the gas giant. The source of this behaviour is unknown - perhaps there is something in the water.
0393 Laklano Laklano Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons For those who like extreme winter sports, this moon is the place for you!
0394 Lalande 46867 Lalande 46867 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons This binary planetary system provides some interesting views, but generally only as a short stopping point before the inhabited worlds further out in the system.
0395 LFT 367 LFT 367 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons Winter sports are the favoured pastime on this cold outdoor world. Their facilities are amongst the highest rated in the galaxy!
0396 LFT 601 LFT 601 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons The varied selection of holiday activities on this outdoor world make it one of the busier destinations for visitors to this system.
0397 LHS 1944 LHS 1944 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons Although the two outdoor worlds are more famous for their sightseeing opportunities, there are a number who make the trek to this planet to remember Jacob Stantier - one of the famous aero-surfers who died when trying to surf a storm front during a local competition.
0398 LHS 199 LHS 199 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons This dwarf star is of a quaternary system that offers some spectacular views for space tourists.
0399 LHS 2265 LHS 2265 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons See the marine life, take part in exciting watersports, or just chill on a cruise on the trendy holiday waterworld.
0400 LHS 2405 LHS 2405 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons Visitors from all over the galaxy come to this varied gas giants. The view from this ice moon provides some glorious views of the gas giant's ring system.
0401 LHS 278 LHS 278 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons Ring systems are always a favourite with sightseers, and this system contains some fine examples. The view from this icy moon is one of the most popular.
0402 LHS 2813 LHS 2813 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons There is only the lone outdoor world in the quarternary system, and its unusual landscape provides many places for visitors to explore and amdire.
0403 LHS 3167 LHS 3167 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons This system is blessed with an abundance of outdoor worlds, which support a wide variety of climates and activites. This particular planet is famed for its beach resorts.
0404 LHS 3675 LHS 3675 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons A binary pair of outdor worlds provides a vast range of holiday opportunities. It is the unique life forms here that draw the most attention.
0405 LHS 3781 1002 LHS 3781 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons There are many treasures in this system for visitors to appreciate - one of them is this gas giant with its impressive ring system. Some of the best views are from this closely orbiting ice moon.
0406 LHS 3931 415 LHS 3931 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons Come and enjoy the sights in the deep oceans of this water world - the wildlife has to be seen to be believed!
0407 LHS 6050 LHS 6050 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons The three planets orbiting the innermost binary stars in this quintary system are all capable of supporting life. This rocky moon orbits on that has been terraformed, the others will likely be terraformed in the near future.
0408 Louguala Louguala Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons The outdoor world orbiting the primary star offers most of the usual holiday activities, but this lone hell world orbiting one of the companion stars is a firm favourite for extremophiles.
0409 LP 102-320 790 LP 102-320 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons \Nice worlds aren't always the most exciting places to visit, but this one does have some interesting features for those visitors desiring chillier climes.
0410 LP 131-66 LP 131-66 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons This lowly starport has developed a thriving tourist economy around one of the more accessible white dwarf stars in colonized space.
0411 LP 244-47 819 LP 244-47 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons The legend of the pirate lord calling herself the "Star Widow" attracts visitor to this moon. It is said that she buried her loot under the frozen wasteland. It has never been recovered.
0412 LP 499-54 LP 499-54 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons The inhabitants of this terraformed outdoor world invite visitors to enjoy a relaxing vacation at one of its many beauty spots.
0413 LP 542-33 LP 542-33 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons There's something glorious about seeing white dwarf stars up close, and this is a rare example of a binary pair of these dying stars.
0414 LP 581-36 LP 581-36 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons With an overwhelming choice of planetary gems to visit, most sightseers will miss this planet. Locals will tell you of a ghost ship 'The Traveller' which is said to appear in orbit every ten years.
0415 LP 825-559 LP 825-559 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons The locals describe this planet as a joy for the senses because of the seas of flowers that grow in all seasons.
0416 LTT 13904 143 LTT 13904 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons This moon orbiting a terraforming candidate provides some good views, but also a place to rest away from the bustle of inhabited worlds.
0417 LTT 4599 LTT 4599 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons Water worlds often attract wildlife tourists, and the deep ocean submersibles operating on this planet show tourists the strangest life forms in the galaxy.
0418 LTT 9164 LTT 9164 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons The lone planet in this system is a water world with some amazing views thanks to its two suns.
0419 Makum 386 Makum Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons Away from the hustle and bustle of the two inner habitable worlds, this planet offers something a liitle different to tourists seekings a real challenge. All manner of extreme sports are held on this world, and hazardous environment suits are required to take part!
0420 Malina Malina Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons The views of the icy rings from this moon's parent gas giant are one of the many spectacular views in this popular travel destination.
0421 Manissyet 3586 Manissyet Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons The planet marks the end of Josh Troulier's grand voyage. He was supposed to reach the outermost regions of the galaxy, but instead suffered the indignity of crashing on this planet.
0422 Marki 946 Marki Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons Hidden somewhere amongst the ice wastes of this moon is the cache of the infamous smuggler Laurie Cooper. Even though a local hotelier admitted it was a hoax, people keep coming here to find the non-existent treasure.
0423 Mayang Mayang Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons Sometimes it's nice to just admire the stars in their nuclear glory - and there are four to choose from in this system.
0424 Meenates Meenates Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons Wildlife tourism is popular at this waterworld. Its great seas contain an amazing variety of life to delight visitors.
0425 Miromi Miromi Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons Water worlds like this one, are always a popular destination for tourists. The cruise ships on these seas take visitors on a trek across the whole world, including the frozen ice caps.
0426 Miskai Miskai Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons The mysteries of alien life are apparent on ammonia worlds like this one, and that always attracts people hoping to look deeper into such life.
0427 Miwobogi 308 Miwobogi Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons This unusual water world with an ammonia atmosphere has evolved life that is very different from its competitors, and so attracts the more discerning wildlife tourists.
0428 Moanza Moanza Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons A local cult describes this unusually coloured gas giant as the dwelling place of the Great Spirit that protects them.
0429 Mokusa Mokusa Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons This binary planet is part of a pair of terraforming candidates. The strange variety of microorganisms on both worlds attracts a lot of interest.
0430 Mu Horologii Mu Horologii Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons This outdoor world prides itself on the range of experiences it provides to holidaymakers. All are welcome, as long as they have enoug credits!
0431 Mulayo Mulayo Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons To truly appreciate how alien life on an ammonia world can be, this system provides a range of experiences for visitors.
0432 Ndjabog Ndjabog Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons This small waterworld hasn't retained much heat from its evolution, and that has spawned some very interesting lifeforms. Make sure to wrap up warm when you visit!
0433 Neritus 7164 Neritus Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons Tourism is big business for this terraformed outdoor world. With so much competition it has really pushed to make its holiday experience something special.
0434 Nespel 600 Nespel Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons A pink planet is always a popular place to visit.
0435 Ngardinja Ngardinja Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons Visitors to this terraformed outdoor world can expect to relax in luxurious natural health spas and participate in a wide range of sports that they offer.
0436 Ngbatobii 68522 Ngbatobii Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons This system enjoys several planetary wonders for space tourists to visit, but perhaps the jewel in their crown is this ammonia world.
0437 Ngere Ngere Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons Orbiting this binary star system is this gas giant, known to harbour ammonia-basel lifeforms in its atmosphere. The blooms of the organisms appeal to many travellers.
0438 Ngun Ngun Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons The weird and wonderful life in the seas of this waterworld attracts visitors from all over the galaxy.
0439 Niju 126 Niju Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons Visit the ammonia-world to see real alien life. Thargoids not guaranteed!
0440 Njorovices Njorovices Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons This chilly water world harbours some fascinating lifeforms, which makes it a favourite for alien wildlife tourists.
0441 NLTT 21088 NLTT 21088 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons This binary planet system contains two waterworlds, both featuring a vast range of different life forms. The holiday facilities on this planet are slightly more advanced than the other as it doesn't enjoy the protected status, allowing the visitors to interact with the local wildlife.
0442 NLTT 46621 NLTT 46621 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons This hot world has long lost its atmosphere from the constant battering of the stellar wind.
0443 NLTT 6667 117 NLTT 6667 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons A handsome waterworld attracts many visitors to this system with its exotic life forms and highly rated pleasure cruises.
0444 Nortes 3679 Nortes Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons In the outer regions of this system, far away from the tourist traps of the inner planets, is an ice moon. This moon is known as the Lovers' Moon, and it is said to be lucky to propose while visiting here.
0445 Nu-1 Columbae Nu-1 Columbae Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons This exotic looking planet greets visitors t othis system before they travel onto the nearby inhabited worlds.
0446 Obambivas Obambivas Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons Journey to this terraformed outdoor world for the holiday of a lifetime! All tastes catered for, and the only limits are your imagination and the credits in your wallet.
0447 Oppidavasti 106 Oppidavasti Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons Visitors to this system enjoy the pair of waterworlds, each with very different ecologies, making them both fascinating destinations for those who enjoy seeing alien life close up.
0448 Pachanwen 14070 Pachanwen Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons While in the process of being terraformed, this planet makes a very different type of holiday. The changing climate is one feature many express surprise at.
0449 Pangluya 1984 Pangluya Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons This world forms a third of a rare trinary planet system.
0450 Phekda Phekda Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons This planet is considered by some as a good place to escape the busier parts of the system, and tourists are starting to do the same.
0451 Phracani Phracani Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons This planet is famed for its outdoor pursuits.
0452 Pictavul Pictavul Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons If you love the cold then this world might just be the holiday destination for you.
0453 Popontia Popontia Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons The resorts on this planet accomodate some 'unusual' tastes, and the locals are happy to keep your secrets.
0454 Procyon Procyon Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons With four outdoor worlds, and a huge variety of resorts and facilities, there truly is something here for everyone!
0455 Punuri Punuri Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons Visit one of the rare ammonia worlds here, and see life in a different light.
