Pristine Metallic Ring systems - Maia

Nearest Pristine Metallic Ring systems to Maia up to a maximum distance of 500 Ly (Change search)

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  - This system is populated.
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Source Mining Equipment Notes
4.3 Merope 1A, 4A - M - An inhabited system very close to Maia.
6.4 Celaeno 1A - L - Another uninhabited system very close to Maia. A single ring so very easy for beginners, land anywhere in the ring. There is a coriolis starport, Artemis Lodge, only a couple of hundred metres away from the ring.
7.2 Pleiades Sector GW-W c1-15 13A Uninhabited and not far from Maia. Quite a compact system with many planets that can be scanned. Has a large ringed water world.
11.1 HIP 17694 A2A, B8A - M - Near to Merope.
11.2 HIP 17497 A1A - M - An uninhabited system outside the bubble close to Maia
13.7 HIP 17034 3A The ring is around a red dwarf.
16.4 HIP 17862 7A, 8A An uninhabited system outside the bubble and close to Merope
23.3 Pleiades Sector KC-V c2-4 6A - L - About 23 Ly from Maia
33.8 Pleiades Sector GW-W c1-7 A1A An uninhabited system outside the bubble close to Maia
41.1 Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-3 1A An uninhabited system, around 41 Ly from Maia
42.2 HIP 19054 1A, 3A An unpopulated system not far from Maia. The nearest populated system is HR 1185 which is 25 Ly away.
46.8 HIP 19382 AB1A
46.9 HIP 17729 A1A About 47 Ly from Maia
47.4 HIP 17401 A5A An uninhabited system, 47Ly away from Maia.
49.6 Pleiades Sector JC-V c2-9 2A
51.2 Pleiades Sector IR-W d1-76 B3A An uninhabited system outside the bubble 14 Ls from HIP 19072 and about 51 Ly from Maia. The PMR is about 68000 Ls from the entry star.
53.9 Pleiades Sector GW-W d1-60 5A
57.7 Pleiades Sector IR-W d1-48 7A An uninhabited system outside the bubble 14 Ls from HIP 19072 and about 58 Ly from Maia. The PMR is a biggey.
65.2 HIP 17043 AB3A An uninhabited system 65 Ly from Maia. The ring is only 132 Ls from the entry star.
67.3 HIP 15746 AB2A, AB2eA, AB3A Uninhabited and 67 Ly away from Maia. An interesting system with a PMR gas giant orbiting another larger PMR gas giant. There is also a ringed waterwold orbiting the larger PMR gas giant.
68.7 Pleiades Sector MN-T c3-9 AB1A Uninhabited system in the Maia area, 67 Ly from Maia itself but there are other inhabited systems nearer.
71.6 HIP 19496 1A
73.7 HIP 18431 3A
74.0 HIP 19036 3A
74.0 HIP 21275 A6A
74.2 HIP 17714 4A
74.8 HIP 16572 A3A, A5A
75.2 Pleiades Sector DB-O b6-2 5A
76.1 Pleiades Sector IR-W d1-50 11A, 9A An uninhabited system close to Maia
76.8 HIP 15937 1A
77.5 Pleiades Sector DG-O b6-0 3A Uninhabited, 40 Ly away from the inhabited system of Pleiades Sector OI-T C3-7 in the Maia area.
78.4 HIP 14080 2A An uninhabited system, 79Ly away from Maia. The PMR is only 40 Ls from the entry star.
78.4 HIP 15586 2A
79.1 Pleiades Sector VZ-O b6-3 7A
79.3 HIP 16813 B1A - L - This PMR ring is a long trek, about 207000 Ls (about 10 minutes flight) from the main entry star. An asteroid station, called Sister Sledge or something like that is in the ring of the first planet. As a service station, it offers good money for the 3Ps, gold and silver. There also is a HAZ-RES within 2 Ls.
80.0 Pleiades Sector LN-T c3-9 8A
80.0 HIP 18033 5A
80.8 Pleiades Sector IR-W d1-65 5A An uninhabited system about 80.1Ly from Maia. The PMR is around 950Ls from the entry star
84.1 HIP 19762 10A
84.3 HIP 18721 8A
84.7 HIP 17354 1A
84.7 Pleiades Sector CQ-Y c7 4A
85.7 HIP 16302 1A An uninhabited system 86 Ly from Maia. The ring is only 165 Ls from the entry star.
86.0 48 Epsilon Arietis 2A Uninhabited, in the Maia area, 86 Ly from it in fact.
