Cabin Capacities

Capitan Ace Rimmer

A lookup table to quickly find the cabin capacities of all cabin grades. Handy when you are trying to decide what cabins to fit for passenger mission(s)

Class Rating Quality Mass
Passenger Capacity Cost
2 E Economy 2.50 2 4312
3 E Economy 5.00 4 8675
4 E Economy 10.00 8 18954
5 E Economy 20.00 16 29711
6 E Economy 40.00 32 61410
3 D Business 5.00 3 22700
4 D Business 10.00 6 182240
5 D Business 20.00 10 92362
6 D Business 40.00 16 184232
4 C First 10.00 3 170586
5 C First 20.00 6 340526
6 C First 40.00 12 552698
5 B Luxury 20.00 4 1658095
6 B Luxury 40.00 8 4849930

Data taken from Elite Dangerous Wiki

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