Pristine Metallic Ring systems - Sol

Nearest Pristine Metallic Ring systems to Sol up to a maximum distance of 500 Ly (Change search)

  - A permit is required to enter this system.
  - This system is populated.
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Source Mining Equipment Notes
32.4 LFT 65 4A Uninhabited. A white dwarf system so watch out when entering the system.
51.0 LHS 2661 6A Uninhabited. A white dwarf system so watch out when entering the system.
83.1 Delkar 7A - L - Only the planetary station stocks Collector Limpet Controllers and no A rated ones at that so you'll have to kit up elsewhere. I have mined this ring several times and alway found it to be a bit dark. However, with the new night vision this should not be a problem.
92.8 Algol A4A Pret-ty. An uninhabited system within the bubble.
100.9 HR 8514 5A - L - Beware an Anarchy system controlled by a pirate faction. There is a large Ocellus Starport, Hennen Station and an outpost, Coleman Hub, near to the target ring. Hennen Station has a great stock of mining equipment.
104.3 20 Ophiuchi 6A - H -
106.9 Njikan 4A - M - The only station (a large one at that) is Smeaton Port on planet 3A although it does have a top-notch selection of mining gear and a healthy market.
109.0 Frey 4A - H - Garratt Station, a large industrial station, is near to the ring and has a very good selection of mining equipment and a healthy market. The PMR is extremely large
109.1 GCRV 375 2A, 4A An uninhabited system within the bubble. One of the gas giants has a water world orbiting it.
109.5 GCRV 1568 AB1A - M -
109.9 Tofana 2A - L -
109.9 21 Eridani ABCD4A
110.2 Bhotho AB3A - M -
113.3 Firenses 2A - L -
114.4 Polahukuna A1A - M - Nearby Hardy Dock has an excellent stock of mining equipmeny, only the 5A and 7A limpet controllers are not present (but the B rated ones and below are).
115.4 LHS 5180 1A - L -
116.2 Hyades Sector DB-X d1-112 1A, 2A An uninhabited system within the bubble. The two PMR planets are co-orbiting each other. One of the PMR planets is a water world
117.7 Col 285 Sector OS-T d3-148 3A An uninhabited system within the bubble. Great for peaceful mining. Close to Deciat, 19 Ly.
119.6 LHS 3388 2A - L -
119.7 BD-08 2963 2A - L - There are 3 stations nearby, 2 outposts and a planetary one. They are all extraction stations, so no good for selling. The planetary station has a good stock of mining lasers and prospector controllers but only size 1 and 2 refineries and no collector limpet controllers. The PMR is 4147 Ls from the entry star.
121.7 Wargis 13A - M - An Industrial system well within the bubble.
122.4 Alowis 3A - L -
123.1 HIP 13644 1A - M - An industrial system near to Hi-Tech system of Diaguandri but get your mining gear at the latter at Ray Gateway (15% price reduction on all gear) which has a pretty good mining gear stockage.
123.2 HIP 8865 2A - H - There is a large station, Solvyev Orbital, on the co-orbiting gas giant of the PMR planet. It has a very good selection of mining equipment and a healthy market.
124.1 Ras Elased Borealis 8A, 9A
124.4 San Xiang 1A - L -
124.5 HD 122510 BC2A
124.8 38 Lyncis 4A - M - There is a large Orbis Starport, MacLeod Market orbiting the small planet that co-orbits the PMR planet. It is an agricultural station with no mining equipment at all.
125.1 HIP 107805 2A - M -
125.6 HIP 93377 4A - M - Kooi Gateway, a large Industrial/Extraction station, is very close to the PMR and has a reasonable selection of mining equipment and a healthy market. There is also an outpost near to the ring but it has no Commodities Market or Outfitting. The High-Tech system of Jonai is nearby.
125.8 G Scorpii B4A - H - A bit of a trek (circa 24000 Ls out) but this is compensated for by a large industrial station, Roberts Ring that orbits the PMR planet. This station has an excellent selection of mining equipment.