87.2 Pleiades Sector GW-W d1-46 4A, 7A, 8A An uninhabited system with 3 PMRs. This beautiful system also has a terraformable high metal world and a large water world. It is 87.2 Ly from Maia and the nearest non permit locked system is Hip 19072 which is 52 Ly away.
87.9 HIP 16738 1A, 2A
89.2 Pleiades Sector AG-X c1-14 2A
89.5 HIP 17791 2A
90.2 Pleiades Sector FW-W d1-77 4A
90.4 4 s Tauri 1A Uninhabited, 46 Ly away from the inhabited system of Pleiades Sector OI-T C3-7 in the Maia area.
90.5 Pleiades Sector GW-W d1-49 A1A
91.3 HIP 15241 BCD4A
91.5 Pleiades Sector VE-Y b1-3 4A
92.8 Pleiades Sector YU-Y c7 2A
93.3 HIP 19317 AB6A, AB7A
93.4 HIP 15894 1A, 8A
95.0 HIP 14907 2A, 3A
97.0 Pleiades Sector FQ-X b1-1 2A
98.6 Pleiades Sector JR-W d1-39 8A
98.7 Pleiades Sector GW-W d1-39 7A
98.9 HIP 19215 4A, 7A
99.6 Pleiades Sector GW-W d1-55 8A
99.8 HIP 21283 6A
99.9 HIP 21639 2A, 4A
100.2 Struve's Lost Sector OI-T c3-10 A2A
100.3 HR 946 3A
101.0 HIP 18908 B5A
101.8 Mel 22 Sector HH-V d2-37 AB1A
102.2 Aries Dark Region HR-W d1-47 A2A
103.1 HIP 18297 A6A, A7A
103.3 Aries Dark Region QC-V b2-1 A1A
103.4 Aries Dark Region IM-V c2-5 12A
104.0 Struve's Lost Sector KN-J b9-1 ABC2A
104.5 Struve's Lost Sector HR-W d1-25 5A, 6A 104.5 Ly from Maia
104.7 Synuefe LD-A c17-3 AB1A, AB2A
104.9 Mel 22 Sector PI-T d3-45 6A
105.5 HIP 14554 A5A
106.5 Mel 22 Sector NT-Q c5-11 8A
106.8 Aries Dark Region IM-V c2-3 2A
107.2 HIP 23018 A2A
108.1 HIP 19055 2A
109.3 HIP 17995 1A
109.7 Mel 22 Sector OO-Q c5-6 1A, 2A
109.8 Col 285 Sector CV-Y d57 AB2A
110.0 HIP 19634 9A, 10A
112.4 HIP 19405 5A
112.7 Mel 22 Sector LI-S c4-13 2A
112.8 HIP 13530 2A
113.0 Taurus Dark Region DL-Y d54 ABC1A, ABC2A
113.0 HIP 16795 A10A, A7A
113.0 Taurus Dark Region OO-Q b5-2 7A
113.8 HIP 18007 4A
114.0 Mel 22 Sector UO-Q c5-5 3A
115.2 HIP 12742 2A
115.6 Aries Dark Region GL-Y c2 A1A, A3A
116.6 Mel 22 Sector WA-M b8-2 7A
118.0 HIP 13157 7A
119.2 Mel 22 Sector CG-O c6-1 A2A
119.3 HIP 14910 9A
119.9 HIP 21353 5A, 6A
120.4 Hyades Sector CA-Z b4 1A
120.4 HIP 11405 1A
120.6 HR 1307 1A, 9A, 11A An uninhabited system, the closest inhabited system is Maia, around 120 Ly away.
122.0 HIP 11539 AB4A, AB5A
122.3 Aries Dark Region IM-V c2-12 1A An uninhabited system around 44 Ly from the nearest inhabited system, Hip 16813.
123.0 HIP 19665 6A
124.3 HIP 18449 7A
124.9 42 n Persei A2A - M - The moon is around a metal rich planet close to the entry star.
