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Nearest Interesting star systems to Sol up to a maximum distance of 1000.0 Ly (Change search)

  - A permit is required to enter this system.
  - This system is populated.
- Denotes a Military economy
- Denotes an Agricultural economy
- Denotes an Extraction economy
- Denotes a High Tech economy
- Denotes a Terraforming economy
- Denotes a Refinery economy
- Denotes a Prison economy
- Denotes an Industrial economy
- Denotes a Service economy
- Denotes a Tourism economy
- Denotes a.Colony economy
Planetary Body Abbreviations
HMC - Hevy Metal Content
WW - Water World
R - Rocky
AW - Ammonia World
E - Earth Like
(T) indicates a terraformable body



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Allegiance -
Security -

Region Notes
0.0  Sol  - H - Humans
Permit required (especially for Thargoids). Check out Voyager, a kind of E.D. easter egg. Check out the Federation Battlecruiser near Earth (unless the Thargoids have already got to it) but don’t get too close, there is also one near Mars but apparently it is the president's personal ship and if you get too close they open fire. I seem to remember that this system has inter-system trade potential, buying metals at the extraction stations and selling them at the service ones. I think Jupiter has some RESs for bounty hunting within a ring that is unusually sparse of ‘roids. I went here to get selfies in front of all the famous planets and moons.
Base Jumping Ariel Canyon ridge jumping (Aashenfox) A great base jumping location with 0.03-0.04g gravity. For more info see video Source(s):Alec Turner
4.4  Alpha Centauri  - M - Rare traders
Lose a few hours of your real life trekking to Hutton orbital (about 1 and a half hours) to pick up some mugs. And whilst you’re there you can drop one off, you-yourself, what else could you be if you did this stupendous run? Still it has gotta be done for some fun.
Installation B1 Civilian Installation. See this image.
7.2  WISE 0855-0714  - L - Installation 5A Agricultural Installation. See this image.
11.7  Groombridge 34  - M - Installation 4A Scientific installation. See this image.
11.8  Epsilon Indi  - M - Canyon Runners Do some canyon running here. Mitterand hollow as shown here by 777Driver. Mitterand is a small moon orbiting the planet New Africa. Mitterand Hollow is also an amazing planet for the speed in which it orbits its mother planet, around 90 seconds. Land on it and watch the mother planet go flying past every 90 seconds or so.
19.2  Luyten 674-15  - M - Wreckage
Materials Hunters
Bells World, at lat./longt. -10.9630, 170.1096 Wreckage of something, perhaps an Annaconda?. Fill up on Tellurium, Ruthenium, Antimony and Tungsten here. There are 3 cargo racks close to the wreckage, destroy them and they will release these rare materials. Log out and log in and start all over again until you have had your fill. Head for -10.9630, 170.1096. Check out the link here. Scan the wreckage before you leave and you will get a marker on the map for the next time you need to return. Supposedly, there are also Thargoid sensors here.
22.5  LAWD 26  - L - Explorers A Wolf Rayet star within the bubble. I remember spending ages looking for Stone's treasure here, thanks Frontier, I should hand myself in at Hutton orbital for "mug" recycling.
24.3  Beta Hydri  - M - Capital ship dock Military installation near Homeland Capital ship dock. Image Source(s):goemon
28.6  Charick Drift  Generation ship Orbiting Charick Drift A Atlas generation ship, a non-dockable megaship, around planetary object A. An excellent Youtube Video here tells the story of this ship.
32.5  Okinura  - H - Megaship Naphtha Class Tanker A non-dockable megaship, see this image. In the debris nearby are some valuable engineering materials. Naphtha Class Tanker (not dockable) (*moving). Sources(s): lefty1117 and AlistairHope
35.0  Parutis  - H - Capital ship dock Evans Port Capital ship dock. Also has some satellites. Image Image Image Image Source(s):Trinity Star, Alec Turner, gazra
Capital ship docks Evans Port Federal capital ship dock (plus satellites). See this image.
36.5  LHS 3006  - A - Bounty Hunters
Leonard Nimoy tribute system, a science fiction demi-god. Has a Compromised Nav. Beacon (a great place for winged bounty hunting) and these are just total chaos, lots of fun.