0456 Qetesh Qetesh Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons This cold waterworld contains some very odd organisms, so much so that it is a popular destination for alien life watchers.
0457 Quince Quince Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons Binary planets are always fun places to visit, such as in this case, before you head on to the outdoor world to sample the delights there.
0458 Rhea Rhea Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons There are many delights to be experienced in this famed holiday world.
0459 Ross 151 Ross 151 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons A water world teeming with aquatic life encourages many visitors to this system.
0460 Ross 467 Ross 467 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons This beautiful ringed outdoor world is a popular honeymoon destination.
0461 Sali'naman 318 Sali'naman Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons Local legend tells of a stash from a local pirate gang on this world. Many people have searched for it, but none have found it. Most sensible travellers claim that it doesn't exist.
0462 Sesuyar Sesuyar Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons This lone waterworld enjoys sunsets with two suns, a stunning sight across its vast oceans.
0463 Shanhauls Shanhauls Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons A strange world that the locals claim is the home of an alien life form. No science teams have managed to record its existence yet.
0464 Siksikas Siksikas Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons The aquatic life on this waterworld attracts many visitors to the system. Their beautifully crafted sailing ships for the water safaris are spectacular in their own right.
0465 Smethells 173 83 Smethells 173 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons This planet is just one of two waterworlds in this system. This planet enjoys a more developed ecosystem, and so attracts more tourists.
0466 Sotuki 872 Sotuki Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons Most visitors to the system head straight for the outdoor world, or the waterworld, and indeed they are more tourist friendly. Those seeking something a little different, maybe even a little dangerous, come here.
0467 StKM 1-1341 STKM 1-1341 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons Visitors to this waterworld can enjoy the luxurious cruises, or the more exciting deep canyon tours to see some extreme alien life.
0468 Sugrivik Sugrivic Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons Fans of cold climates love this water world, and its delightful menagerie of life.
0469 Synteini Synteini Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons This extremely hot world provides a nice contrast to the neighbouring outdoor world that most visitors go to.
0470 Tauni Tauni Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons This water world is part of a binary pair, and draws as many visitors to the system as the outdoor world present.
0471 Tchernobog 1728 Tchernobog Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons The ice caps on this planet are most impressive.
0472 Temba 856 Temba Tourist Information Visitor Beacons Many commanders visit this location for the way in which the ground seems to 'frame' the stunning view of Temba 3.
0473 Thraskias Thraskias Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons Many visitors come to see the strange life on this ammonia world. Warning! Strict measures are in place to prevent contamination.
0474 Tocorii Tocorii Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons Visitors to this system rarely see this planet with all the other treasures it has on offer. The locals don't mind that too much though!
0475 Tpheirset Tpheirset Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons This world of extreme heat is the welcoming commitee for visitors to this system on their way to the populated worlds further out from the star.
0476 Tphen Slata Tphen Slata Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons This binary pair of planets is part of the sightseeing tour that is popular around this system.
0477 Tsu 106 Tsu Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons Forming part of a rare trinary planet system, this water world is one of two in this star system. As the warmer of the two, and with an argon atmosphere, it has evolved some peculiar forms of life.
0478 Tujing Tujing Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons This site is an infamous tourist spot for those with more ghoulish temperaments - only three years ago a cruise liner was lost with complete loss of life to what was believed to be a pirate attack.
0479 Tupa Tupa Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons This waterworld orbits around the barycentre of a close binary pair of stars, that are part of a quarternary star system. The sky views from the cruise ships of this planet are simply magnificent.
0480 Upsilon Phoenicis 436 Upsilon Phoenicis Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons A wedding barge was tragically lost while travelling to the ceremony, and it has become tradition for visitors to pay their respects while passing through the system.
0481 V492 Lyrae V492 Lyrae Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons This lone water world in this quaternary star system is a popular destination for holidaymakers.
0482 V711 Tauri V711 Tauri Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons There are many fun destinations in this system for travellers to visit. One of the most popular is this waterworld, with its top class sea cruises and diving adventures.
0483 Vamm Vamm Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons A binary pair of water worlds is a rare treasure, and these have boosted the system's tourism economy. Part of that success is driven by the locals highlighting the differences between both worlds, and so compelling tourists to visit both.
0484 Velnambang Velnambang Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons This planet's claim to fame is that is was the site of an illegal racing group. They were disbanded after most were arrested by local security forces, but die hard fans still visit the site, although they no longer race here.
0485 Velnambe Velnambe Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons This outdoor world has everything for visiting tourists. Top class hotels cater for the very rich, but even the low cost holiday camps are noted for their quantity. Big game safaris are also popular here because of the local mega fauna.
0486 Vish Vish Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons The life found on this waterworld attracts many visitors interested in exploring life's diversity.
0487 Vishtha Vishtha Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons Even though this isn't an inviting world for humans, the marine life attracts many wildlife tourists.
0488 Vistaenis Vistaenis Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons All manner of diversions can be found on this terraformed outdoor world. The locals are very welcoming to visitors, so much so that you might not want to leave!
0489 VVO 19 VVO 19 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons This little known planet receives a lot of visitors, which is strange considering the more obvious attractions elsewhere in the system.
0490 Wabayo Wabayo Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons This is the site of the terrible crash of 3301 when twelve competitors collided while racing aournd the star system. A memorial is now held every year.
0491 Wat Yu 142 Wat Yu Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons The deep canyons of the oceans on this water world exhibit some of the strangest marine creatures ever discovered.
0492 Wolf 1438 Wolf 1438 Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons The tourism economy in this system relies upon this waterworld and the activities it supports.
0493 Wolf 497 Wolf 497 Visitor Beacon Center Visitor Beacons This binary pair of water worlds contributes a great deal to the tourist economy of this star system.
0494 Wulgaedia Wulgaedia Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons This ice moon is said to be the resting place of Demi Hawkins, a famous pioneer from the 30th Century who disappeared while exploring this system.
0495 Xbalamana Xbalamana Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons This world is in the process of being terraformed, and such worlds are a magnet for certain holidaymakers who love to see such planet-scale engineering in progress.
0496 Xuanebuth Xuanebuth Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons This chilly waterworld hosts both water and winter sports competitions that attract visitors from all over the galaxy.
0497 Yaque 450 Yaque Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons This outdoor world and its diverse range of resorts and places for holidaymakers to relas is a big draw for visitors to this system.
0498 Zenus Zenus Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons Local legend has it that a Thargoid ship crashed on this planet. The body is displayed in a museum on the populated world. Experts agree that is actually a mutand creature from a nearby waterworld.
0499 Zvoruna 42 Zvoruna Visitor Beacon Visitor Beacons This balmy terraformed world appeals to travellers for its no nonsense approach to catering for their desires. If you can afford it, then you can do it.
0500 Suijin Octavia Quinton's Derelict Asteroid Base Elite History A ruined base left over from events in 3300. The base was rumoured to be a stronghold of notorious pirate lord Octavia Quinton, who was killed in mid 3300 when she became involved in the Reclamation of the Prism system. Today it is a ruin and visitors are warned no to venture within. Rumours abound that it is heavily booby-trapped.
0501 Eafots BP-I d9-35 Children of Raxxla Staging Post Elite History In mid-3302 the Children of Raxxla set up an outpost near the Heart and Soul Nebula in order to support investigations into a mysterious area of space known as the 'Formidine Rift'.
0502 VESPER-M4 Slough Orbital - The Cheese Wheel Bar Elite History Morbid true-crime tourists will enjoy the dark and moody ambiance of this bar and fine-cheese dispensary, the scene of the most grisly murder to happen in the system in living memory. The owner was found dead, his head sawed in two by one of his own cheese slicers. No proof of who, or what, committed the crime was ever discovered. The murderer remains at large. / The murder was first reported in the Slough Observer by rookie reporter, Jack Nova.
0503 Prism Battle of Chione Elite History In 3300 a major conflict between Federal and Imperial forces took place in the Prism system, above the Chione moon. The conflict was precipitated by the exiled Senator of Prism, Lady Kahina Tijani Loren, partly in response to the Chione 'Reclamation', a rebellion, which took place on the moon below. The Prism system was restored to Imperial jurisdiction as a direct result of the battle.
0504 Brohman Remains of Imbrium City Elite History Here is the site of what was once Imbrium City, now a mass grave which marks the bombing of Villist.
0505 Brohman Battle of Villist Elite History The Battle of Villist took place in orbit around the planet, and was really a series of smaller battles. Many pilots lost their lives in the engagements.
0506 Rohini 496 Rohini User Submitted This Earth-like world was discovered by the Chapterhouse of Inquisition's Long Range Aid Convoy mission to Jaques Station in August 3302. It has been earmarked for future investigation by the group's xenobiologists, and if settled could one day act as a way-point base facilitating transit to and from the Colonia Nebula. Rohini in Hindu mythology is one of the children of the goddess Kamadhenu (the Empire system of Kamadhenu is home to the Chapterhouse of Inquisition). / This location was suggested by Commander Edgar Starwalker.
0507 Artemis Freeholm Victory Elite History In 3301 Freeholm successfully defeated an invasion from the planet Laphria's forces.
0508 Soontill Secret Base Elite History This is rumoured to be the site of the CIEP base. Some stories claim a combined Human-Thargoid project took place here.
0509 38 Lyncis 3789 Ringed Sapphire User Submitted The heavenly sight of a rare ringed Earth-like planet.
0510 Gandharvi 15824 Gandharvi User Submitted Commander Edgar Starwalker suggested visiting this Earth-like world discovered during the Chapterhouse's August 3302 Repair mission to Jaques. The group hopes that this world and system could one day play host to a stepping stone base towards Colonia, as well as a staging ground for wider Imperial exploration efforts of this region of the Sctutum-Crux Arm. Gandharvi is another of the children of Kamadhenu in Hindu mythology.