125.1 Aries Dark Region HR-W d1-53 7A
125.3 Synuefe HZ-M d8-69 B8A
127.3 HIP 18709 2A
127.4 Col 285 Sector IR-V c2-4 A7A
127.9 HIP 16541 1A
128.0 Aries Dark Region HR-W c1-1 8A
128.7 HIP 21532 2A
128.8 Mel 22 Sector UT-R c4-4 1A
129.4 Aries Dark Region TT-Q b5-3 8A
129.8 HIP 23579 AB4A
130.4 Synuefe WU-X c17-13 8A An uninhabited system, the closest inhabited system is Maia.
130.9 Aries Dark Region HR-W d1-54 4A
130.9 HIP 18550 2A, 5A
130.9 Hyades Sector AQ-Y d37 6A
131.4 Col 285 Sector ZZ-Y d102 9A
131.9 Col 285 Sector ZZ-Y d26 3A
132.2 HIP 13175 1A
132.7 HIP 23632 5A, 8A, 8B
133.0 HIP 11981 A7A
133.6 Col 285 Sector UM-U b3-2 A5A
133.9 HIP 20472 A2A
134.1 Wregoe QA-W c15-19 5A
134.8 HIP 14600 A1A
135.0 HIP 19478 AB3A An uninhabited system with a single small PMR. The closest inhabited system is Maia, around 130 Ly away. The system also contains 2 neutron stars.
135.2 HIP 23139 6A
135.7 Aries Dark Region KS-T c3-3 2A
137.3 HIP 13974 A2A
138.1 HIP 22684 1A
138.3 Taurus Dark Region DB-X d1-26 5A
138.8 HIP 14969 AB2A, CD2A
139.7 Mel 22 Sector DB-X d1-47 6A
139.8 Mel 22 Sector FM-V d2-67 2A
140.5 Synuefe OV-K d9-56 7A
140.6 HIP 14477 3A
140.8 Wredguia VX-L d7-80 5A
141.5 Mel 22 Sector NI-T d3-47 5A
141.5 Synuefe UZ-X c17-10 1A
143.0 Hyades Sector BV-Y c6 BC3A
143.3 HIP 12740 A2A
143.4 Synuefe TF-U b36-2 A18A
143.7 HIP 23810 5A
145.4 Mel 22 Sector MC-V d2-39 2A
145.4 HIP 24538 9A
145.7 Taurus Dark Region IM-V c2-9 8A
145.8 HIP 13923 4A
146.2 Aries Dark Region DB-X d1-47 7A
146.2 HIP 22309 5A
146.7 Col 285 Sector FB-X d1-38 6A
147.0 Aries Dark Region QI-T c3-2 12A, 13A
147.1 Struve's Lost Sector NX-U c2-7 1A
147.2 HIP 19896 1A, 7A
148.6 85 Ceti B4A
149.0 Synuefe MK-M d8-20 A2A
149.0 HIP 21117 A1A
149.1 Taurus Dark Region FG-X b1-1 3A
149.2 HIP 21321 8A
149.7 Wredguia VX-L d7-47 5A
149.8 Col 285 Sector ZO-Z c9 1A
149.9 Wregoe RA-W c15-18 A3A A remote uninhabited system, the nearest populated system is HIP 19072 which is 122.3 Ly away
150.6 Hyades Sector AQ-Y d56 C5A
150.6 HIP 20486 A2A, A3A
151.2 Arietis Sector YJ-A c2 8A Uninhabited. A compact system, the 5th planet is a terraformable (so make sure you scan it). Around 40 Ly from the edge of the bubble.