127.6 Ceti Sector CL-Y d57 AB9A
127.8 HR 5048 1A
128.9 HIP 20441 A3A - L -
130.1 HR 560 5A An uninhabited system within the bubble. Great for peaceful mining.
130.4 HIP 43296 5A - H - Huge population. 2 large stations on the red dwarf hosting the ring
130.7 Bhare A3A - M - The only large station with any decent facilities is Pacheco Orbital. It has a good selection of mining lasers and refineries but virtually no limpet controllers what so ever.
132.2 Umaitis 5A - M -
132.8 HIP 27528 5A Within the bubble, but uninhabited. A large PMR.
133.1 HR 415 1A - L -
133.3 60 Herculis 3A, 6A - M - Lots of ringed planets, and many RESs of all shapes and sizes if you fancy some bounty hunting. Ringed planets 3 and 4 have a beautiful vistas as they are a co-orbital pair and you can see the other in the background.
133.4 Badjarans AB1A - M -
134.8 Ross 919 1A
134.8 HR 1201 1A - M -
135.4 HIP 22224 ABC3A - M -
135.5 Alrai Sector JC-V c2-28 12A - M -
136.4 Hajong 2A - M - Orbiting the PMR is a large industrial station that buys all PMR commodities Crampton Dock. It seems to stock all mining equipment as well.
136.5 Omicron Capricorni B B1A - H -
137.2 Gurus CD4A - M - A single ring ideal for beginners and a big one at that. A large Hi Tech station Dantec Hub orbits the PMR, it offers good prices for all PMR commodities. The ring and station are 106000 Ls out from the entry star though so it is a bit of a trek.
137.3 20 Arietis 3A - M -
138.0 HIP 28122 ABC1A - H - There is a planetary colony with services nearby. Pirate faction seems to have a strong powerbase here (circa 10% influence)
138.2 Basuki An 1A - H -
138.8 HIP 49846 3A - M -
139.2 HIP 62039 3A
139.2 HIP 43358 1A - L - Within the bubble.There be pirates here, oo-aaarrh. A single outpost, 'Watts Terminal', (no large landing pads) orbits the PMR planet and it has few facillities.
139.3 18 Camelopardalis C1A Es espectacular, well worth scanning. This system is in the bubble but uninhabited. It has a neutron star, a terraformable planet that has its own asteroid belt, and finally, a type 4 gas giant that has a pristine metallic ring. My system scan netted 240000 CR. There are many Metal Rich planets and all the moons around the PMR gas giant are metal rich
139.4 HIP 90004 2A - L -
139.9 HIP 84182 2A - M -
140.0 Lyncis Sector JR-W c1-12 5A
140.4 HR 6421 4A, 5A - A -
140.7 Gliese 9407 A1A - L -
140.9 HIP 72221 6A - H -
141.0 HIP 8548 A6A - M -
141.5 Toroesing 6A - M -
141.6 Iota Cassiopeiae C3A 149000 Ls out so a bit of a trek.
142.4 Nuitu 5A - M - Lots of ringed planets here.
142.5 HIP 17950 ABCD2A, ABCD4A
142.6 Hyades Sector QD-S c4-0 1A
143.0 Auscabs 2A - M -
143.0 Harma A7A - M - Archone Delaine headquarter system. There are many planets here and several stations of various sizes. The ringed planet of interest has a military station
143.4 HIP 44890 10A - M -
143.6 HIP 39418 1A, 2A - M -
143.9 Hmontabozho AB2A - L -
144.3 HIP 42279 A5A - L -
144.6 HIP 45879 5A
144.8 60 Tauri CD7A - H -
144.9 HR 5307 8A - H - A colourful system with many ringed planets. The PMR planet has an industrial station Hopkins Enterprise nearby with a selection of mining equipment (but no class 2 mining laser).
145.0 HIP 52780 3A, 5A - H - Within the bubble.
145.0 HIP 84633 1A - L -
145.1 Caucini 4A - M - Williams Refinery which orbits the PMR planet has a very limited choice of mining equipment so look elsewhere.