0511 Kashyapa 61 Kashyapa User Submitted Commander Edgar Starwalker recommends this spectacular Ringed Earth-like world with exactly 1G. When this spectacle was discovered by the Chapterhouse Mission to Jaques and news broke back on Kamadhenu, a local sect of sadhus interpreted this as fulfilment of a prophecy. They saw the ringed ELW as "Kashyapa" - the legendary consort of Mother Kamadhenu, a fabled paradise - and are now fixated on one day establishing a religious retreat in this system. In parallel to this the Chapterhouse themselves hope this place will one day act as a gateway to the new frontier of the Colonia Nebula for settlers and freight.
0512 Sol 2069476 Voyager Elite History The Voyager probes were the first man-made objects to leave the Solar System. They were launched from ancient Earth in 1977.
0513 Cartoi 2337 Treaty of Cartoi User Submitted Commander Lance 'Spacecat' D. invites you to visit Cartoi! In the weeks following Emperor Hengist's passing in mid 3301 the backroom politics of the Empire turned vitriolic. In particular the reace for the throne caused conflicts to erupt between followers of Arissa Lavigny-Duval and those of Aisling Duval. Cartoi was a system heavily disputed during that period, and was also where diplomacy won the day: The Treaty of Cartoi averted civil war and laid the groundwork for greater cooperation between Imperial powers in the months that followed.
0514 Praea Euq RD-R d5-9 1 Neutron Bloom User Submitted Commander Kittyhawke considers the glorious sight of a neutron star one of the galaxy's greatest treasures.
0515 Froarsts MY-R e4-75 3978 Amazing Sky User Submitted Commander Kronek recommends this view as one of the most beautiful in the sky of any world.
0516 BD+30 623 158 Little Blue User Submitted Commander TyDale considers this their favourite little one system nebula.
0517 Ceeckia XL-J d10-2 1270 Ringed Water World User Submitted
0518 Smojue PY-I d9-4 Warm Colours User Submitted Commander Chroot admires the colour palette of oranges, reds and browns on this planet.
0519 Firdaus 7324 Storm Cloud User Submitted Commander Chroot reports that the view of the gas giant's storm clouds is quite the sight for lovers of space tourism.
0520 HR 4062 253 Driver's Paradise User Submitted Commander Grimelinho was quite taken by this location. / After doing your business at the refinery facilities, why not take a few hours off before boarding your space ship again? / Drop into your SRV at our starport built right at the edge of a chasm. Prove your driving skills by descending down the steep, rought and dark slope into the valley. Once there, reward yourself by going full throttle and enjoy the geology this planet seems to have created just for you. Move up the gentle slope on the other side, take a few breaks here and there, and let the view sink into your soul. / After recalling your ship and returning to the base, our spa services will be more than happy to prep your ship before you leave.
0521 Yalura 55 The Colosseum User Submitted Commander Astirian highlights this location for space travellers. It has a great view of its rings, star and super-massive crater. For hundreds of years combat has taken place here to resolve blood-feuds within the ruling families of the Yalura system. The 1.21g gravity ensures fast and brutal combat. Only the toughest survive.
0522 Eorgh Prou BA-A g1432 138 The Evil Eye User Submitted Commander Evoflash states that the entry point in this system places the black hole perfectly in the centre of nearby nebula. He also says that it looks like an 'evil eye'.
0523 TrA X-1 1 Triple Black User Submitted This marvellous system is a triplet of Black Holes. The most daring of commanders venture here and supercruise between them, making sure not to fall victim to their respective Schwarzchild radii.
0523o TrA X-1 100 The Great Annihilator User Submitted This is the largest known black hole in the galaxy (not including the supermassive Sagittarius A* at the core).
0524 Aapelinja 119 Aquatic Safari User Submitted Commander Nazdakka invites you to this system. / For a long time Aapelinja was a quiet backwater system on the frontier of human space. That was until intrepid scouts visited the seas of the system's water world, Aapelinja 2, where they discovered that the planet was home to some of the galaxy's most astounding aquatic megafauna. Subsequently this system has developed a thriving aquatic safari industry to satisfy the demands of tourists desperate for a chance to see these magnificent beasts in their natural, unaltered habitat before the effects of terraforming kick in.
0525 Exphiay 861 Discover Discovery User Submitted Commander Aaron Wineberg has this to say about this tourist destination: "Do you want to visit a luxurious, pristine world away from the fuss of the bubble? If so, Exphiay's Discovery planet is for you. Relax by the blue waters, or hike on the snowy mountains. Anything is possible on Discovery. Also, you'll never hear anything about the superpowers there. Over 300ly from Sol, it is an amazing destination."
0526 Eol Prou JM-W f1-751 Grey Sector User Submitted Commander Rhyis Greywing invites you to imagine a system almost utterly devoid of light and warmth, lit only by the light from stars far, far away. That's the "Grey Sector". It is a system with no stars; all the celestial bodies orbit a black hole. There are a few gas giants, all of which are a deep purple colour, and one of which has dark, pitch-black rings surrounding it. The planets are desolate but support surface exploration, and the sensation of being on one can fill peoples' souls with so much bleakness and dread that they'll wonder why such a place even exists.
0527 IC 289 Sector DL-Y d17 86 Nebula Sight User Submitted Commander Erik Marcaigh extols that this is the closest system to get a great view of the planetary nebula emanating from NSV 1056. The nebula's teal and burnt orange colours are beautiful against the black universe all by itself.
0528 Pyramio GO-K c24-8 Cerberus User Submitted Commander Imperator offers this dramatic system as a standout tourist destination. "Cerberus! This five-star jewel of Pyramio sector, conveniently located between the human bubble and the core, features that rarest of rarities; an Earth-like world orbiting no less than three stars! Just be careful on the way in, that contact binary can make for a pretty warm reception..."
0529 S171 34 500 Cupid's Arrow User Submitted Commander Ray Mobula says this about this tourist destination: "S171 34, better known as the gate to the beautiful NGC 7822 Nebula, is a famous system among lovers and the premier place to spend a honeymoon. Why? The beautiful NGC 7822 Nebula is pierced by a line of O-stars - therefore it has been compared to Cupid's arrow piercing a heart. Approaching this nebula is an experience in its own, with each jump the bright band of O-stars becomes clearer and clearer as well as the Nebula unfolds its colourful beauty. Once arrived, this area is filled with black holes and vibrant stars. On top of this, a cruise to S171-34 provides the unique opportunity to take a stop in the Maia system and visit one of the nearby Barnacles."
0530 Struve's Lost Sector NN-T c3-1 541 Movement of Four User Submitted Commander SpecialCircumstances claims that the majestic motion of the four close stars is hypnotic and captivating. / Rumour has it that the soothing motion of the stars is good for those of a nervous disposition, however, we should warn all potential passengers that arrival into the system may at times pose some risks.
0531 Blua Hypue QI-Z d1-4516 2360 The Holy Twins User Submitted From Commander Evoflsh: "Huge magnetic fields protect both of these tourist attractions (so called "Evo" and "Flash") from the otherwise lethal radiation emitted by the nearby Neutron Star. Both planets exhibit stunning vistas with beautiful sky shots of their sister planet. Relax and enjoy silky indigenous wines on Evo, and maybe hop over to Flash for the breathtaking water rapids that stretch for miles and miles. Indulge the locals in their fantastical tales of mythology and intrigue about the history of the two planets or simply take that once in a lifetime picture."
0532 Ogairy FG-Y g2279 1324 The Celestial Snowman User Submitted Commander Solracm loves the simplicity of this celestial snowman - you need to be at the right angle to see it!
0533 HD 1740 1203 Double Blue Mountain User Submitted Commander Whitezephyr admired the view of the blue gas giant from this mountain.
0534 Xeehaei BE-E d13-7 4 Sky Motion User Submitted Commander Hrdina says that this tiny world orbits less than 2 LS from a White Dwarf. Its rotation period is so short that you can watch the sun move at dawn and dusk, and see the terminator cross the ground beneath you.
0535 Greae Phio DL-Y e9 4024 Huge Ring User Submitted Commander Zenith Ddraiglas states that nestling deep within the Greae Phio Stellar Forge, this is truly one of the unique sights in the galaxy. A ring system so wide that you could fit 44 Sols in a row across its diameter and it would still have a quarter of a million kilometres of ring on either side!
0536 Aurgel Up Close Dwarf User Submitted Commander Thund3rnuns admires the view of the Brown Dwarf star from its neighbouring planet.
0537 Alpha Centauri 6784032 For The Mug! User Submitted Many commanders see it as a right of passage to visit Hutton Orbital. Make sure to buy a souvenir mug while you're there!
0538 Vak Blue Jewel User Submitted Commander Astirian calls this his blue jewel of Vak.
0539 Guanangu 1229 Paired Moons User Submitted Commander Astirian loves the sight of this pair of striking moons orbiting each other.
0540 Bloder My Clementine User Submitted According to Commander Astirian this planet looks like a moulty clementine!
0541 Wregoe TV-L c24-0 4 Sol's True North Star User Submitted According to Commander Virgil Kyle, this tiny system, which lies far 'north' of the human-inhabited galactic 'bubble' would be of little note to anyone (save the odd wildcatting space miner) were it not for its remarkable location. WREGOE TV-L C24-0 lies over 1,200 light-years due 'north' of Sol's vertical position in the galactic plane, yet less than a light year from Sol's position otherwise. It is these unique coordinates that led its discoverer to call the tiny M-class dwarf 'Sol's True North Star,' as Polaris is located directly north of Sol only when viewed from Earth's northern pole. Visitors to this system are guaranteed a spectacular view of the Milky Way Galaxy, a view only made more poignant by the system's special connection with Humanity's birthplace.
0542 Osira 1143 Hottest Terraformed World User Submitted From Commander Virgil Kyle, this system is located on the outskirts of the human-inhabited galactic 'bubble'. The Osira system is most notable for hosting the hottest terraformed planet in human space. Osira A 3, which lies far closer to its hot, A-class parent star many observers feel is prudent for human habitation, also has a co-orbiting neighbor which was once slated for terraforming as well. The company responsible for terraforming the third planet allegedly sold investors on the project claiming the planet would purposely be kept dry and arid, using the now-infamous tagline 'It's not the heat, it's the humidity!' Records show the terraforming company went bankrupt shortly after the planet's colonization. Osira A 3's climate has been charitably described by non-residents as an 'acquired taste', and plans to terraform its sister world are said to be on an indefinite hold.
