Lacaille 9352 Crashed Anaconda

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A crashed Anaconda site in the Lacaille 9352 system on planet Camp Lawrence at 42.6781, 67.9995. Theres a few cannisters of very low value goods: Algae, Food Cartriges, Fish, ... . A cargo rack that only releases a single medium rated raw material each time and a single Thargoid Sensor. There's also a ship wreck data package to be gained by scanning the Ship Data Core. When I scanned it, it was worth around 150000 Credits. At the time, according to my inventory, the Thargoid Sensor was worth around 300000 credits, although you'll need a special cargo hold to carry it without it damaging your ship slowly over time. You can retrieve another by respawning, it worked for me.

I tried to use the Anaconda as a launch ramp, as it has that natural launch ramp shape to it, but just succeeded in getting my SRV completely stuck. I also tried racing to Prospectors Rest in Kuk to sell 2 Thargoid Sensors obtained here, but my cargo hold deteriorated to the point where it failed and dropped them both. Although crashing into Kuk B 3 whilst in supercruise didn't help, still it was good fun.