145.6 Phraces 1A - L -
145.8 HIP 14922 3A - M -
145.9 HIP 75446 1A - M - Only one planet, with a single orbiting station (Crowley station, but it is a mining station and sells just everything equipment-wise required for mining: all collector and prospector limpet controllers, mining lasers and refineries (excepy the 3A). There is also a couple of mining planetary stations (one of which does sell the 3A refinery)
145.9 Pegasi Sector CL-X c1-17 1A
146.9 HIP 19796 A2A, A5A - M -
147.0 HR 7297 6A - M -
147.2 Volciates A12A - H - Bobko Orbital is a station here that provides a reasonable selection of mining equipment
147.5 Silinja 2A - L -
147.8 Tehuevi 2A - M -
148.0 Maidareldi 1A - L - This is a big (single) ring, 133000 km of pristine metallic bling, the biggest in the bubble I think, although the standard system image provided makes it look small. It is also a single ring close that is close to the arrival star, ideal for beginners.
148.0 Visto A2A, A3A - L - The 2 pristine ringed planets form an orbiting pair. One of the ringed planets has a planetary station nearby called Makeev Bastion, it has limited mining outfitting options (you'll have to bring your own gear with you) and no commodity market but can have beautifiul views of the ringed red gas giant that it orbits. Has a compromised Nav beacon.
148.2 Goibniugo 6A - L -
148.2 Irusan 2A - H - Large Industrial station Bella Port orbits the giant PMR ring.
148.5 Col 285 Sector AR-L c8-14 1A
148.5 Kehperi 1A - L -
149.0 HIP 89100 2A - L - Pirate infested, near the edge of the bubble. The single large planetary station is a military station with limited mining outfitting.
149.9 Alrai Sector AQ-Y d64 1A
150.1 Hambo AB2A - L -
150.3 HIP 66754 BCDE4A - M - Near the edge of the bubble. In system Jendrassik Settlement has preety good mining equipment except that the biggest refinery it stock is a 2B. This PMR is around 84000 Ls away from this station and the entry star so expect a bit of a trek to get there.
150.6 Ochosag 1A - M -
150.8 HIP 100259 3A
150.9 Alkupai 12A - M - This is an inner ring of a T-Tauri star so no groping in the dark necessary. 100000 km of pristine metallic bling, this is a biggy although the standard system image makes it look small.
150.9 Buluujja 8A - L -
151.2 HR 8210 AB1A - L - Lots of Pirate Lords here for some reason. Ring of interest is about 4200 Ls out. There is an Industrial station here and a Hi-Tech system (Suya) nearby.
151.6 HIP 12087 7A - L -
151.7 HR 6012 A4A
151.8 Hyades Sector EB-X d1-106 5A - L -
152.4 Col 285 Sector TE-Q d5-116 2A
152.4 Lyncis Sector HR-W c1-8 1A
152.7 HIP 39908 9A - L -
152.8 HIP 73269 A1A - H - Pournelle Terminal has a great stock of mining equipment (except class 3 refineries) but it is about 70000 Ls out from the main star and the PMR.
152.9 HIP 113894 A3A - M - There is an outpost on the ringed planet of interest, Cheli Survey that has some mining equipment. The only large station is a planetary refinery Pierce Enterprise
153.0 HIP 67120 4A An uninhabited system within the bubble, but close to the edge of it.
153.4 Latugara 7A - H -
153.7 HIP 17213 2A
153.8 69 Upsilon Tauri ABC4A - M -
154.0 Sapiety 3A - M -
154.1 HIP 71572 A2A - L -
154.1 HIP 62118 A2A - M -
154.2 Col 285 Sector KY-H c10-14 6A
154.6 Hyades Sector KC-U c3-21 5A
154.7 HR 1358 AB8A
154.7 HIP 22203 8A
154.8 HIP 61907 3A - L -
154.9 HIP 25052 2A About 30 Ly from Ix. Within the bubble but uninhabited.
155.0 58 Epsilon Herculis 2A, 3A, 5A - M - Near the top of the bubble. There are 2 stations orbiting planet 2 (first moon) and together they have a good selection of mining equipment, the coriolis station (Thurston Dock) has a lot of choice for limpet controllers but does not seem to have a class 2 mining laser but the planetary station does.