0543 BD+65 210 1001 BD+65 210 7 A Ice Geysers Volcanism Icy geysers (also known as cryogeysers) will generally have little liquid components, but instead be composed of volatiles with dust and ice.
0544 G 203-47 1607 G 203-47 6 A Ice Geyser Volcanism Icy geysers (also known as cryogeysers) will generally have little liquid components, but instead be composed of volatiles with dust and ice.
0545 Buzhang Ku Buzhang Ku 5 A Ice Geysers Volcanism Icy geysers (also known as cryogeysers) will generally have little liquid components, but instead be composed of volatiles with dust and ice.
0546 Buzhang Ku 865 Buzhang Ku 4 A Ice Geysers Volcanism Icy geysers (also known as cryogeysers) will generally have little liquid components, but instead be composed of volatiles with dust and ice.
0547 Beta Hydri 2102 Beta Hydri 7 C Gas Vents Volcanism Sometimes a build up of gases will reach a pressure sufficient to burst through a planet's crust, and so creating a gas vent.
0548 Fortuna 5985 Fortuna AB 1 A Ice Geyser Volcanism Icy planets and moons can have geological activity like geysers.
0549 Fortuna 5985 Fortuna AB 1 B Ice Geyser Volcanism Icy planets and moons can have geological activity like geysers.
0550 Guttors 2428 Guttors ABC 2 A Ice Geyser Volcanism Icy planets and moons can have geological activity like geysers.
0551 G 123-16 1027 G 123-16 7 B Ice Geyser Volcanism The composition of icy geysers is driven by the internal make-up of the planet.
0552 Gliese 3258 Gliese 3258 B 5 A Ice Geyser Volcanism The composition of icy geysers is driven by the internal make-up of the planet.
0553 HIP 41181 1024 HIP 41181 A 1 A Lava Spouts Volcanism Lava spouts are weakened areas of surface where molten material percolates in the same region, generating warmth and emitting vapour and gases.
0554 HIP 111755 11 HIP 111755 A 2 Gas Vents Volcanism Gas vents are similar to fumaroles, but only expel gases.
0555 Dassareti 1534 Dassareti 3 B Ice Geyser Volcanism The composition of icy geysers is driven by the internal make-up of the planet.
0556 G 203-47 1602 G 203-47 6 B Ice Geyser Volcanism Ice geysers can be caused by external heating (such as from a star), as well as by increases in internal pressure.
0557 BD+65 210 BD+65 210 7 B Ice Geysers Volcanism Ice geysers can be caused by external heating (such as from a star), as well as by increases in internal pressure.
0558 Gliese 3299 Gliese 3299 c 3 B Ice Geyser Volcanism Ice geysers can be caused by external heating (such as from a star), as well as by increases in internal pressure.
0559 G 123-16 1028 G 123-16 7 C Ice Geyser Volcanism Some icy geysers are powerful enough to create rings, such as Saturn's E ring in the Sol system.
0560 Banki 1750 Banki A 3 A Ice Geysers Volcanism Some icy geysers are powerful enough to create rings, such as Saturn's E ring in the Sol system.
0561 Buzhang Ku Buzhang Ku 3 A Ice Geysers Volcanism Some icy geysers are powerful enough to create rings, such as Saturn's E ring in the Sol system.
0562 G 203-47 2318 G 203-47 9 A Ice Geyser Volcanism Icy planets and moons can have geological activity like geysers.
0563 Ch'eng 3659 Ch'eng 6 C Ice Geyser Volcanism Icy planets and moons can have geological activity like geysers.
0564 61 Cygni 61 Cygni A 1 Rock Fumarole Volcanism Fumaroles are gaps in a planet's crust where gases and steam are emitted. They will often have accumulations from ejected material forming growths out of the ground.
0565 Cofan Cofan 5 B Ice Geyser Volcanism Icy geysers (also known as cryogeysers) will generally have little liquid components, but instead be composed of volatiles with dust and ice.
0566 HIP 111755 11 HIP 111755 A 1 Rock Fumarole Volcanism Fumaroles are gaps in a planet's crust where gases and steam are emitted. They will often have accumulations from ejected material forming growths out of the ground.
0567 Ch'eng 3659 Ch'eng 6 B Ice Geyser Volcanism Icy geysers (also known as cryogeysers) will generally have little liquid components, but instead be composed of volatiles with dust and ice.
0568 CD-58 4207 2627 CD-58 4207 6 A Ice Lava Volcanism Icy worlds can have geologies similar to rocky planets, but with different materials like water.
0569 CD-58 4207 2627 CD-58 4207 6 A Ice Fumarole Volcanism Icy geysers (also known as cryogeysers) will generally have little liquid components, but instead be composed of volatiles with dust and ice.
0570 Sol 21441 Actaea Ice Fumarole Volcanism A fumarole forms in weaker spots of the planet's icy crust to allow pressure release for liquid or gaseous material to escape.
0571 Sol 2567 Europa Ice Geyser Volcanism Icy geysers (also known as cryogeysers) will generally have little liquid components, but instead be composed of volatiles with dust and ice.
0572 He Qiong He Qiong 6 A Ice Geyser Volcanism The composition of icy geysers is driven by the internal make-up of the planet.
0573 Buzhang Ku Buzhang Ku 3 B Ice Geysers Volcanism The composition of icy geysers is driven by the internal make-up of the planet.
0574 Banki 1750 Banki A 3 B Ice Geysers Volcanism The composition of icy geysers is driven by the internal make-up of the planet.
0575 CD-58 4207 2627 CD-58 4207 6 B Gas Vents Volcanism The surface of a planet can be weakened through external forces like stellar wind, or tidal pressures from the orbits of nearby massive bodies.
0576 HIP 35755 HIP 35755 7 A Lava Spouts Volcanism Materials from the world's interior can sometimes spawn useful materials. Geological features will tend to provide some of the rarer materials.
0577 HIP 35755 HIP 35755 6 C Ice Fumarole Volcanism Icy worlds can have geologies similar to rocky planets, but with different materials like water.
0578 Beditjari 881 Beditjari A 4 C Ice Geysers Volcanism The composition of icy geysers is driven by the internal make-up of the planet.
0579 Beditjari 881 Beditjari A 4 B Ice Geysers Volcanism Ice geysers can be caused by external heating (such as from a star), as well as by increases in internal pressure.
0580 Exioce 294 Boston's Wreck Gas Vents Volcanism The planet's composition will determine what gases can be vented.
0581 Exioce 294 Boston's Wreck Lava Spouts Volcanism The term "lava" covers a range of molten materials which will vary according to the composition, and the circumstances of the planet.
0582 HIP 42455 HIP 42455 B 2 A Ice Geyser Volcanism Ice geysers can be caused by external heating (such as from a star), as well as by increases in internal pressure.
0583 Exioce 1629 Exioce 4 A A Rock Fumarole Volcanism The ejecta from a fumarole will vary depending on the composition of the planet's interior, and how active it is.
0584 BD+74 526 65698 BD+74 526 B 3 A Ice Geysers Volcanism Ice geysers can be caused by external heating (such as from a star), as well as by increases in internal pressure.
0585 BD+74 526 65698 BD+74 526 B 3 C Ice Geysers Volcanism Ice geysers can be caused by external heating (such as from a star), as well as by increases in internal pressure.
0586 Nortes 848 Nortes 2 C Rock Fumarole Volcanism The geological activity rating of a planet will indicate how likely features like fumaroles are to be found on its surface.
0587 Tujing Tujing 7 F Ice Geysers Volcanism Some icy geysers are powerful enough to create rings, such as Saturn's E ring in the Sol system.
0588 Jardonnere 870 Jardonnere 6 B Ice Geysers Volcanism Some icy geysers are powerful enough to create rings, such as Saturn's E ring in the Sol system.
0589 LP 244-47 1107 LP 244-47 5 A Ice Geysers Volcanism Some icy geysers are powerful enough to create rings, such as Saturn's E ring in the Sol system.
0590 Juipedun Juipedun A 1 Rock Fumarole Volcanism The colour of the ejecta indicates the types of materials that can be found at fumarole sites.
0591 Vamm 24316 Vamm B 2 A Ice Geysers Volcanism Some icy geysers are powerful enough to create rings, such as Saturn's E ring in the Sol system.
0592 LHS 2405 684 LHS 2405 B 7 A Ice Geysers Volcanism Icy planets and moons can have geological activity like geysers.
0593 Tujing Tujing 8 A Ice Geysers Volcanism Icy planets and moons can have geological activity like geysers.
0594 Vamm 21306 Vamm B 3 A Ice Geysers Volcanism Icy planets and moons can have geological activity like geysers.
0595 Upsilon Phoenicis 342 Upsilon Phoenicis 1 Lava Spouts Volcanism The stability of lava spouts makes them good sources of geothermal energy.
0596 Malina 1254 Malina AB 5 A Ice Geysers Volcanism Icy planets and moons can have geological activity like geysers.
0597 Tphen Slata 395876 Tphen Slata C 7 A Ice Geysers Volcanism Icy geysers (also known as cryogeysers) will generally have little liquid components, but instead be composed of volatiles with dust and ice.
0598 Malina 1256 Malina AB 5 B Ice Geysers Volcanism Icy geysers (also known as cryogeysers) will generally have little liquid components, but instead be composed of volatiles with dust and ice.
0599 LTT 13904 1739 LTT 13904 B 1 A Gas Vents Volcanism Gas vents tend to have less ejecta build up than fumaroles.
0600 LTT 13904 1739 LTT 13904 B 1 A Rock Fumarole Volcanism Not all fumaroles are active at any given time, the changes in conditions beneath the surface will affect the likelihood of emissions differently.
0601 Tphen Slata 393865 Tphen Slata C 8 A Ice Geysers Volcanism Icy geysers (also known as cryogeysers) will generally have little liquid components, but instead be composed of volatiles with dust and ice.