39.5  Hermitage  INRA Planet 4A, -53.75, 157.61 An old INRA base, Hollis Gateway at Bearing : -53.75, 157.61. Discovery credits to: EfilOne (CoR), Yuksarr (Wing Atlantis/OSIRIS), Alex Ringess (Wing Atlantis/OSIRIS), Klingsor (LPV/OSIRIS).
39.9  MU Cassiopeia  Megaships C1 Artemis generation ship. See this image.
40.1  Oduduro  - H - Megaship Hercules Class Bulk Cargo Ship Hercules Class Bulk Cargo Ship (*moving). A non-dockable megaship, see this image image. Sources(s): dynamicbob and AlistairHope
42.7  Milscothach  - L - Megaship 1A Alcatraz Class Prison Ship (*moving). A non-dockable megaship near planetary object 1A. See this image. Sources(s): Fishy
42.9  Conn  INRA Planet A 3 A, 73.38, 102.37 An old INRA base, Almeida Landing at Bearing : 73.38, 102.37. Discovery credits to: Cmdr Robbie (Canonn).
45.3  San Tu  - A - Installation 4C Massive "scientific installation" (CQC structure with tunnels, etc). Image video. Source(s):Cmdr Endincite, Alec Turner
45.9  LFT 1748  - H - Installation Orbiting LFT 1748 A2 Large Scientific Installation . Image Image. Source(s):Fishy
48.4  Thoth  - H - Wreckage 1A (lat: -2.77, lon: 16.67) Crashed Type 9 in Mountain Range. See this image.
50.1  Izanagi  - H - Installation A1 Military installation (CQC tunnels, etc). Image video. Source(s):MacrosTheBlack, Alec Turner
52.0  Cupiat  - M - Materials Hunters Planetary object 1b in a crater at 46.5, 127.2 has 2.7% Arsenic. See this video here
52.6  Alaunus  Generation ship Fly to Alaunus 10, then set a course to the system Horae and fly about 22000ls Lycaon generation ship, a non-dockable megaship, see this image and this video. To find the ship fly 22,000ls away from planet Alaunus 10 towards the Horae system. Sources(s): Protoenchen.
52.9  I Carinae  - H - Amazing Stations Somerset Station is a station that orbits an earthlike world with its own asteroid ring. Mentioned by Obsidian Ant in this video
52.9  Xihe  - A - Megaship Orbiting planet 2 An undockable megaship Thomas Class Bulk Cargo Ship SOD-6497. See this gallery for images and more information.
53.1  Masszony  - M - Materials Hunters Planet 1AA Has a very high 2.9% Arsenic content. This is one of the highest levels in the bubble. For other good Arsenic sources try this EDDB link here
53.3  Ross 720  - H - Amazing Stations Raleigh Orbital is a large station only 20 Ls from the star it is orbiting. Mentioned by Obsidian Ant in this video
53.5  Nefertem  Generation ship Orbiting Nefertem 6 A Thetis generation ship, a non-dockable megaship, orbiting planetary object 6A.
55.2  Istanu  - L - Space installations 1F Unauthorised Installation (4 uplink messages). See this image.
55.3  Inti  - H - Installation A 6 Government installation. Image. Source(s):Keybuk
56.0  Utu  - M - Canyon Runners Do some canyon running here. Utu AB 1A as shown here by 777Driver.
58.5  Andhrimi  - H - Asteroid bases Big Pappas Base.
58.8  Wolf 485a  - M - Megaship Lowell Class Science Vessel A non-dockable megaship, see this image. Lowell Class Science Vessel (*moving). It is claimed that useful engineering materials spawn nearby. Sources(s): Cmdr Isokix
58.8  Aeternitas  - H - Amazing Stations Houtman City is a large station only 14 Ls from the star it is orbiting. Mentioned by Obsidian Ant in this video
59.8  Ross 690  Space installations Halley Installation. See this image.
61.4  VESPER-M4  - A - Space installations near Slough Unauthorised installation. See this gallery for images and more information.
Base Jumping 9C (Oluwefami Depot) at 22.9395, -4.2683 Exit from Oluwefami Depot A great base jumping location with 0.11g gravity and a landing which is good (planetary base) For more info see this video Source(s):Alec Turner
61.9  LFT 926  - M - Installation Large Military installation (large gantried structure floating close to the star). Image Image. Source(s):777Driver, Trinity Star, Alec Turner
62.5  Zeus  - L - Megaships Planet 1 The Midas, a dockable megaship, orbits planet 1 in the system Zeus about 9 Ls from the entry star. On the 1-5-2018 there were no missions or passengers missions available at the station. Had high prices for metals (incl. Painite and Platinum) when I visited. See this image.