155.3 HIP 108174 2A
155.4 HIP 57352 6A - M - There is a miltary base on the closest moon with outfitting facilities and a commodities market
155.7 Bhagui 3A - M -
155.9 HIP 14134 2A - L - An inhabited system within the bubble.
156.7 HIP 108602 AB4A - A -
156.8 HIP 92915 2A - M -
156.9 Col 285 Sector SL-Z b15-3 11A - M -
157.0 Nashira B6A - M - 194102 Ls from the entry star.
157.1 50 Cassiopeiae A1A - M -
157.3 Narvert 3A - M -
157.9 HIP 2311 2A - L -
158.1 HIP 78251 10A - L - There is a planetary military station, Arnuson Depot orbiting the PMR planet
158.1 HR 4720 1A, 3A - M -
158.4 HIP 60953 ABC8A - M - A high tech system.
158.4 Hyades Sector EB-X d1-104 6A - L -
158.7 HIP 77838 3A - M -
159.2 Alkes 3A, 4A - M -
159.2 Wolf 202 10A - A - An inhabited system within the bubble. The only dockable station is a planetary one, 'Kozin Market', on planet 1, that has no outfitting possibities. System is controlled by a mafia group.
159.4 Bhado 4A - L -
159.4 Bobalduro AB3A - M -
159.7 HIP 53049 7A About 120Ly outside the bubble and at the very top. Nearest supply station is Isherwood Dock at 80 Leonis which has an excellent stock of mining equipment (not listed in EDDB)
159.7 Lalande 35998 A3A - L -
159.7 HIP 21991 1A, 2A - H - There is a large station on the 2A ring. The metallic ring planets are a co-orbiting pair.
159.9 Deuriara B2A - M - About 14000Ly from the main star.
160.2 HIP 73765 1A - L - Near the top edge of the bubble. Atiyah Terminal in nearby HIP 76156 has a great selection of mining equipment, and equipment generally (you can buy and outfit an Asp Explorer for exploration here).
160.2 HIP 60230 A2A - L - Only 30 Ls from the main star. Near the edge of the bubble, many pirates. A small single ring (so good for beginners). about 2500 km from inner to outer radius.
160.3 HIP 68348 AB3A, AB7A
160.5 HIP 113905 1A An uninhabited system within the bubble. The PMR is on the first planet about 920 Ls out.
160.5 HIP 18339 5A - M -
161.4 Arietis Sector HH-V c2-9 2A
161.6 HIP 113695 3A An uninhabited system within the bubble.
161.6 HIP 48703 4A
161.7 Col 285 Sector MT-G c11-10 AB1A At the top of the bubble but within it.
161.7 Wolf 1458 3A - M -
161.7 Gamahine 2A - M -
161.8 HIP 118213 3A - M - Metallic ring is very close to sun, 20Ly. Surface temp is 4661K, hmmm, could be a walk-in barby this one. It is a single ring so good for starters.
162.3 Zeta Octantis 3A, 4A An uninhabited system within the bubble. Great for peaceful mining.
162.6 HIP 104504 12A - L - Baillaud Ring has a reasonably good selection of mining equipment and is not far from the entry star. It is an industrial station with good prices for metals.
163.5 HIP 10079 7A - M -
163.8 HIP 16607 1A - H - The "Thome Gateway" station is near the ring and has muchos mining gear
163.8 HIP 87100 6A - M -
163.8 Wolf 1415 2A - L -
163.9 HIP 67203 1A, 3A
163.9 Gendenwitha A1A, A2A - M - Planet A2 and A3 are co-orbiting and together they have pristine metallic, rich metal, rocky and ice rings. Filipchenko Gateway, a large Industrial/Extraction station, is very close to the PMR and has a reasonable selection of mining equipment and a healthy market.
164.0 HIP 70025 3A - L - A terraforming system.
164.1 Bhaga 7A, 8A - M - The stations are very near the entry star and both Schiltberger Dock and Meaney Dock (no large landing pads) have good mining outfitting facilities. The 2 ringed PMR planets co-orbit each other.
164.4 HR 4350 5A Near the edge of the bubble.
164.4 HIP 72353 AB2A - M -
164.4 Col 285 Sector ND-S d4-91 6A
164.5 HR 3277 6A - M - There is a large station orbiting the metallic ringed planet.
164.5 HIP 17747 2A, 4A An uninhabited system within the bubble.
164.7 Salikians 1A, 3A - M - A high tech system on the edge of the bubble. Coriolis station Gardner Port orbits planet 2 close to PMR 1A. Internal trade, take Resonating Separators to Bloomfield Ring and return with Indium or Superconductors to Gardner Port (just over 500 Cr per ton each way).
