Rare Commodity Details - Damna Carapaces

System Name Damna
Category Textiles
Price (CR per ton) 315
Maximum quota 15
Is suppressed
Is illicit in many systems
Estimated sell price at 150 Ly (CR) 15834.0
Estimated profit per ton at 150 Ly (CR) 15519.0
Estimated total profit at 150 Ly (CR) 232785.0
System Damna
System requires a permit
System allegiance Independent
System economy Agriculture
System security None
System government Feudal
Population 559029065
System security High
Station Name Nemere Market
Station type Orbis Starport
Max landing pad size L
Estimated supercruise time to station (Mins) 2
Distance from entry star (Ls) 2187
Station has a black market
Station economy Agriculture

Note that availability and allocation of Rare Commodities can vary greatly with the BGS (BackGround Simulator) so the data presented here may not be perfectly accurate.

All the rares information is taken from Rares as a CSV file. All credit goes to the people on this forum creating and maintaining this CSV file particularily 'Patau82' and 'Zoy' but may others as well

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