63.1  Kitae  - L - Generation ship Set a course for the system Zephyrus and it is about 2500 Ls out. Venusian generation ship. A non-dockable megaship, see this image. Sources(s): Klumpozyte.
64.4  Shinrarta Dezhra  - H - Ship discounts Permit locked, you need at least one Elite grade to gain access. Jameson station has a 10% Discount on everything, all ships and all modules available for sale, and the station also sells a rare commodity (Waters of Shintara). As a popular station, there can sometimes be griefers around so be careful.
64.8  Amadioha  - A - Installation Huge scientific installation. Image Source(s):ExoForce. See this video.
65.6  LFT 37  - L - Canyon Runners Do some canyon running here. LFT 37 planet 6A at coordinates -13.2 / 43.48 as mentioned here.
Base Jumping 6 A at -13.2, 43.48 An awesome icy SRV racing circuit (Alec Turner) with 0.08g gravity. For more info see this image and this video and this video. Visual signposts for the route see this link Source(s):Alec Turner
66.6  Aldebaran  - M - Megaship Fishers Rest A dockable megaship, Sources(s): ape808
Megaships Fishers Rest (dockable).
68.0  Belu  - M - Installation Comm's installation (CQC tunnels, etc). Image. Source(s):TheTick
Wreckage B 1 (7.15, -40.13) There is a crashed Anaconda here. Head for 7.15, -40.13. Check out CMDR Scott's Page for more details. There should be some goodies lying around the site as well.
68.6  Rhea  - H - Capital ship dock Balandin Gateway Capital ship dock. Image Image Image Source(s):The New Number Two
68.9  BD+26 2184  - H - Anyone System dedicated to an E.D. player’s deceased mother, “Kathy McBrayer”. Visit and say a quick prayer to the mother of all space explorers, see this link. An image of the planet named after her is here.
69.4  Artemis  - M - Asteroid Stations Freeholm An asteroid station, 2,529 Ls from the entry star. Shown in the video here, Sources(s): Cmdr PanPiper
69.7  Neits  - M - Capital ship dock Imperial Capital ship dock. Source(s):Eldrich Stark
71.6  Kappa Fornacis  - M - Installation Agricultural installation. Image Image Image. Source(s):Backer #-4112, Keybuk
72.2  Timbalderis  - M - Materials Hunter Planet Timbalderis AB1D has 2.7% Arsenic, a high level for a bubble system..
72.6  Maya  - H - Megaships Aquarius Class Tanker KGD-684 (*moving).
74.1  Olgrea  - H - Megaships Demeter Class Agricultural Vessel DGL-436 (*moving). See this image.
75.4  Halai  - H - Capital ship dock Chaudhary Enterprise Federal Capital ship dock. Image. Source(s):Lingand
75.7  Nyx  - H - Megaships near Ali City Dionysus Class agricultural vessel (*moving). See this [video].
75.9  LP 339-7  - M - Surface structures 4A Landable base with biomes (Earth's Inheritance Wildlife Reserve). See this image.
76.3  Rahu  - M - Installation Over the rings of Rahu 1 An Unauthorised Installation. Image. Source(s):The New Number Two
76.7  LTT 8517  - H - Traders One of the cheapest sources of Imperial Slaves.
78.6  Gateway  - M - Megaship Orbiting planet Hope Hercules Class Cargo Ship (*moving). Collinson Class Asteroid Ship is a non-dockable combined megaship and asteroid station, see this image, Sources(s): Voubi and AlistairHope. There are common engineering materials floating around the ship but nothing to scan. There are other ships flying around the megaship but mostly they are security forces or bounty hunters, every now and then a low level pirate turns up and gets quickly turned into scrambled egg. Feels like a LO-RES in nature so a possible spot for beginners to pick up a few bounties.
79.4  Ngalkin  - M - Installation A 1 C Giant Civilian installation (CQC structure with tunnels, etc). See this image. Source(s):777Driver, Alec Turner
79.7  R Coronae Austrini  Explorers A crazy disco light like star as shown here. Looks like changes in Elite Dangerous have been made as the behaviour of this star seems more muted now although it is still super hot like a White Dwarf or Neutron star (although it is listed as a type B).