151.3 17 AR Aurigae 3A, 6A A remote uninhabited system, the nearest populated system is HIP 19072 which is 131.4 Ly away
151.4 Mel 22 Sector FH-U c3-5 12A
151.5 Hind Sector EW-W d1-19 3A
151.6 Hyades Sector AQ-Y d68 5A
151.8 HIP 19040 2A
152.5 Wredguia UB-W c15-7 3A
152.7 Mel 22 Sector MD-S c4-6 1A
152.7 Synuefe PI-B c16-1 2A
153.1 HIP 22352 4A
153.2 HIP 22927 2A
153.2 Mel 22 Sector DB-X d1-13 9A
153.3 HIP 11603 3A
153.3 HIP 24295 5A
153.4 Mel 22 Sector TG-J b10-3 ABC1A
153.5 HIP 16479 ABC1A
153.7 HIP 13005 3A
154.0 HIP 10774 6A
156.3 Hyades Sector CQ-Y d75 2A, 7A, 8A
156.7 Col 285 Sector TD-Z b1-3 6A
158.8 HIP 12901 2A
158.9 Hind Sector HR-W d1-27 2A, 5A, 8A
159.2 Col 285 Sector FB-X d1-70 1A, 2A
159.7 Hyades Sector EB-X c1-12 2A
160.3 Col 285 Sector GW-V c2-7 AB5A
160.3 Col 285 Sector FB-X d1-69 3A, 5A
160.3 Mel 22 Sector FR-V c2-7 7A, 8A
160.3 13 Tauri AB2A, AB3A The PMR planets forma co-orbiting pair.
160.3 Mel 22 Sector DB-X d1-57 3A
160.4 HIP 13122 2A
161.7 Mel 22 Sector DB-X d1-21 1A
161.7 Col 285 Sector ZZ-Y d36 A4A
162.0 HIP 14098 10A, 6A
162.1 HIP 15993 ABC6A
162.3 Taurus Dark Region CQ-Y c6 2A, 2B, 3A
162.4 HIP 13821 A1A
162.9 HIP 21341 BC1A
163.8 Hyades Sector AQ-Y d54 AB2A
163.8 Synuefai IQ-W b35-3 A3A
163.9 Mel 22 Sector GI-Q b6-0 1A
164.1 HIP 10355 8A
165.5 HR 1921 2A
165.8 HIP 15064 1A
165.9 Arietis Sector YJ-A c12 3A Uninhabited. 37 Ly from 64 Arietis.
166.2 Col 285 Sector BQ-X c1-6 1A
166.3 HIP 19538 AB5A
167.0 Synuefai YI-A b34-4 3A
168.2 Arietis Sector ZE-A d49 5A
169.1 Wredguia PV-X c14-4 3A
169.6 HIP 13110 1A
169.6 HIP 13246 AB1A
169.7 HIP 20014 A4A
170.6 HIP 16268 A4A
171.0 HIP 17519 A1A - A - Contains an asteroid base, but this is around 10000 Ls away from the PMR planet. This systems is about 53 Ly away from the bubble. Only 2 factions and they are both pirate, so be careful. The asteroid base, contained within a rocky asteroid ring, is spectacular, as is the gas giant around which it orbits.
171.6 HIP 21017 8A
172.1 Arietis Sector IW-W b1-1 13A An uninhabited system near the edge of the bubble. Nearest inhabited system is 14L Ly away (Arietis 49).
172.3 Hind Sector FM-V c2-3 4A
173.1 HIP 17482 2A
173.2 Aries Dark Region JC-V d2-86 4A
173.5 Hyades Sector LB-X b1-1 ABCD3A
174.1 HIP 26322 7A A remote uninhabited system, the nearest populated system is 42 N Persei which is 112.3 Ly away
174.7 Synuefe ZU-Y c16-5 10A
174.9 HIP 18257 3A
175.0 HR 1819 5A
175.1 Col 285 Sector EW-V c2-4 BC3A
176.9 64 Arietis 5A - M - Last time I was here it was an unlawful system, ie. there are no System Authorities, which means that just about EVERYONE is a pirate. Unlawfuls systems are great, complete chaos!
