Sisters Refuge Asteroid Station


Located in system HIP 16813 is an asteroid station called Sisters' Refuge. The station is located in an asteroid ring around planetary body A 1.

This station is run by pious religious fruitcakes, 'Order of the Seven Bells', so don't be bringing your games consoles, music players, fancy mobile phones, etc (AKA Consumer Technology) here because in this system, to enjoy yourself is a sin and the 'Order of the Seven Bells' hate sinners. As far as they are concerned the only good sinner is a dead sinner. The only way to be cleansed of your sins is by the vacuum of space, unfortuneately this tends to cleanse you of all your vital organs as well, but hey; thats the way God rolls, OK? Look on the bright side though, there is a HAZ-RES within 2 Ls and the Order will pay you handsomely to go there and cleanse some sinners of their sins.