164.8 Cerari 2A - L -
164.8 HR 1385 10A - L -
165.1 Chertan 2A - H - Industrial station Elgin Hub orbits the PMR planet and has just about everything mining equipment wise.
165.1 Bankoni 1A - L -
165.2 HIP 13588 4A
165.2 Parowah 5A - A - Only outposts, no large stations.
165.2 Col 285 Sector XK-O d6-56 2A - L -
165.2 Hyades Sector FB-X d1-41 4A, 5A - A - An inhabited system near the edge of the bubble.
165.4 Atins 2A - H -
165.5 Col 285 Sector UK-E c12-32 1A
165.6 Krangwe 4A, 5A - M -
165.6 Hydrae Sector CW-V b2-2 5A
165.7 HIP 109310 A2A - L - All the dockable stations (2 outposts and a planetary station) are at the second star 200000 odd Ls out. Local pirates have a large influence so watch your back.
165.7 Tiraon 2B - M - The metallic ring is the outer one, the first time I have ever seen that. I almost missed it! For this reason it is a biggy (outer rings are often by far the biggest portion of the overall ring)
165.7 Yakaldukpe 1A - L -
165.7 HR 5473 B1A - H - Lots of ringed planets here so lots of RES bounty hunting possibilities. The pristine metallic ringed one has an orbiting outpost but it is about 61525 Ls out
165.7 HIP 111748 A6A
166.1 HIP 20491 6A - L -
166.3 HIP 100449 5A - M -
166.3 71 Omicron Geminorum 2A, 6A - M - Populated butonly 2 Medium pad stations (and a planetary pirate colony) in this system
166.8 Hyades Sector KD-S c4-6 A13A - L - An inhabited system on the edge of the bubble. The only station with docking facilities is 'Bose Penal Colony', a planetary military station on the moon A13I (the last moon orbiting the PMR planet).
166.8 HIP 50366 A3A
166.9 HIP 76982 9A - M - Hugh Horizons has an excellent of mining equipment and it orbits the PMR planet.
167.0 Macua 2A - L -
167.1 HIP 80266 6A - M - The nearby station at Cavalieri Dock has a good selection of mining equipment (but no A rated limpet controllers) and pays good prices for any metals.
167.4 HIP 81716 2A, 3A Just inside the bubble, an uninhabited system.
167.7 Toluku AB4A - H - Industrial station Roberts Ring only 80 Ls from the entry point to the system has an excellent range of mining equipment.
167.9 Eta Aquarii 4A, 5A - L - The metallic ringed planets are in an orbiting pair. There is an outpost orbiting one of these planets
168.2 Col 285 Sector AL-O d6-116 5A
168.5 HIP 20187 AB1A, AB2A An uninhabited system within the bubble. Great for peaceful mining. The 2 ringed planets form a co-orbiting pair
168.7 HIP 81755 6A, 7A, 8A - L -
168.7 Arietis Sector ZZ-Y c8 2A
168.8 HIP 17272 3A, 7A - H - The are 2 stations here each with an excellent range of mining equipment: Zebrowski Orbital, and Hendon Hub. The former is a large station only 50 Ls from the entry star, whilst the latter is an outpost 87 Ls from the main entry star. PMR 3A is only 150 Ls from the main entry star.
169.1 Col 285 Sector HX-G b12-1 3A
169.3 HIP 50070 7A
169.4 Nipiates 2A - M -
169.6 HIP 43054 AB4A - M -
169.6 HIP 19870 2A An uninhabited system within the bubble.
169.8 Paesia 2A - L -
169.8 HIP 59357 1A Near the edge of the bubble, an uninhabited system.
169.9 Bhumliaurt 10A - L -
170.0 Scorpii Sector DL-Y d125 5A An uninhabited system within the bubble, perfect for peaceful mining.
170.3 HIP 114099 4A - L - Beware, has a large pirate group present. The PMR is is about 2500 Ls out.
170.6 HIP 98329 7A
170.8 HIP 7245 4A - L -
170.9 HIP 36509 1A, 5A - M - An inhabited system containing 2 planetary statons, a military one and a colony. EDDB has little info on either.