0602 Tujing Tujing 2 A Gas Vents Volcanism Gas vents tend to have less ejecta build up than fumaroles.
0603 LTT 4599 LTT 4599 6 A Ice Geysers Volcanism Icy geysers (also known as cryogeysers) will generally have little liquid components, but instead be composed of volatiles with dust and ice.
0604 Marki 520 Marki 8 A Ice Geysers Volcanism The composition of icy geysers is driven by the internal make-up of the planet.
0605 LHS 278 LHS 278 7 A Ice Geysers Volcanism The composition of icy geysers is driven by the internal make-up of the planet.
0606 Ngere 3653 Ngere AB 1 B Ice Geysers Volcanism The composition of icy geysers is driven by the internal make-up of the planet.
0607 Achenar 1261 Achenar 2 Rock Fumarole Volcanism Fumaroles are gaps in a planet's crust where gases and steam are emitted. They will often have accumulations from ejected material forming growths out of the ground.
0608 Tphen Slata 395873 Tphen Slata C 7 E Ice Geysers Volcanism Ice geysers can be caused by external heating (such as from a star), as well as by increases in internal pressure.
0609 Tocorii 1211 Tocorii 9 C Ice Geysers Volcanism Ice geysers can be caused by external heating (such as from a star), as well as by increases in internal pressure.
0610 LP 499-54 974 LP 499-54 7 E Ice Geysers Volcanism Ice geysers can be caused by external heating (such as from a star), as well as by increases in internal pressure.
0611 Nortes 848 Nortes 2 D Lava Spouts Volcanism Lava spouts tend to be more regular with their activity, with a constant bubbling, rather than sporadic eruptions.
0612 Ngere 3653 Ngere AB 1 A Ice Geysers Volcanism Some icy geysers are powerful enough to create rings, such as Saturn's E ring in the Sol system.
0613 LP 102-320 10 LP 102-320 1 Rock Fumarole Volcanism The ejecta from a fumarole will vary depending on the composition of the planet's interior, and how active it is.
0614 HR 7221 HR 7221 3 Lava Spouts Volcanism Lava spouts are weakened areas of surface where molten material percolates in the same region, generating warmth and emitting vapour and gases.
0615 Siksikas Siksikas 8 A Ice Geysers Volcanism Some icy geysers are powerful enough to create rings, such as Saturn's E ring in the Sol system.
0616 Tocorii 1210 Tocorii 9 A Ice Geysers Volcanism Some icy geysers are powerful enough to create rings, such as Saturn's E ring in the Sol system.
0617 Meenates 1144 Meenates 4 A Ice Geysers Volcanism Some icy geysers are powerful enough to create rings, such as Saturn's E ring in the Sol system.
0618 Tphen Slata 393864 Tphen Slata C 9 A Ice Geysers Volcanism Some icy geysers are powerful enough to create rings, such as Saturn's E ring in the Sol system.
0619 Jardonnere 875 Jardonnere 6 E A Ice Geysers Volcanism Some icy geysers are powerful enough to create rings, such as Saturn's E ring in the Sol system.
0620 VonRictofen's Rescue 1156 All For Germanium Elite History Here is where Commander Chiggy Vonrichtofen completed an incredible rescue that captured the imagination of an entire community. He travelled halfway across the galaxy to assist Commander Macedonica, who'd become trapped in this distant system.
0621 Kyloalks DL-Y g17 1698 The Mighty User Submitted Commander Duck of Death believes this is the highest gravity found on an airless world - can you disprove this claim?
0622 Baukoa WX-O c20-1519 907 Neon Lights User Submitted The glorious neon sky of the nearby planetary nebula is a favourite haunt of Commander Duck of Death.
0623 18 Camelopardalis Nearby Neutron Star User Submitted Commander Sali Vader recommends this as one of the few neutron stars to be found within inhabited space. The ray jets from these stars make for hypnotic sight.
0624 Flyua Eaec CG-F d11-10 Beacon Worlds User Submitted This neutron star system is recommended by Commander GoStu. It also contains a brown dwarf with some metallic planets and an asteroid ring for raw materials. The system also has three Earth-Like Worlds around the third star, and a further two capable of being terraformed. This system may one day be a valuable gateway for humanity's exploration and expansion into the galaxy.
0625 Eoch Flyuae MR-W e1-217 24 Neutron Twins User Submitted Commander Baton recommends that travellers admire the sight of these two closely orbiting neutron stars.
0626 Nyuena RO-Z d184 138 On Top of the Galaxy User Submitted Commander Zulu Romeo says that this is one of the most spectacular sights in all the galaxy - the Milky Way Galaxy itself! From this vantage point the spiral arms of the galaxy can be glimpsed, all the way back to our home systems in the Orion Spur and beyond.
0627 Eorgh Flyoae AA-A h56 Cool Blue User Submitted This system offers a rare treat for the travelling astronomer and cosmologist. Professional as well as amateur. The main star of this system is an unusually cool Wolf-Rayet star at 385 Kelvin, giving it the deep magenta hue associated with the coldest of brown dwarves and T Tauri stars. Its blue companion star will illuminate the passengers as they admire this stellar anomaly. This location was discovered and recommended by Commander DD-Dreamer.
0628 HIP 57822 Ringed Gem User Submitted This pristine gem of a ringed Earth-Like world is located close to colonised space.
0629 CN Bootis Shadragon's Home User Submitted Commander Shadragon claims this as his home system, and recommends the sheer variety of celestial treasures to be enjoyed here.
0631 Running Man Sector CQ-Y d16 Triple Nebulae User Submitted This vision of three famous nebulae: Witch Head, Running Man and Orion, is provided by Commander Starjumper.
0632 Pleiades Sector AB-W b2-4 Alien Crash Site? Elite History Commanders Noctrach and Ihazevich discovered the crash site, of what many believe to be an alien ship here.
0633 HIP 17403 Crashed Vessel Elite History This crash site of what may be an alien spaceship is a popular destination for more adventurous tourists.
0634 HIP 17862 Ship Wreckage Elite History Mysteries like this crash site are an attractive draw for sightseers - despite the dangers!
0635 Synuefe XR-H d11-102 Ancient Ruins Elite History The interception of a video transmission provided enough information for Commander Basch Fon Ronsenburg to triangulate the location of these ruins. There has been much speculation by researches as to the origins of the ruins. Some have suggested that it could be over a million years old. Others have wondered if there are more of those sites yet to be found.
0636 California Sector BA-A e6 47 Mic Turner Bark Mounds Elite History This bark mound population is popular with scientists and sightseers alike. Its close proximity to an Alliance base has caused much speculation.
0638 Col 285 Sector VU-M c8-1 Radioactive Green User Submitted This Gas Giant with Ammonia-based life offers a rather unusual and very distinct colour display, earning it the nickname "Radioactive Green". A suggested tourist destination by Commander FalconFly.
0639 Dryuae Aoscs IR-W e1-3926 0 Hole in the Sky User Submitted Commander Sand dan Glokta recommends this site of celestial beauty; a black hole inside a dark blue planetary nebula, which is in turn inside a large, dense cluster of bright blue stars. This is unusual amongst planetary nebulae in that its central remnant has already captured some extrasolar planets.
0640 Byao Ain GG-Y e7 1477 A Light In The Black User Submitted Commander Sand dan Glokta suggests this gem for celestrial sightseeing: This Earth-like planet is the furthest one above the galactic plane that I've found, and for an added bonus is in orbit about a neutron star. It may be worthwhile mounting scientific expeditions to find out what sort of life-forms could survive in such a heavily irradiated environment as well as the mystery of how life managed to evolve on such a planet in the first place. Furthermore it is way above the galactic plane so the chance of an extrasolar capture is very low, therefore it's likely that the planet became life-bearing after it fell into orbit about the neutron star. Temperature, pressure and atmospheric oxygen are all tolerable for humans but radiation-proof clothing is strongly advised.
0641 Adenets Misty Moat of Mrogg User Submitted Commander Stonn Mrogg considers this a sight of natural wonder.
0642 Juenoe EG-Y g1913 0 Dance of Cerberus User Submitted Commander Yannik suggests this system as a worthy tourist destination: / An odd system, with two Neutron Stars, a Black Hole, and two Class G stars. Each Neutron Star is paired with a Class G. With the Black Hole near one of the pairs. This system is 28000LY from Sol, and only a few thousand LY from Colonia.
0643 Dunee EH-U e3-714 25402 Triple Density User Submitted Commander Evoflash recommends this system as an excellent destination for those set on research. The perfect scholarly location, though please bring sunscreen!
0644 Parrot's Head Sector DQ-Y c19 1532 Nice Ice User Submitted This icy view was recommended by Commander MackemX.
0645 Sifi GA-A d18 Watery Paradise User Submitted Commander Grebenkov invites you to admire this watery moon against a background of fabulous nebulae.
0646 Pleiades Sector JC-U b3-2 Canonn Crater User Submitted This barnacle site is believed to be one of the abundant locations of the strange organic structures. The site was suggested by Commander Arcanonn.
0647 Prooe Drye PU-B c2-5 Heavy Metal Planet User Submitted This site was provided by Commander Martind Forlon. This high metal world was found on November 14 3302, during an expedition to the Wolf-Rayet C star in Csi+47-21046 system. Deep scanning has revealed extremely rich underground deposits of Germanium, Niobium and Tungsten but, due to enormous volcanic activity and high surface temperature, conventional mining methods are impossible.
