Special star systems - Sol

Nearest Special star systems to Sol up to a maximum distance of 250.0 Ly (Change search).
Note this only works around the bubble area (upto about 1000 Ly from Sol)

  - A permit is required to enter this system.
  - This system is populated.
- Denotes a Military economy
- Denotes an Agricultural economy
- Denotes an Extraction economy
- Denotes a High Tech economy
- Denotes a Terraforming economy
- Denotes a Refinery economy
- Denotes a Prison economy
- Denotes an Industrial economy
- Denotes a Service economy
- Denotes a Tourism economy
- Denotes a.Colony economy



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Allegiance -
Security -

22.5 LAWD 26 - L - Gliese 293 B (Wolf Rayet 0 Ls).
65.9 53 Aquarii - L - Giant Carbon Star.
75.9 LAWD 13 - M - 2 White Dwarves.
122.7 HIP 40977 - M - Giant carbon star.
Within the bubble.
139.3 18 Camelopardalis C (Neutron Star 90535 Ls).
174.0 Jackson's Lighthouse Arrival Star (Neutron Star).
174.1 Beta Sculptoris - M - B (Neutron Star 1662 Ls).
181.8 Rukbat B (Neutron Star 269614 Ls).
189.1 HIP 34707 B (Black Hole 54643 Ls).
195.3 HIP 23692 A (O Star 0 Ls), B (O Star 2983 Ls).
195.7 Lalande 25224 PSR J2144-3933 (Neutron Star 0 Ls).
214.3 c2 Centauri B (Neutron Star 100250 Ls).
224.9 p Puppis B (Black Hole 4676 Ls).
234.0 HIP 57814 B (Neutron Star 17790 Ls).
245.0 HIP 69328 B (Neutron Star 4 Ls), D (Neutron Star 184707 Ls).
245.2 25 Iota Ophiuchi B (Black Hole 37156 Ls).
Near the top of the bubble, about 65 Ly from the nearest inhabited system.
To change the search carefully type in the new system name (and optionally the maximum search distance)
(Optionally, Ly )

Most of the resources systems here I have found myself by scouring the galactic map.

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