81.2  Sun Takush  - L - Canyon Runner Has a deep ice canyon. See this reddit link for more details.
81.5  Yimanbin  - H - Traders One of the cheapest sources of Imperial Slaves. Knight Gateway (M) is listed by EDDB as having very cheap Imperial Slaves for sale
83.6  Felkan  - M - Asteroid Stations Jack's Town An asteroid station, 647 Ls from the entry star
84.9  Lidpar  - M - Installation A2 B Scientific installation. See these images: Image Image. Source(s):Chri5topher, rootsrat
85.8  Karis  - M - Space installations AB 2 Hidden installation (lair of Pirate Lord Luca). See this image.
86.5  Chujohimba  - H - Canyon Runners Do some canyon running here. Chujohimba B2 as mentioned here. Bit of a trek to get there though apparently. Also one of the cheapest places in the bubble to buy Imperial Slaves see Eddb.
87.7  Akandinigua  - L - Megaship Body 5 A dockable megaship by the name Tiliala's Lament. See this image. This is an extraction station which, unusually for a megaship, has a shipyard.
88.5  Gacrux  - H - Traders One of the cheapest sources of Imperial Slaves. Ramanujan Terminal (L) is listed by EDDB as having very cheap Imperial Slaves for sale
89.1  Zelano  - H - Installation A 4 Medical installation. Description. Source(s):Keybuk
89.6  Skardee  - L - Explorers A super hot planet only 1 or 2 Ls away from the entry star as explained here.
89.7  Guaras  - M - Capital ship dock Klimuk Ring Capital ship dock. Source(s):K M Butler
90.0  Asgaa  - M - Megaship Bowman Class Science Vessel Bowman Class Science Vessel (*moving). A non-dockable megaship, see this image. Sources(s): AlistairHope
90.7  Vucub Huan  - L - Bounty Hunters In the Codorain area, ALL the factions were present in this system at one point so you could cash-in all your Empire, Alliance and Federation bounties in one go. I believe this is no longer the case but there are definitely Federation, Empire and Alliance factions in the local area so it should be possible to sell all your bounties by visiting this system and another nearby. Here EDDB lists the factions that are currently present in the system.
91.0  Nevermore  - H - Installation A1 Giant Civilian installation (Long structure). Image. Source(s):777Driver, Alec Turner. There are some satellites and a navigation beacon here as well although they do not seem to yield anything when scanned. There are quite a few ships including some security ships hanging around the installation and pirates appear every now and again. Feels like a LO-RES so beginners could get some bounties here.
91.2  Aku  - L - Hi-g-Landers High g planetary landing challenge. Planet 1 has a gravitational pull of 3.5g, thats 3.5 times that of earth. Try to land without splatting your spaceship. There is some kind of ground facility here (no docking facilities) called Sturgeon Works.
92.0  Pohnpet  - M - Megaship Bellmarsh Class Prisoner Ship Bellmarsh Class Prisoner Ship (*moving). Near planetary object 2A. See this image image. Sources(s): Cocalarix and 274 Below
93.0  Grabrigpa  - M - Space installations 2 Agricultural installation. See this image.
93.5  Sifjar  - M - Megaships A 4 Hogan Class Bulk Cargo Ship DAL-658 (*moving). See this image.
95.2  Idununn  - H - Megaships 7A Samson Class Bulk Cargo Ship (*moving). See this image.
95.7  Imiutli  - L - Megaships Riker Class Prison Ship (not dockable) (*moving). See this image.
97.2  Antobri  - H - Capital ship dock Treshchov Dock Capital ship dock. See this image. Source(s):IronAnode
97.8  Mandhrithar  - H - Space installations A1 Security installation. See this image.
98.9  Leucos  - M - Wreckage Body A 5 A at -36.1280, -45.2436 Leucos Crashed Ship. A wrecked Anaconda, like the Orrere crash site there are collectible rare raw materials here and some cannisters of valuable metals (Palladium, Gold, Beryllium and Bertrandite). However, this wreck only has 1 cargo hold to loot. See this Canonn codex entry for more details.
99.4  LP 389-95  INRA Planet 7, 57.96, 50.03 An old INRA base, Velasquez Medical Research Center at Bearing : 57.96, 50.03. Discovery credits to: Solderkiller.