0648 Pyraleau AA-A h39 The Cat's Eye User Submitted This location was recommended by Commander Henry Passionfruit. / I've heard people talk about the Space Cat. Space Cat this, Space Cat that - yeah, yeah. But have they seen it? Have they been caught in its gaze; that colossal Eye staring at you; judging you. I've seen it; and it has seen me. / I was way out; heading for Sagittarius A*, but far off track. I saw a system from afar, blazing in the ultra-violet bands. I locked on and jumped. I came out of the jump, the radiation alarm went nuts! A lethal wash of xrays and gammas was pounding on the shields; but my old Cobra MkIII ?Syntax Error? held together. The scanner sent out its pulse - triple black holes! Three of hte monsters... I could see one straight ahead, bending gravity; but where were the other two? I rolled the Cobra around and there it was! THE EYE OF THE SPACE CAT! I said a prayer to any gods I knew - Buddha, Hendrix, Bastet - I even vowed to serve the Simguru Pranav Antal all my days if I could just get away from that giant alien feline Eye... I must have, because I'm here now. And I know - I KNOW that it's still out there... watching...
0649 Leesti Leesti is Free Elite History Commander Schlack reports that on 6th September 3302, AEDC returned this system to the control of Independent Leesti for Equality from a year long domination of the system by the ruthless Justice Party dictatorship. Their nefarious acts funded by the sales of Leestian Evil Juice were put to an end.
0664 Pleiades Sector HC-U b3-0 Pleiades Sector HC-U b3-0 Bark Mound Site Elite History The life cycle for Bark Mounds has yet to be fully witnessed. As such, no one is quite sure how it spreads between planets, and even star systems.
0665 LP 339-7 Wildlife Reserve Campaign Concludes Elite History In December 3302 media outlets in the LP 339-7 system have reported that the Starship Enterprises Corporation wildlife reserve campaign has reached a successful conclusion. / Dr. Lewis Chapman, CEO of Starship Enterprises, released the following statement: / "We are delighted with the response to this campaign. As we speak, hundreds of animals are being grown in special in-vitro chambers. Soon they will be transported to the reserve."
0666 Colonia The Colonia Expansion Elite History Ever since Jaques Station arrived in Eol Prou RS-T d3-94 in June 3302, thousands of galactic citizens have migrated to the system in search of a new way of life. The migration movement has resulted in a number of new outposts in the region, as well as a chain of stations connecting the burgeoning community with the core systems. / With the colony now firmly established in Eol Prou RS-T d3-94 - recently renamed Colonia - the system's governing body, the Colonia Council, has announced plans to colonize the surrounding systems.
0667 Daibo Prisoner Convoy Destroyed Elite History On November 25th 3302 a prisoner convoy has been interdicted and destroyed in the Daibo system while en route to Koontz Asylum. Wreckage found in Daibo has been positively identified as belonging to the Imperial Cutter 'Diadem' and the Imperial Clippers 'Cypripedium', 'Velum', 'Monile' and 'Vestimenta'. / It has been confirmed that the convoy was carrying various political dissidents, convicted murderers and terrorists. Among them was the infamous Kahina Loren, recently found guilty of the attempted assassination of Admiral Denton Patreus.
0668 Zearla Construction Convoy Assembled Elite History On 18th November 3302 a large convoy of heavy construction ships and associated support vessels was assembled by Wreaken Construction in the Zearla system. / Some commentators believed this was directly linked to Admiral Denton Patreus's recent comments concerning the London Treaty.
0669 Elli Anarchist Organisation Closed Starport Elite History On November 10th 3302 Wright City in the Elli system fell prey to a chemical-weapon attack. / The attack was believed to have been executed by the anarchist organisation Revolution Incorporated, which recently placed orders for a quantity of Toxandji Virocide, a rare pesticide. It was understood the group used the pesticide as the basis for a potent chemical weapon. / The impact on the starport has been catastrophic. Over a dozen individuals have lost their lives, and hundreds more are in critical condition. As a result, the starport was closed until further notice.
0670 Eotienses Patreus' Flagship Attacked Elite History On November 4th 3302 eyewitness reports from the Eotienses system indicate that an attack has taken place on Admiral Denton Patreus' flaship, the INV Imperial Freedom. The Majestic-class Interdictor was heavily damaged in the altercation and was ignominiously forced to withdraw from the field of combat. / an organisation known as the Children of Raxxla claimed responsibility for the attack. In a statement, the organisation said it had been "backed into a corner" after diplomatic entreaties regarding Kahina Loren - whom it referred to as Salomé - had gone unanswered.
0671 Maia Pleiades Resource Enterprise Victorious Elite History On November 1st 3302 reports from Maia indicated that the Pleiades Resource Enterprise successfully overcame resistance from the Ant Hill Mob to gain a foothold in the system. / A spokesperson for the Pleiades Resource Enterprise released a brief statement: / "The Ant Hill Mob believes our expansion into Maia was orchestrated by Federal officials, but I think they're just looking for a way of explaining their defeat. In war, it's the stronger side that wins. Simple as that. We may be aligned with the Federation, but we were acting on our own behalf."
0672 Prism Kahina Loren Found Guilty Elite History On November 28th 3302 an announcement was made outside the Prism Hall of Justice confirming that Kahina Tijani Loren had been found guilty of the attempted assassination of Admiral Denton Patreus. The announcement was met with cries of dismay from a crowd of Loren's supporters, who had turned out to hear the verdict.
0673 Achenar Patreus Rails Against London Treaty Elite History On October 21st 3303 Admiral Denton Patreus spoke in strident tones about the London Treaty. The treaty, established in 3278, imposes limits on capital-ship construction in order to prevent possible arms races. / "This treaty was foisted on us by overzealous Federal lawyers," said Patreus. "Now it is used to limit our ability to defend ourselves. This I cannot accept." / "I am proud to announce that henceforth the Empire will build as many ships as it needs, treaty restrictions be damned!"
0674 Prism Kahina Loren Stripped of her Rank Elite History On October 14th 3302 Kahina Tijani Loren was stripped of the rank of senator for delegating her responsibilities in respect of the Prism system to Ambassador Cuthrick Delaney in 3301. / An aide for Admiral Denton Patreus said: "Loren gave up her senatorial responsibilities, so it's unreasonable that she continue to be protected by the title. Frankly, she shouldn't be described as a 'lady', either, but we will let the cours make that determination."
0675 California Sector BA-A e6 Alliance Outpost in the California Nebula Elite History On October 13th 3302 the Alliance announced plans to construct a new outpost on California Sector BA-A E6 4. / According to an Alliance spokesperson, the station will serve as "a centre for scientific study, supporting our ongoing research into the organic structures and meta-alloys."
0676 Tionisla Curious Transmission Partially Decoded Elite History In early August 3302, an antique Cobra Mk III was interred at the Tionisla Orbital Graveyard. Shortly before the ship was laid to rest, a beacon abord the vessel transmitted a repeating sequence of curious characters. / The sequence was picked up by several relay posts in the Tionisla system, and it has now been determined that it contains content obscured with an unknown encryption. The encrypted data is followed by an apparently meaningless clear-text phrase: 'The vain queen rides a giraffe that remembers her daughter's hero.'
0677 Pleiades Sector AB-W b2-4 Imperial Expansion Elite History On September 29th 3302 a spokesperson for the Merope Expeditionary Fleet announced that its appeal for construction materials was enthusiastically received by the galactic community. Scores of independent pilots responded to the organisation's request, resulting in a massive influx of deliveries to Obsidian Orbital, the organisation's base of operations. The materials will be used to construct a new Imperial operating base in the Pleiades Sector AB-W B2-4 system. / The spokesperson released a statement: / "I know there are some who decry the Empire for its part in this conflict. They believe that if we simply walked away, the conflict would end. But sometimes the only way to achieve peace is by opposing the tyrannical."
0678 Chi Orionis Chairman of Metadrive Inc. Passes Away Elite History Sad News from the Chi Orionis System on September 23rd 3302 as reports that Femi Dakarai, chairman of the hyperdrive-research company MetaDrive Inc., passed away following a short illness. / Dakarai was taken ill the previous week after working tirelessly to secure financial backing for the company. Board members reported that he was working long hours and had been showing signs of stress for several months. An assessment of metaDrive Inc. by an independent auditing firm appears to have been the final straw.
0679 Sol Halsey Shares Her Vision Elite History On September 20th 3302 former Federal president Jasmina Halsey broke her silence to share news of “a compelling vision” with the galactic community. / In a public address at the Gotham Park in the Alioth system, Halsey described the nature of her vision: / “I saw a place of extraordinary beauty. A paradise. It was truly wonderful.” / “This was no dream - it was a glimpse of something very real.” / “We must find this place. It could be our future.”
0680 Mu Koji Imperial Operation Succeeds Elite History On September 15th 3302 the Xuangu Crimson Major Network announced that the imperial Operation to recover valuable intelligence from Federal convoys in the Mu Koji system was a success. / But although the Empire achieved its primary goal, victory came at a cost. Independent correspondents, reporting from Mu Koji, confirmed that the Empire lost considerably more ships than the Federation.
0681 Latugara 443 The Colonia Connection Elite History On September 15th 3302 Latugara PLC. an independent organization based in the Latugara system, announced plans to construct a series of outposts between the core of human-inhabited space and the rapidly expanding Colonia Nebula Community. / In a statement, the organization’s spokesperson said: / “Given the relatively remote nature of the Colonia community, there’s a clear need for a series of resupply outposts to support ships travelling to and from the Colony. These new bases will bridge the gap between the burgeoning Colonia community and the core systems.”
0682 Merope Out Of Reach, Not Out Of Mind Elite History On September 2nd 3302 the Canonn Interstellar Research Group released further information about the Unknown Probe. / Shortly after planetary data was found in the probe’s tight-beam transmission, a message was sent to the Canonn from a pilot by the name of Commander Wace. It read: “The headerless octal number - it is distance compared to Merope!” / In an impressive display of field mathematics, Commander Wace pin-pointed the COL 70 Sector FY-N C21-3 system as the Probe’s zero point. Unfortunately, the Canonn is prevented from further investigation of the system by the permit lock of the COL 70 Sector.
0683 Cemiess Commander Salomé Hijacked In Cemiess Elite History On August 23rd 3302 articles published by the Imperial Citizen may have inspired an act of violence in the Cemiess system over the weekend. Commander Nodus Curious of the Chapterhouse of Inquisition reported a transmission from Commander Salome’ of the Children of Raxxla, indicating that her ship had been attacked by unknown forces. / The Imperial Citizen had suggested that Commander Salome’ is in fact Senator Kahina Tijani Loren of the Prism system. The publication also implied that she had engineered the events that led to her family’s death in order to position herself as heiress of the Loren family dynasty.