170.9 Col 285 Sector BW-Z b15-3 1A
171.0 Arietis Sector HW-W c1-16 5A Just inside the bubble.
171.0 HIP 19934 1A - L -
171.1 18 Delta Cygni 2A Uninhabited system at the edge of the bubble. Only around 5 Ly to the nearest inhabited system.
171.2 HIP 116352 ABC3A - M -
171.2 Col 285 Sector MD-S d4-44 3A
171.3 HIP 104549 6A - L -
171.4 Pegasi Sector IR-W d1-105 2A
171.4 HR 5179 2A, 4A, 4B Near the top of the bubble. Also contains a water world. Uninhabited.
172.1 Jura 7A - L - There are several stations close to the entry star.
172.1 Col 285 Sector LT-G c11-11 2A
172.2 HIP 54375 3A
172.3 Jeit 6A - M -
172.5 HIP 53437 3A - L -
172.6 HIP 113128 2A - M -
172.6 HIP 20082 3A
172.6 Hyades Sector JM-V c2-7 4A
173.3 Col 285 Sector QN-T d3-77 A6A, B8A - L - Inhabited system at the edge of the bubble. Pirates are here. Herndon Plant is the only station with docking facilities (a planetary refinery) but is over 100000 Ls away from the entry star
173.8 Col 285 Sector WK-V b16-3 8A
173.8 Sawahinn 5A - M -
173.9 HIP 4005 5A - M -
173.9 HIP 61632 3A, 5A - M -
174.0 HIP 14194 2A - L - Watch out, this is a pirate infested system. There is a planetary station, Cartier Landing close to the PMR of interest but it has no outfitting facilities.
174.1 Koboga 2A - L - On the edge of the bubble. A very compact system. Only one station, Brundage Dock, which has no Restock or Outfitting facilities.
174.4 HIP 35185 A2A, A3A - M -
174.4 Col 285 Sector JE-L b23-2 5A
174.5 HIP 94516 3A
174.5 Col 285 Sector RU-E c12-6 4A - L -
174.5 HIP 20567 1A
174.7 Col 285 Sector JP-J b24-0 1A
174.7 HIP 51652 1A, 4A - M -
174.9 Arietis Sector EB-X c1-7 2A
175.1 Col 285 Sector UE-G c11-27 6A - L -
175.2 Antliae Sector EG-Y d95 7A
175.3 Lyncis Sector OS-U b2-5 5A
175.4 69 e Herculis 4A - L - Near the edge of the bubble.
175.5 Lalande 34968 AB8A - L -
175.6 HIP 90753 CDE2A - H - The pristine ring is on a planet that is one of an orbital pair, about 24000 Ls out. There is a large (Industrial) station orbitting the other planet in the pair
175.7 Tjupali 7A - M - The large starport Harrison City has a pretty good stock of mining equipment.
175.8 Col 285 Sector VP-E c12-18 1A
176.0 HIP 102130 2A, 2B An uninhabited system within the bubble. Great for peaceful mining. A double ring of bling! The only double ring I have ever seen. A good one for beginners worrying about where to mine as both rings are viable.
176.1 Col 285 Sector GS-I c10-11 A2A
176.4 Ross 131 2A On the edge of the bubble, 8.8 Ly from the nearest inhabited system, Hip 86385.
176.6 Shapalam 7A - L -
177.0 44 Kappa Aurigae 4A An uninhabited system on the edge of the bubble.
177.1 Chamas C7A - M -
177.5 HIP 109330 1A - M - Only station here, an outpost around planet 2. It has RRR facilities but no outfitting. The PMR is 835 Ls from the entry star.
177.5 HR 8970 9A - L - Both stations in this system are planetary but the outfitting options of neither are listed in EDDB. One station, 'Vries Holdings', is a refinery, the other, 'Shaara Arsenal' is a military station. Both of these stations have all facilities, including a commodities market and outfitting. Only the second time I have seen this, but the planet with the PMR is a Water World.
177.6 HIP 33368 6A, 8A - M -
177.6 HIP 105192 A3A - A - A Hi-Tech system that has only planetary stations (Horizons). Tjakiri, another Hi-Tech system with non-planetary stations is nearby. The second star, around 9000 Ls out has 3 terraformable candidates and 2 water worlds so this system is defintely worth a detailed surface scan.