99.8  Pomeche  - L - Base Jumping 2C ("Epic Mountain Range" tourist beacon) at 24.9590, 27.9263 Epic mountain on Pomeche 2C (Schimz), (Toberius) A great base jumping location with 0.07 G gravity and a landing which is good. For more info see video and this video Source(s):Alec Turner
101.4  Bilfrost  - H - Megaships AB 3 Thomas Class Bulk Cargo Ship (*moving). See this image.
104.6  Har Pahary  - H - Base Jumping Har Pahary 1 at -40.1137, 75.0169 Canyon jumping & racing (Arkadi) A great base jumping and racing location under 0.07g gravity. This place is well suited for beginners. It features steep canyon walls, it isn't terrible high and the bottom of the canyon invites for exploring and racing. A special bonus to this location is, that there is the Coriolis Starport "Leonard Station" right next to the Source(s):Alec Turner
105.0  Yum Kamcabi  - M - Megaship The Harmony A dockable megaship! See this image and this video. Sources(s): askavir and Jon Flint
105.4  Jamuxa  - H - Traders One of the cheapest sources of Imperial Slaves.
106.2  Mundjiga  - H - Traders When not on duty, the empire capital ship INV Replicator is stationed nearby to Sagan Port.
107.3  Tapirape  - M - Megaships A 2 Hogan Class Bulk Carrier (*moving).
110.0  Zoqui Xuang  - H - Capital ship dock Hoften Enterprise Station Capital ship dock. Image Source(s):jumpingclear
110.3  Nervi  - L - Base Jumping 3A at 22.5596, 113.1018 Mount Nervi - a leap of faith (Susanna) A great base jumping location with 0.09g gravity. For more info see this video Source(s):Alec Turner
110.3  Isinor  - M - Space installations near Maodun Unauthorised installation (nice tunnels). See this image.
111.1  Lemovi  - M - Capital ship dock Royo Dock Capital ship dock. Source(s):K M Butler
111.6  LTT 4961  - M - Asteroid bases Greg's legacy.
114.0  Orrere  - A - Wreckage
Materials Hunters
Planet 2B, at lat./longt. 43.8122, -173.9826 Wreckage of an Annaconda. Fill up on Tellurium, Ruthenium, Antimony and Tungsten here. There are 3 cargo racks close to the wreckage, destroy them and they will release these rare materials. Antimony does not drop very often, but be patient it does drop. Log out and log in and start all over again until you have had your fill. It is hard to get to since it is in a difficult spot to reach. Head for 43.8122, -173.9826. Managed to land my cutter at 43.8191, -173.9291 right in front of the wreckage. There is also some Palladium, Gold and Berylium down there but the main goal is the rare materials. However, if your a starter looking for some free cash, then go down and collect the Palladium, Gold and Beryllium just lying around. Check out the link here. Scan the Annaconda before you leave and you will get a marker on the map for the next time you need to return. Still working as of 19-12-2017.
114.5  Lave  - M - Asteroid Stations Warinus An asteroid station, 861 Ls from the entry star
Bounty Hunting
Rare traders
Asteroid Stations
The is not just about Lave but about the systems in and around the Lave area. Many of these systems in this area are pretty in themselves with lots of colourful ringed planets hence the good BH opportunities, however they are all long since depleted reserves so no good for miners. The main point is that this is a well known spot to pick up a bunch of rare trading items. Here is a link to some rare trading routes that include systems in the Lave area. There is allso an asteroid station in this system called Warinus.
114.8  Airsetanoa  - A - Capital ship docks military installation Federal capital ship dock. See this image.
115.0  Mandh  - H - Capital ship docks Gaensler City Imperial capital ship dock at the Gaensler City station. See this gallery. Looks like I am the first one to report this discovery (as opposed to the first to find it)

The system name links through to EDDB where details of the stations in the system and their facilities can be obtained and also trade opportunities etc. (when it is available).

To change the search carefully type in the new system name (and optionally the maximum search distance)
(Optionally, Ly )

Most of the resources systems here I have found myself but many I have found on the elite dangerous forums and have given the links and credit where necessary. For Ship docks, Megaships, Installations and Asteroid bases I mostly used the information supplied by Alec Turner and AlistairHope.

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