0684 Merope Unknown Probe Code Elite History On August 20th 3302 The Canonn Interstellar Research group discovered, recorded and translated a tight-beam transmission from an Unknown Probe directed at Merope 5c. / Research into the Probes has so far been hindered by their scarcity, but with the number of Probes found increasing, transmission analysis efforts ramped up, leading to successful decryption. The transmission was found to contain blocks of octal numbers describing planetary data such as radius, surface temperature, gravity and atmospheric composition.
0685 Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-16 Federation Takes Pleiades Sector IH-V C2-16 Elite History On August 18th 3302 the Pleiades Resource Enterprise confirmed that the Federation took control of the Pleiades Sector IH-V C2-16 system, having ousted the incumbent Imperial Inquisition. In a statement, a spokesperson for the organization thanked the many Federal pilots who took part in the operation. / "This victory brings with it the promise of a brighter tomorrow - a brighter tomorrow for the people of IH-V C2-16, who are now free from the dehumanising influence of the Empire, and a brighter tomorrow for the Federation, which has gained a valuable strategic asset."
0686 Colonia Repairs Concluded Elite History On August 10th 3302 personnel at Jaques Station announced that their appeal for repair materials reached a successful conclusion more than a week before the campaign was scheduled to end, thanks to the enthusiastic support of the galactic community.
0687 Gooheimar Boosting the Federal Fleet Elite History On August 4th 3302 the Federation announced plans to expand its Navy with three new Farragut-class Battlecruisers. The development follows a recent initiative to add three new capital ships to the Imperial fleet. / In a statement, Federal President Zachary Hudson spoke candidly about the motivation behind the campaign. / "We live in uncertain times, and we are on the brink of an uncertain future. When I speak to the people of the Federation, I want to be able to promise them that their homes and families are safe. By contributing to this campaign, you can help me keep that promise."
0688 HIP 17225 Federal Military Expansion Elite History On July 28th 3302 the Federation ignited controversy with its decision to establish a series of outposts in the Pleiades sector. The development triggered a decisive response from Empire-aligned pilots, who made repeated attempts to destabilise the campaign. Ultimately, the Federation was able to complete the operation, but the Federation’s opponents had made their feelings clear - the superpower’s military expansion would not proceed unopposed.
0689 Carthage 105 A Majestic Development Elite History On July 21st 3302 Lavigny's Legion, an Imperial organization based in the Carthage system, launched a campaign to add three new Majestic-class interdictors to the Imperial fleet. / At a press conference, Lucius Lavigny confirmed that the Emperor had personally authorized the campaign. According to Lavigny, the initiative is a direct response to the Federation's "ongoing military build-up". The admiral closed the conference with the words: "We must continue to strengthen our fleet and reinforce our garrisons."
0690 Facece The Reclamation of Facece Elite History
0691 Luyten 205-128 Memorial to the Highliner Antares Unveiled Elite History On July 1st 3302 the Sirius Corporation unveiled a memorial to those who lost their lives aboard the Highliner Antares, which was destroyed in 3251 during its maiden voyage. Using debris retrieved from the ship, capricious talent Delvin Hoorgan has created a striking tribute to the souls lost on the ships inaugural flight. / The memorial depicts a stylised version of the Highliner Antares, and has been constructed using light-bending meta-materials that allow light to pass through the interior of the ship as it rotates. As the sculpture moves, the intensity of the light increases, reaching a crescendo of brilliance before subsiding. / Delvin Hoorgan waived his usual commission to participate in the project. When he unveiled the memorial, he stated he was proud to have been involved in remembering the event.
0692 Dijkstra 276 Project Endurance Elite History On the 10th of February 3301, two Faulcon DeLacy Cobras launched from Allen Platform in the Dijkstra system. Piloted by Commander Dr. Simms and Commander Sid Solo, the ships were fitted for an endurance attempt unlike any other.
0693 Epsilon Indi 261 The Crab Nebula Expedition Elite History On June 17th 3302 a fleet of over 4,000 survey and support vessels departed from Mitterand Hollow in Epsilon Indi. The Crab Nebula Expedition was the largest coordinated flight of explorers since the Distant Worlds Expedition. It attracted a wide range of pilots, from veterans to beginners taking their first trip outside the bubble.
0694 Col 285 Sector IX-T d3-43 Canonn Institute Opens its Doors Elite History On June 3rd 3302 humanity's newest and most advanced Unknown Artefact research centre, the Canonn institute in Col 285 Sector IX-T d3-43, finally opened. / Dr. Arcanonn, under heavy guard, was the first to arrive at the opening ceremony, and he had this to say: / "It is an amazing feeling to stand before you after being in hiding for so long. After more than a year of work, the Canonn had become one of the most open, diligent and dedicated science organizations in inhabited space, and now we have an amazing research centre."
0695 HIP 19072 Alliance Outpost Established Elite History On May 26th 3302 Alliance Prime Minister Edmund Mahon announced that the new outpost was complete. In a statement, Mahon said: / "It gives me great pleasure to announce the formal opening of the Cooper Research Centre. In addition to functioning as a base for scientific research, the station will bolster the Alliance‘s reconnaissance and intelligence-gathering capabilities in a strategically valuable region of space." / An Alliance spokesman confirmed that the new outpost would offer reload, repair and refuel services to pilots operating in the HIP 19072 system.
0696 Algol Treasure Hunt Comes to an End Elite History On March 29th 3302 the treasure hunt organized by billionaire philanthropist Alfred Jeffress has come to an end, with a pilot by the name of Commander Oriza claiming victory. Thousands of people took part in the competition, but ultimately there could only be one victor. / As with Jeffress's previous treasure hunts, competitors were required to solve a series of riddles to find the mystery object at the centre of the search - a relic from Earth’s past. The clues took pilots to Persephone in the Avalon system, then to Arrhenius Terminal in bard and finally to the Algol system.
0697 LHS 3447 Bluford Orbital Completed Elite History On March 10th 3302 LHS 3447 Dynamic and Co. announced that the campaign to construct a new starport in the LHS 3447 system has reached a successful conclusion. All the necessary materials for the starport have now been received, and the agitators disrupting delivery operations have been neutralized. A spokesperson for the Pilots Federation, which helped to organise the campaign, released a brief statement: / "Once again the galaxy's independent pilots have demonstrated their remarkable commitment and resolve. This new starport will facilitate travel and trade throughout LHS 3447, and serve as a testament to the dedication and altruism of the galactic community."
0698 Azaleach 19137 Former Federal President Found Elite History On February 26th 3302 Federal President Zachary Hudson made a surprising announcement: one of the escape pods taken to Leoniceno Orbital contains former Federal President Jasmina Halsey. / "When we started searching for the remains of Starship One it was with the aim of discovering what happened to the ship. I never imagined we would find survivors, and certainly not that one of them would be Jasmina Halsey."
0699 Achenar Denton Patreus Receives Promotion Elite History On February 22nd 3302 Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval announced that Senator Denton Patreus' promotion to Admiral of the Fleet following his triumph over the insurgent organisation Emperor's Dawn. In a statement, the Emperor praised Patreus' recent military success: / "Denton Patreus exhibited remarkable resolve in the campaign against Emperor's Dawn, and demonstrated his ability to act with conviction in the face of an often unpredictable enemy. I can think of no more appropriate person to assume command of the Imperial Navy. It is with great pride that I confer upon him the title of Admiral of the Fleet."
0700 LP 339-7 The Big Split Elite History Starship Enterprises worked closely with the Blue Creative for most of the corporations early life and the two companies enjoyed many successful ventures together, like SE mining, a very successful deep space mining company. Eventually is looked as if starship enterprises and Blue Creative would merger to compete against some of the bigger and more established neighbouring corporations. However, in a surprise twist of events, negotiations were broken off during one of the final meetings and the CEO of SE Corp, Dr. Lewis Chapman was seen storming from the conference room. Dr. Chapman seen released a statement in a press conference saying that his corporation would split from Blue Creative and strike out as an independent corporate entity. So began Starship Enterprises long Struggle to become the principle company in LP 339-7.
0701 LP 339-7 Whitson's About Face Elite History Whitson Orbital was once owned by the Independent Values Party, a political group within 339. After the Split between SE and Blue Creative, the IVP put up a lot of political pressure to try and halt the progress of Dr. Chapman's Corporation. They did this because of their opposing views on black market trading in 339. Dr. Chapman had in the past accused the IVP of 'under the table transactions with disreputable parties' and demanded that they close the black markets in their stations. Dr. Chapman however is an accomplished diplomat and spokes person and he did not take the IVPs pressure lying down. The media helped to inflame events all the more and eventually hostilities broke out between SE and IVP, spiralling finally into full blown civil war. These were dark times for LP 339-7 but SE corp threw the full weight of their corporation against the declining IVP party and won the war, taking control of Whitson Orbital in the process. Over the course of the next few months Starship Enterprises turned Whitson Orbital around, making it the principal trading post in the system. Dr. Chapman overhauled two subsidiary companies to incorporate into Whitsons infrastructure: the Terran Wild-life Project which clones species of Earth animals, and Galaxy Tours, Starship Enterprises sightseeing company.
0702 LP 339-7 A Vote for Lewis Chapman... Elite History It took just over a year for Starship Enterprises to rise up and become the most powerful corporation in LP 339-7. It was a long and difficult journey. But during this time SE Corp had instigated several successful ventures that benefited the system. The Galaxy Tours sightseeing company was bringing in droves of new tourists into 339 while SE Corps private security sector was working hard to quell the vital trading lanes. Whitson had begun a humanitarian aid program to help supply local factions experiencing famine. It was ventures like these that eventually won the hearts and minds of the people of 339 and so when Dr. Chapman announced his desire to run in the local elections, it attracted unprecedented media coverage. A clever campaigning team aboard a requisitioned Beluga Liner set forth to get those votes into the SE ballot boxes and after four tiring days, Starship Enterprises took the system, and So-Yeon as their prize. Dr. Chapman quickly moved his agricultural trading framework over to So-Yeon so that it could take over the mantle of main trading post while Whitson orbital focused on science, exploration and tourism.