177.6 9 Comae Berenices 9A - L - An excellent system to scan with several earth like or water world type planets. Near the top of the bubble. There is a planetary base (a pirate base) on one of the moon of the ring of interest.
177.7 Col 285 Sector HD-I c10-15 8A - L - An inhabited system on the edge of the bubble. The galactic map shows it as having a terraforming economy but there are no terraformable planets. The only station 'Thuot Port' is an industrial planetary station and has no outfitting factilities but does have restock and repair facilities (and commodities).
177.8 HIP 1026 10A - L -
177.8 Yan Musu 8A - H -
178.0 Hydrae Sector JC-V c2-13 2A
178.1 HIP 51793 3A
178.1 Hyades Sector EB-X d1-94 B2A An uninhabited system within the bubble. The PMR is a little way out at 187272 Ls. There is a co-orbiting pair of terraformable Water-Worlds here, it is well worth coming here just to scan them.
178.2 HIP 27330 1A - L -
178.3 HIP 63548 1A - L -
178.6 HR 4324 3A, 6A
178.7 73 Ophiuchi 1A An uninhabited system at the edge of the bubble. A single gigantic ring, the biggest I have seen within the bubble so far. Use this link EDDB FInd Mining Gear, to find a place to kit up.
178.8 Col 285 Sector QS-Y b15-0 1A
178.8 Lyncis Sector FW-W c1-14 1A, 3A
178.9 64 G. Capricorni 3A - M -
179.1 Omicron Ursae Majoris 3A - M -
179.1 HR 2150 A5A An uninhabited system on the very border of the bubble.
179.2 HR 4673 8A - L - Near the top of the bubble. The only station is planetary one near the main star.
179.2 HR 484 1AA An uninhabited system near the edge of the bubble. Makes for some peaceful mining. A big ring.
179.3 HR 8461 6A, 7A - L - A system based around giant orange star near the edge of the bubble. There are no large stations here.
179.3 HIP 35219 2A - A -
179.5 HIP 79346 4A, 8A
179.6 Ngalites 5A - M -
180.0 HR 5458 6A
180.4 Col 285 Sector KM-V d2-106 5A - L - An inhabited system at the edge of the bubble.
180.4 HIP 94582 AB2A - L - Be careful, there are a lot of pirates here.
180.7 Col 285 Sector UZ-P d5-90 A6A - L -
  • Some of the rings have images associated with them, click on the ring name and the image will open in another tab. If the system is in EDDB then the name will automatically link you through to the system details in EDDB (when available) where you can find details on stations, prices, outfitting options, best places to sell, etc. .
  • The trouble with most trading sites/ data sources is that the data is often out of date within a few days. The best way to find a place to sell is to open the galaxy map and filter the map for Industrial and Hi-Tech systems and then look for those in an economic state of Boom, this can also be filtered in the galaxy map.The best stations to sell in are usually Hi-Tech stations followed by Industrial ones. However on the edge of the bubble trading data is usually non-existant or completely out of date so chances are you are on your own out there. ED updates trade prices frequently, and wars, boom and bust will all have an effect on the prices as well.
  • For a guide to mining check out the 'Mining' section in the links page: Elite dangerous links
To change the search carefully type in the new system name (and optionally the maximum search distance)
(Optionally, Ly )

I have found many mining systems some not known in any other sources, I am most proud of LFT 65 as it is near the centre of the bubble (the closest to Sol that I know of). I found it whilst doing detailed surface scans on all the White Dwarves within the bubble (they are very common within the bubble). I will make a list and an explanation as to why they are a good source of income some other time. My favourite pristine metallic ring is in the Alkupai system where the ring is around a Tauri T star so it is always lit up

Acknowledgement goes to Gorrister and his the Call of the Wild mining thread on the Frontier Forums. He has spent a lot of time collecting and checking systems. Another great source for this work (the original source on pristine metallic rings, IMHO) is here, no name is given. Much of the work is due to the fastidious efforts of these 2 peeps, I am just the techie putting it together. We now have over 170 pristine metallic rings and the list is still growing!

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