177.1 Synuefe PI-B c16-3 1A
177.6 Hyades Sector CQ-Y d91 3A
177.8 HIP 11541 AB3A
178.1 Hyades Sector CQ-Y d33 3A
178.2 Mel 22 Sector KI-R b5-1 7A
178.2 HIP 25871 A5A
178.3 Hyades Sector CQ-Y d43 2A, 5A
178.3 HR 1519 13A, 6A
178.5 32 w Eridani 1A
178.9 Arietis Sector CQ-Y c15 5A
179.2 HIP 26925 1A, 3A
179.2 HIP 16744 2A, 5A
179.4 Struve's Lost Sector GB-X c1-6 5A
179.8 Hyades Sector ZU-Y d80 4A
180.5 Arietis Sector BQ-Y c2 2A
180.6 HIP 22805 1A
180.7 HIP 17492 A4A
181.3 Mel 22 Sector PJ-Q c5-1 5A
181.7 HIP 12205 A2A
181.8 HIP 8277 4A
182.5 HIP 22138 AB4A
183.4 Col 285 Sector LC-V d2-48 6A
183.5 Hind Sector HR-W d1-25 A5A
183.6 HIP 12412 A3A
183.6 HIP 10668 1A
183.7 HIP 19801 6A
184.0 Wregoe GX-L d7-78 1A
184.0 Mel 22 Sector AB-O c6-7 4A
184.7 HIP 17271 2A
184.9 HIP 14921 AB4A, AB5A, AB5B
184.9 Mel 22 Sector CM-U c3-5 A4A
184.9 HIP 16294 A2A
185.0 HIP 16805 1A
185.3 HIP 22972 AB3A
185.7 Hyades Sector UJ-Y b1-1 2A
185.8 HR 1529 2A
186.0 Synuefe GO-O d7-59 4A
186.2 HIP 11811 AB3A
186.7 Aries Dark Region SO-R c4-9 1A
186.9 HIP 12099 1A An uninhabited system near the edge of the bubble. Nearest inhabited system is 22L Ly away.
187.2 HIP 7903 2A
187.3 HIP 21238 4A
187.9 Synuefai RB-B a68-1 1A
187.9 Hyades Sector BG-X c1-9 A1A
188.4 6 g Orionis 5A
188.6 24 Phi Aurigae 1A
189.1 Synuefai CW-K d9-44 14A
189.1 Synuefe ZF-W c18-14 9A
189.5 Synuefe ER-V c18-7 3A
190.3 Synuefai GC-X c17-3 5A
190.6 Col 285 Sector JC-U c3-1 10A
190.6 Hyades Sector CQ-Y d88 8A
191.4 HIP 9434 3A, 5A, 6A, 7A
191.6 HIP 20482 3A
192.4 HIP 11845 2A
192.7 4 Arietis 10A Every one of the five moons around the PMR planet is a terraformable candidate so this system should rack up a fair wedge (Cica 1.8 Million CR., those 5 moons were 1.5 Million CR alone)
192.7 HIP 12505 A5A
192.7 Synuefai XF-H c13-4 2A
192.9 HIP 8292 3A
193.1 Synuefe OV-K d9-40 3A
193.9 2 Pi-2 Orionis 6A Uninhabited, 25 Ly from the nearest inhabited system,
194.2 Col 285 Sector LC-V d2-59 2A, 4A
194.2 HIP 7435 2A
194.5 HIP 13037 10A, 7A
194.9 HIP 17901 A10A
  • Some of the rings have images associated with them, click on the ring name and the image will open in another tab. If the system is in EDDB then the name will automatically link you through to the system details in EDDB (when available) where you can find details on stations, prices, outfitting options, best places to sell, etc. .
  • The trouble with most trading sites/ data sources is that the data is often out of date within a few days. The best way to find a place to sell is to open the galaxy map and filter the map for Industrial and Hi-Tech systems and then look for those in an economic state of Boom, this can also be filtered in the galaxy map.The best stations to sell in are usually Hi-Tech stations followed by Industrial ones. However on the edge of the bubble trading data is usually non-existant or completely out of date so chances are you are on your own out there. ED updates trade prices frequently, and wars, boom and bust will all have an effect on the prices as well.
  • For a guide to mining check out the 'Mining' section in the links page: Elite dangerous links
To change the search carefully type in the new system name (and optionally the maximum search distance)
(Optionally, Ly )

I have found many mining systems some not known in any other sources, I am most proud of LFT 65 as it is near the centre of the bubble (the closest to Sol that I know of). I found it whilst doing detailed surface scans on all the White Dwarves within the bubble (they are very common within the bubble). I will make a list and an explanation as to why they are a good source of income some other time. My favourite pristine metallic ring is in the Alkupai system where the ring is around a Tauri T star so it is always lit up

Acknowledgement goes to Gorrister and his the Call of the Wild mining thread on the Frontier Forums. He has spent a lot of time collecting and checking systems. Another great source for this work (the original source on pristine metallic rings, IMHO) is here, no name is given. Much of the work is due to the fastidious efforts of these 2 peeps, I am just the techie putting it together.

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