0703 LP 339-7 Blue Planet Elite History Starship Enterprises and Blue Creative eventually buried the hatchet and started working together once again. A Blue Creative owned satellite nicknamed blue planet quickly became an important outpost for a number of reasons. A military outpost called Thirsk Survey became an important stop off point for SE security forces in their ongoing war against crime in the outer system. SE gunslinger pilots plied their trade in the local resource extraction sites, protecting entrepreneuring miners. Scott Beacon and its famous race track became the home of the SRV Race Club, entertaining locals with their wild and wacky races.
0704 LP 339-7 Wild-life Parks. Elite History Dr. Lewis Chapman, CEO of Starship Enterprises, once took a small company of bio engineers under his corporations wing and then, he fell in love with their idea. This company was called the Terran Wild-Life Project. The small team had managed to get their hands on some genetic data, purchased from the Mother Gaia democratic party in Sol. The data was a genetic library of Earth species of animals. The teams idea was to clone the animals for release onto newly terraformed planets across the galaxy. The animals would be gene tailored to suit their new environments and selected so that they would fit in with the new ecosystems. Although the company still retains its original ethos, Dr. Chapman has overhauled them in a much bigger project. Not only do they provide the CEO with his own private supply of horses on his ranch on So-Yeon Planet, but they have also been working on large scale game reserves on Whitson Planet. These sprawling reserves are full of a variety of animals from Earths history, everything from birds of prey to humpback whales. The projects aim is to generate touirsm in Lp 339-7. So far the venture seems to be a raging success.
0705 i Bootis 20962 The Rosy Dwarf User Submitted Commander Rocket Rosewell invites you to admire this impressive luminescent brown dwarf.
0706 Outotch SA-U d4-0 Distant Stars Expedition 3303 Elite History This system is famed as the jumping off point where many brave pilots of the Distant Stars Expedition 3303 made their final jump to HD 76133 system. / This expedition was a collaborative journey to reach and explore a previously unreachable region of space. These courageous souls knew that this would be a one way trip and yet did not hesitate to make the journey to discover what lay beyond this previously unreachable frontier. / We salute the pilots of the Distant Stars Expedition and those that supported them in their efforts.
0707 241 G. Aquarii When Buckyballing Goes Badly Wrong Elite History This beacon marks the location where one of the most heroic moments in Buckyball Racing began. At 2:35 am on the 7th of May 3303, Commander Tannik Seldon had an unfortunate mistake that would lead the pilot going down in legend. / Tannik Seldon had signed up for a race known to many as the Buckyball. These races held all over the galaxy are known for punishing routes and questionable sanity of the racers. This particular event known as "the Aquarium Job" tasked pilots with racing between three locations using an unmodified Adder, and an SRV to complete the course. It was here at cooper Arena, looking for an edge on his competitors that the commander made what he initially thought was a superb tactical move. Remembering that ships completing the race with 1% hull received a time bonus, Seldon proceeded to lower his vessels hull to the required amount. However this would prove his undoing. Having completed his scan at the nearby settlement Seldon called his ship in for a landing and watched in stunned silence as his ship exploded as it touched down. No amount of duct tape was going to solve this problem. / Many pilots would have given up at that point, called for assistance of looked for the self destruct button. But not Tannik Seldon. / Technically he was still in the race. With a quick check of the race rules and remembering that there was a port on the other side of the planet. What followed goes down as the greatest moment to date in Buckyballing history. It was game on. / With just one week before the end of the race, Seldon accepted the challenge and set off on a mammoth 3000 km journey, which he describes as "Slightly inconvenient by the face that (station) was on the exact opposite side of the planet". / Seldon showed supreme levels of determination, concentration and near god like driving skills as he drove the colossal distance to what he hoped was his way off the planet. His route crossing mountains, canyons, and huge craters all while averaging speeds upward of 80 m/s with the knowledge that one unfortunate bounce or spin could spell disaster. / So it was until 2:50 PM on the 12th of May 3303 when Seldon announced to the many people following his progress two words, "Mission Accomplished". He had made it. Seldon did not want to bask in his achievement instead immediately buying a new regulation Adder and completing the race, making him the first Buckyballer to lose his ship halfway through a race and still finish successfully.
0708 Slaiyooe OX-L d7-0 828 Thomaski Point Elite History CMDR Thomaski was a rare kind of man. Thoughtful, kind, empathetic and ambitious extending even to making the trip to Beagle Point which he achieved i nthe year 3303... albeit with a few dings and bumps along the way! / He was an avid lover of exploration and photography among many other things, and spent his time traversing the galaxy with friends, putting the world to right wihle finding black holes, neutron stars, unexplored systems and everything else the cosmos could offer him. / He's now found his place among the stars and will be remembered by his family and wingmates for years to come, and we hope that upon finding this beacon you will be inspired to achieve your goals and reach for the stars, just like CMDR Thomaski would have wanted. / o7, Commander. We'll see you in the black.
0709 Great Annihilator The Great Annihilator Elite History This is the largest known black hole in the galaxy (not including the supermassive Sagittarius A* at the core).
0710 HIP 110028 858 Community Bar Elite History Thanks to a community effort in October 3303 a space bar installation was completed on the orbit of this Earth-like world, at the time a fairly unexplored planet. The bar is called "11 Parsecs" and attracts many tourists from the Core Worlds, as it offers a wide selection of rare alcoholic beverages, otherwise available only in their respective systems of origin. The tourist clientele is rich and sophisticated. Sometimes a few rugged spacers can be seen amongst them - these are the Commanders that helped build the bar. They often return to this place to have a drink or two and chat about the good old times, before the Thargoids came
0711 Eeshorks BA-A g2179 The Devil's Dancefloor Elite History The system was first discovered during a joint expedition by three well known scientists in the field of gravitational physics: Grace Gutierrez, Rondall Hudon, and Lennox McFadden, back in July of 3303. / EESHORKS BA-A G2179 has researchers buzzing now that its discoverers have gone public with details of the system. It contains a black hole and four neutron stars, and is considered extra special by researchers studying gravitational waves as four of the five bodies that make up the system are organised into two sets of binaries orbiting each other very closely. They orbit so closely that the AB pair orbit each other in approximately two hours (The Swing Couple), and the CD pair in five hours (The Waltz Couple), with both pairs orbiting each other in an area less than 250Ls across. / The A star of the system is a black hole measuring 10.6 solar masses. Bodies B, C and D are each microsecond pulsars with spins aligned by orbits so tight a ship may find itself in the ejecta cones of both pulsars at the same time! The fifth and last body of the system is another neutron star at a range of 342,000Ls which the members of the discovering expedition refer to as "The Wallflower".
0712 Beagle Point 211 Memorial to Zy, Zylo, Zylophone Elite History Zy the Beagle was the epitome of the phrase "Man's Best Friend". Endlessly loyal and loving. Zy made sure his Commander was cuddled relentlessly after returning from a long journey; whether it was to another system, nebula, black hole... or just the local shop. / He spent his days dashing around, making friends with anyone who came near him and accompanying CMDR Chrispy Toast as his official "Exploring Buddy", on his adventures through space, often wrapped in a blanket. /To all Commanders who find this beacon, raise your hand and salute o7 to Zy. May he run wild and free.
0713 GCRV 4981 344 Isaiah's Hope Elite History
0714 ES Cancri 1904 Transmission from Elysium Elite History "BEGIN TRANSMISSION / Log Entry from Elysium Starfire / "We made is and it is as beautiful here as one might imagine. It is so serene, so peaceful. Yet not everyone made it. / Some time ago, I met a woman named Margaret. She and her husband traveled the stars. They weren't necessarily prolific explorers, rather they would travel to war torn systems where she, as a nurse, would treat the wounded and comfort the dying. On one of their expeditions, her husband died and she was left alone with the ship they once roamed the stars in. It was after this time that I met her. She would leave the station pad so slow, I would often tease her by declaring she was the notorious loiterer Margaret Mason, flaunting the law at every station but never caught. / As I said, she wasn't a famous explorer but for some reason when this chance to go to Elysium came up, she wanted to join. She isn't on any of the official rosters as she came along without signing up. There were more than a few of those. / Being a bit of an engineer, I helped prepare her ship for the journey. I have some influence with Farseer at Deciat, so getting her FSD adjusted for the jump at point decision was fairly easy. We replaced some of the ship construction with lighter materials and removed what wasn't necessary. Her ship, Stellar Pearl, was ready. / The day of the jump came and we all left Maia heading to Hades. I like the old songs, so I had a song called 'I see fire' on the PA while landing. It seemed apropos. It occurs to me that using a place called Hades as a rally point to reach a place called Elysium is ironic. Once everyone arrived, we left the star kissed surface to begin the climb to point decision. There things did not go as smoothly. / It was discovered that some specialized software we had all installed for fuel calculations had a bug, but not until the group had started the jump across un-scoopable stars. In addition, fuel use is not linear for some ship configurations, such as my own. Luckily I discovered this fact and was able to compensate. / During the jumps from point decision to Elysium the common radio channel was filled with chatter, some panicked, some calm. Finally, we made it across the gap. / Most of us did anyway. A headcount had showed a few missing. Among the missing was the Stellar Pearl. The last I saw of her ship was at the second star coming across the gap, where most of the confusion had started. Her ship disappeared from the scope leaving a jump wake but apparently never arrived at the other side. / Over the expedition period, I scanned and cataloged my assigned systems always keeping an eye out for my friend or any of the others who didn't come across. They never appeared. / At the time of this recording, there is no known way to get back from this cluster. I send this out in hopes someone on the other side receives it and knows of our fate and remembers those lost." / END TRANSMISSION"
0715 Sol Interplanetary Road Trip Elite History

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